The Stories We Tell Ourselves


I have no idea why this bald eagle made this move, He was just sitting there and suddenly this! Right as i snapped the photo.

Thought I would check in with my guides and see if they had any advice they wanted to share with us.

Here is today’s message!

We do feel much turmoil in the air these days.  Be-careful with the thoughts you choose to give space in your mind. 

 The ideas and beliefs of many have a way of infiltrating your own thoughts. 

 The thoughts that the planets effect your moods and your grounding is easy to believe, because you see things happening that backs it up.

These effects are easy to control.  Ask to clear out the interference of these astrological events.

Even the dreaded Mercury Retrograde can easily be avoided with right mindedness of purpose.  “I insist that my computers and phones are shielded from the negative thoughts of others regarding mass electronic malfunctions during Mercury in Retrograde!”

Nothing has control over the way you feel, yet things have an effect on the way you feel.   Someone could run up to you and throw a glass of water in your face.  The way you respond to that event is entirely up to you.  You make your decision to respond based on your current emotional outlook, as well as the information that you have been given thus far. 

If someone you were angry with threw a glass of water in your face we would not surprised if you tipped the table over on your way for revenge!  

Yet, while in a happy emotional state, a two year old ran up and threw a glass of water in your face…  There would be a moment of utter surprise followed by gales of laughter for everyone in the room.

The event was the same.  Water in the face!  The story that you told yourself as to what it meant was the difference.

You have complete and total control over your thoughts.  Your thoughts create your reality so why not harness this energy and put it to use in a beneficial way?!?!

Amy Jo Ellis is the Author of the Court of Atonement, a 22 page booklet that outlines the use of a divine process to assist in the healing of emotional traumas.

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I just found this short blog post buried deep in the bowels of cyber space, unpublished.   It was written December 7th 2015.    I thought maybe I should resurrect it.   Most of it is protocol that is pretty standard in our group, but this where it came it.
As always my writing is in BOLD and Spirit is in
Italics,  this helps you to understand who is talking

I ask to speak to God.

I am with you, yes.

Is there anything you wish to have me share with my friends on Facebook?


As you know, the court of atonement is a way of healing the conflicts between two or more souls. However it may also be used to heal conflicts within the self. If a person has a belief that they cannot be wealthy, and a conscious desire to be wealthy, then calling a court of atonement between the conscious mind, and the conflicting subconscious beliefs would assist to clear the conflict.

So you are saying, If I feel that I have subconscious limiting beliefs that are in conflict with my desire for wealth, and owning my own home, that I can call a court of atonement with my conscious mind, and my beliefs that are to the contrary of attaining my goals?


Will you help me word a prayer to start such a court of Atonement?

I ask, with great fervor and import, that my soul be escorted into a court of atonement to heal a conflict of limiting thoughts and beliefs between my conscious and subconscious mind and the goodness and opulence that I desire. Thank you.

Whom am I asking to assist me?

Everything. .. All that is.
It all responds like a conveyor belt that kicks on to move those aspects to their desired location. Except there is no location, just a destination of now. The court of atonement is being called right inside your energy field as time and space only exists in the human realm. It is done in your heart as well as  the heart and soul of the others, right at the exact same instant.

Like a pebble tossed into a pond, it effects the whole lake.

Amy Jo Ellis is the Author of The Court of Atonement a 22 page booklet that is creating massive change in peoples lives.


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Court Of Atonement

The Court Of Atonement.

This can be done on the fly, but is even more effective, when given a few extra minutes of quiet reverence.

First; Think of someone you are struggling to forgive or others you know, who are at great odds with people in their own lives.

Second:  Use your intention to heal the situation.  State loudly and firmly in your mind.  I am calling these souls into a Court Of Atonement. (and name the souls)

I am calling a court of atonement between the soul of _________________________ and the soul of _______________________ I ask for the situation between them to be assessed by their guides.  If there are any other souls who need to be present in order to clear this mater I ask that they too be called forth and escorted into this court of atonement.  I ask that this mater be healed in the astral plain. Thank you for your assistance with this healing.” Amen.

You can seal this with any closing statement that feels strong to you.  “It is done” “And so it is” “So mote it be” etc. The secret is to use the ideas that feel the strongest to you.

