I am just like you. I live a pretty normal life. I’ve raised three kids and sang for my supper so to speak.

One day back in 1998, my husband came in the house injured.  His back was hurting, but said he hadn’t really done anything he could think of to hurt it.   I began massaging his back and found a knot in his rib cage that didn’t want to be worked out. I thought to myself. “What happened? What caused this knot?” Then I heard my own thoughts reply. “When he was four years old, his brother crushed his toy firetruck with a rock and broke it. Today he was polishing a real firetruck and it subconsciously reminded him of it. This knot is trying to bring that pain to the surface so he can forgive his brother and heal the real trauma.”

I asked my husband. “Did your brother crush your toy firetruck when you were a kid?” At first he didn’t remember and then all of a sudden he said. “YEAH! He did. I remember that now.” And the knot in his rib cage dissolved beneath my fingers.

My husband rolled up on his side and said. “That was amazing! How did you know that?” I said “I just heard it in my thoughts.”

I finally asked. “Who is answering me?”

“I am.”

Who is I am?


Okay… Yeah… Bring on the straight jacket and rubber room. I dismissed that as my own day dreaming idea and left it lay.

This kind of dialogue kept happening.  A few days later, my horse threw a shoe.  Now a thrown shoe is an easy fix if you can find the shoe, so of course I thought. “Where did he lose his shoe?” And again my own thoughts answered me. “It’s hanging in the fence in the back of the pasture.”  I even saw a picture of it in my mind.   Now this is a huge pasture and I had never even gone to the back of it before. I started walking toward the far corner, and I can remember thinking.  “What if that thing is back there?  What if it’s hanging in the danged fence just like I thought?”   Then I heard myself think.  “You will begin to believe that I am, who I say I am.”   Sure enough there was his shoe dangling in the fence.

This kind of question and answer dialogue kept happening and it kept being correct.

On and on I would ask questions that I had no way of knowing the answer too, only to have my own thoughts feed me the answer.

One day I was talking with a friend about herbal tinctures. She said. Do you think there is something I could take to get rid of varicose veins. Before I could even think about it, I blurted out “Butchers broom.”

She said “What is that?”

I said. “I have no idea, I’ve never even heard of butchers broom, but you just asked if an herb could cure your varicose veins and I said butchers broom, so it’s probably an herb that cures varicose veins. I always seem to I know things I have no way of really knowing.”

She looked at me like I was as much of a lunatic as I felt I was, and walked off. A couple minutes later she came back. “I just looked up butchers broom on my phone and it is an herb, and it heals varicose veins… How did you do that? ”

I thought to myself. “How did I do that? Who is telling me these answers?”
“I am.”

“Who is I am?”

Every time I ask that question of the voice I hear inside my own thoughts… It says. “God”

Now, years later, I am a full blown psychic/medium. I can gain understanding from loved ones who have passed, from angels, and from guides. When I do, I can ask “Who am I speaking with?” and I will hear the names of the loved ones, the angels or the guides, who are communicating with me.But when I hear those clear thoughts that feel like they are my own, yet have greater understanding than I have ever been exposed to. The voice always calls itself “God.”

I have taken to sitting down at the keyboard and asking questions and typing out the answers. That is how this blog came to be.

Not all of the writings are conversations with God, But I give credit to whichever guide is speaking, so you will know the difference.

I hope you enjoy reading through them.
Amy Jo


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  1. Where did I state that Anubis is lower energy than death? If it was in a conversation with someone on Quora, and they were asking me about connecting to this God. My pendulum came to a “Dead Stop!” It was signal to me, to recommend to this person NOT to talk to him. Not that his energy was lower than death. I think this is a misunderstanding. It was not a welcoming energy.


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