I will also ask that a single person, who I know is struggling in life, be placed into a court of atonement and have the court start at the beginning of his time and call into court any and all souls who need to be added in “Sanctimonious” Order. (Holy order)
My family and my friends who have requested Courts of Atonement have all witnessed, incredible results, in a very short time.

I first used the Court Of Atonement while looking for a way to heal my family, as disagreements had seemed to become a way of life. My guides told me to call a Court of Atonement. I didn’t even know what atonement meant and needed to look it up. I channeled the entire proceeding and witnessed the event as each person was called forward to state their grievances. No rebuttals were allowed, just statements of discord, stated as one would charge another in a court of law. “I charge my brother with _______” Each person was called forward to state their grievances. Then each in turn was told. You have been charged with __________, how do you plea? I heard either “Guilty, Not guilty, or Guilty with probable cause.”

When a statement of not guilty or guilty with probable cause was made, it was requested that they state their defense. Then the opposing person was allowed a moment of rebuttal. Usually this was enough to clear the issue, but on two occasions it was not enough and both parties were ordered into a life review, to view their actions from the opposing position and that always ended with pleas of guilty or a change of heart from the one doing the charging.

After that, one by one they were called forward and I heard this: “You have plead guilty to ________. How do you intend to make restitution.” It was always with gentle humility that I heard things like. “I intend to call my brother and apologize for my actions.” “I intend to send them financial assistance and by referring clients to them.”

You do not need to attend a court of atonement, in order for you to call one and have it work for you. It happens in the astral plane and untangles the energy behind the problems. I am only telling you what I heard, because I have found that some people are reluctant to call a Court of Atonement, because they are afraid of letting the person who hurt them, get away with it. I just thought you might like to know that they do not get away with anything, they are about to make restitution for it.

You may never hear another word about it. The problem may simply dissolve. Here are some remarkable stories of healing, that followed shortly on the heels of calling souls into a Court of Atonement.

For more information check out my 22 page booklet The Court Of Atonement that outlines ways of using the Court of Atonement to assist with finances, illness, addictions, and more.

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More… Connecting To Our Names

Our names, link us to our files. Much like going to the doctors office and they ask if you have ever been here before. If you wish to use the ex-rays you made during the last visit they need to find you in the files. If for some reason you give them the wrong name, they can not find those files.

For this reason, I use the name the client was using at the time of life we are attempting to atone. If they were young I use only the maiden name. If they were married to their second husband then I use the maiden name along with the second husbands name.

Weddings are one way we connect our name to the sacred files. If we get a divorce, then we have the joy of changing the name back, but did you ever think to go to God and asks to have the name removed? So we get ourselves out of alignment with the Sacred Record.

We can also create contention with the name, when we get teased by others about our name.

Being named after a family member is one sure fire way to get out of alignment with your name.

One way to see if you are in alignment with your name, is the sway test. Stand up, close your eyes and state your full name, just as it appears on your birth certificate, and see if you sway forward or backward. Forward aligns with the name and backing away, means you are not in alignment. Try it now, stand up, close your eyes and say “I am, _______, _______, _______!”

If you swayed backward, try calling this Court of Atonement to adjust your name.
“I place myself _______ _____ ____ into a Full Court of Atonement for soul recognition. I ask to be atoned with with my name.

Close your eyes and sway test your name again.

If you are still not in alignment with your name, here are a couple of things you can try.

1. Call a Full Court of Atonement between yourself and your parents for giving you this name! 2. Call a Court of Atonement with anyone who think you might have been named after.
3. Call a Court of Atonement with anyone you don’t like, who also has the same name.
4. Call a Court of Atonement with not liking the sound of your name.

One client was named after the pope! Once we COA’d her with the pope, she was strong in her name.

If you have nick name that you are often times referred to, or just prefer it to your birth name. Say:

I call myself (birth name) _________, _______, ________ into a Full Court of atonement with my chosen name. _________, _______, ________. I ask to have all of the information connected to my birth name atoned with my chosen name and connected to it now.
Keep in mind that you are not the only one who might not be aligned with their name. So if you are trying to clear a family issue and it’s not budging, check the strength of everyone else. If saying. “My brother ______ _____ ____ is connected to his/her name.” makes you lean back.

Then say.

“I place _______ _____ ____ into a Full Court of Atonement for soul recognition. I ask for him/her to be atoned with his name.

For more information, check out my 22 page booklet The Court of Atonement 

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Why the Word Full in the Court of Atonement!

I wish to take a moment and tell you a new story of Dick and Jane.

Jane is a loving child who enjoys climbing trees, flying kites and eating hamburgers.

One day Jane’s kite gets caught in a tall tree. Jane being an expert at the age of 8 at tree climbing quickly reaches the tip top branches. Just as she reaches out and grabs hold of the kite a large gust of wind catches the kite and throws Jane off balance. She scrambles to regain her composure, but looses her grip and falls from top of the tall tree. (Relax she doesn’t die at this time.)

This quite literally scares the living shit out of Jane! Meaning, all of the life force energy got knocked out of her body.

A kindly spirit by the name of Dick was walking passed and saw the whole thing. With little time to think, Dick runs to her rescue and jumps into Jane’s body. If Dick hadn’t done it, Jane might have died, and no one wanted that to happen. Not Jane, not her family, and especially not Dick.

So instead of a very unhappy ending Jane just appears to get the wind knocked out of her. She stands up, wipes off the dust, and all though she is a little shaken up, Jane appears to be back to her old self.

Except, Jane is not herself. She is now outside of her body and following Dick around and more than a little confused by her predicament. Dick is still getting used to handling the controls, and by now, he too is confused and is convinced that he is Jane. He knows her Mommy to be his Mommy, and he knows her brothers and sisters to be his family too. You see, Dick has access to all of Jane’s memory files. Jane however does not!

Jane, by this time, is very confused and walking around without her body, She is however very much enjoying her ability to fly and do things she couldn’t do while she was in her body, so she is content with where she is. She is no longer on the human level of things, so emotions are a bit beneath her. Fun is all she lives for at this point.

Dick on the other hand, hates hamburgers! Jane used to love them, but no matter how hard Dick tries, he just can’t stomach them, and he as Jane, refuses to eat one! Jane’s parents try to gently coax her by saying things like. “But you have always loved hamburgers! Just try a bite.” Are now puzzled as to why their hamburger loving daughter is now red in the face, and screaming. “I HAVE ALWAYS HATED HAMBURGERS!” Her poor parents are left scratching their heads as to what has happened. Remember, they don’t even know that she fell from a tree.

Sometimes, Jane realizes what is going on, and will try shouting at Dick that he HAS TO EAT THE HAMBURGERS! She can even become so forceful, that he complies and eats a few bites.
( Jane , in that moment is what is known as an oppressing spirit. Forcing someone else to do something they don’t want to.)

At some point, Jane will be offered to either go into the spirit world, or to move back into her body. If she chooses to continue with the situation as it is. Dick is possessing Jane! (I know, I know it’s not very Hollywood, but it rarely ever is.)

If Jane’s soul were to decide to just move on and go back into the spirit world. Dick would then be what is recognized as a Walk In. Because he walked into Jane’s body.

Throughout a life time, this can happen again and again, and one body, one identity can have multiple souls walk-in.

So why is this information important? Because when we say the word Full, when we are calling a Full Court of Atonement. The word Full has now been programmed to call in all of the entities that have ever been associated with the name we are calling in and all of their family members. When we say “All Family members, it means ALL OF THEM! Jane’s Family, and Dicks Family too!

Now, the word Full is programmed with the statement “For soul recognition.” We are asking for the souls of everyone in the court to take a good look at who did what? After all, it was Dick who made the scene, and didn’t want to eat the hamburger. Jane wasn’t even there! So when it comes time to forgive her for her very inappropriate behavior in a restaurant. The family realizes, it wasn’t even her. This information gets passed down through the nervous system and all though her parents were not aware that anything went on. They simply forget all about it.

Going back to the word Full. It has been programmed to set in motion a healing for all of the spirits involved. When Dick’s family arrives in the court, he is more than a little shocked to see them, because he forgot that he was ever Dick! He takes one look at them and starts sobbing. “Mama!!” The souls without the drama of heavy human emotions are instantly delighted to see each other again. The spirit which is Dick, begins to be healed for any guilt or shame that had kept him from his family in the first place. He now easily faces his mistakes in a Court of Atonement until he is at peace with his past and happily joins his spirit family in his proper place within the spirit world.

This heals him so much, that he no longer has any need to hang out.

By the end of the atonement all souls are placed back into their points of origin. Jane in her body, and Dick with family, and they all live happily ever after… The End.

For more information, check out my 22 page booklet The Court of Atonement 

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God ~ How It All Works.

Hi, My name is Amy Jo and I am a prophet. I can converse with God. I can ask questions, I can feel the answer rise up in me and then I write down the answers. These answers are usually so profound that I have no doubt in my mind that the information came from God. Which God? The only one. I have been fighting going public with this information, because my own religion doesn’t back me up and support me. But what if John, or Luke or someone else felt the same way?

I am not looking to have anyone follow me. My mission is to get you to look deeper into your own religion and become closer to God. Your God. Not my God, or their God. Your God.

There are a lot of misconceptions about God and Divine Guidance. It is God’s good pleasure to give you all the riches of the earth. But you must ask for it. God, angels, guides, spirits of loved ones are all around us doing their best to assist us, as best they can, but we have them hindered because we do not ask for assistance and so therefore they are stuck, watching us stumble along.

We have guardian Angels who without our asking keep us from accidentally killing ourselves before our time. But Guardian Angels are not guides.

We have Guardian Guides who are also assigned to us at birth. The difference between a guardian guide and a guardian angel is the guide whispers directions into your thoughts and tries his or her best to direct you. The guide says, “Turn right!! Turn right!!!” If you fail to turn, then the guardian angel swoops in and plucks you from the cliff and turns the car!

God, is an intelligence that is in and around everything! The only difference between an atom of gold and an atom of wood is the intelligence that tells it what it is. This intelligence is God.

There are a couple of clues from the Bible and other scriptures that can help you understand God’s place in our lives.

The first piece of the puzzle is: “Man is made in the likeness of God.” I remember looking at this as a child and thinking how can that be? All people look so different. I then realized that what makes mankind so different from the animals is our ability to create. Not only that, buy humans are the only species to speak an actual language. God created using his voice to speak his desires and things were created. “Let there be light!”

It is our ability to speak our desires that creates in our lives. We find something we want and we begin telling people about this thing that excites us. When someone is really excited about something, it is hard to get them to shut up about it. Pretty soon things line up, and they own the very thing they were talking about. Sometimes in quite magical ways.

But let’s keep looking. When there is something that we are afraid of, we unfortunately do the same thing and get really excited about stopping this thing we are afraid of, and our very words are creating it in our lives! When Jesus said, “Turn the other cheek” He meant for us to turn away from the things we are fighting against and look and speak about the things that we want in our lives. Thus creating what we want and not giving more power to the thing that we don’t want.

The second piece of the puzzle is this: “Man has dominion over the earth!” I never knew what that meant. One night I woke up knowing there was a whole in the atmosphere and that I needed to pray and ask God to heal it. Don’t ask me how I knew this… I just knew and I was right. I read the next morning in the paper that a large meteor had hit someplace in Russia.

I was up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night praying and asking God. “God, send healing energy to the atmosphere and heal the tear in the atmosphere.” I just kept saying it, over and over until I felt like I had said it enough and the problem had been healed.

My husband later asked me. “Why did you need to pray and ask God to heal it, why didn’t God just heal it himself?” I thought this was a fair question so I went back into prayer mode and asked. “Because man has dominion over the earth, and without an act of man, God can do nothing.”

I was stunned!!!

If you feel that your life should or could be better than you think it is right now… I don’t care if you believe in God. But use your voice to ask for the things that you want. Use your thoughts to visualize what you choose and look away from the things that you are afraid of.

When you see something that you don’t like, look right at them and see them clearly and ask yourself what you would rather see instead and put your thoughts there! Ask out loud. “Let there be these great things in my life!!!”

I am learning to look away from what I don’t want and right at what I do want… And only that.    It’s a bit tricky at first, because we have been conditioned to retell funny stories of the bad things that have happened to us and make people laugh. But it is a dangerous habit! Our words are creating, even when we are entertaining our friends.
Good luck!

Say hi to God for me. He really is listening.

Amy Jo is the author of the healing booklet The Court of Atonement 

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How To Live A Happy Life As An Empath!

A couple of friends were discussing on Facebook how hard it is to go into busy public places, because, they begin to feel anxiety and stress from everyone around them. They were saying it was the “Curse” of being an empath.

I used to feel that way myself, but I have figured out a couple of simple things to do to clear that energy off of me.

The first thing you need to become aware of, is that you are the one butting into other peoples stuff!!!   People would have you believe that others are being energy vampires.  That does happen, but it’s not as intentional as they would leave you to believe.   The biggest problem is that you yourself have no boundaries.   Your energy is scattered and flitting about getting jumbled in other peoples gunk. Stop that!!!

Here are a few things that I like to do that help me remain calm, cool and relaxed no matter what is going on around me. (Remember, I sing in bars for a living!)

  • I check in with myself and ask. “Does this energy belong to me?” I feel this answer, like a wave of energy flowing up for yes and down for no. Try it for yourself ask yourself “Is my name __(State your name)____?” You should feel a yes rise up through you. If you were to ask yourself “Is my name Norman Vladimir?” You should feel a “Negative” drop to the energy in your body.
  • Ground yourself in your name. Say “I am ___________________!!! Say your name, first middle and last. Say it strongly, loudly and firmly. I AM___________!! (Even if it’s only in your mind.) Say this three to ten times if needed. This gathers your energy back from wherever it has wandered.
  • I also like to follow up with this statement. “Only those who come from the light and are filled with light are allowed in my space.” “I disconnect myself from everyone I have come in contact with anywhere!!!”
  • I gather my energy to me, and I hold it close, I ask for the assistance of God to keep my energy pure and loving and calm.

A good exercise is to imagine yourself being filled with bright white light. Imagine it pouring down over and through you and clearing off everything that isn’t yours and then anchoring into the earth. See it spreading out 9 feet in all directions like a giant sphere around you. Now, imagine your energy sphere being wrapped in blue/green light. take a moment to notice how good you feel.

Do this a couple of times a day for a week or two until you know what it feels like.  Once you have it down, you can make your self a statement that actives this process instantly. Ken simply says. “Shields up!”

I do these exercises periodically throughout the day. A minimum of 5 times a day to be exact. These processes don’t take long, and I really enjoy the peace and tranquility that they provide. My students always whine and complain that they shouldn’t need to clear their energy all the time. Let me ask you this. How many times are you willing to wash your hands in a day? Every time you get them dirty, right!

Energy doesn’t only come to us by proximity. Every time someone thinks about you… They connected to your energy!  This is where energy vampires come into play.    As a healer my clients think.  “Oh man I need Amy Jo to help me.”  ZAP!!!   Crap!!!

Every time you think about someone. You connect your energy to theirs!   You’d like to think that having moved half way across the world from your family, that they are not affecting you anymore. But energy doesn’t need a phone to make a connection… It just does it at the speed of thought!

Because I feel other peoples emotions so drastically, I have made a lot of habits to assist me to dump that energy off of me.   For instance,  when I am showering I say. “I am washing off everyone else’s stuff and clearing and grounding my energy.” I say the same thing every single time I wash the dishes or even just wash my hands.

Belongings that were once owned by someone else are filled with imprints of the previous owners thoughts. Prior to learning to clear my energy, I would rather go to a grave yard than a thrift store! So hiding in your house is not the answer. Get in there and clean up your energy and protect it.

When I am sweeping, dusting or vacuuming I say. “I am cleaning out every thought and pattern that does not belong to me.”

I try to make it fun. I will tell you this, I used to get major head aches going out in public. I hardly ever get them any more. And if I do, I can use those few sentences I have just shared with you and the headache always go away!

Remember energy follows thought. Intend to clear your energy and that is all it takes!

© Amy Jo Ellis 2017

Amy Jo is the Author of the Court of Atonement a 22 booklet that teaches a process that assists in healing deep traumas and conflicts.   It is getting world wide attention and currently being translated into 5 languages.

The Court of Atonement


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