Seeing How Things Served Me.

Good evening Abraham

Good evening to you too.

Is there any new and wonderful information you could share with us about clearing and keeping our energy clear and uniquely our own?

Yes, except it is the same as what we’ve talked about before.   I will try again from another direction, if you will.  

If you would like to keep your energy divinely guided and free of argumentative, and detrimental energies such as astral fragments, dark guides, etc… then you absolutely must remove the anchors that are attracting these energies to you.  These anchors are unhealed, unforgiven, lingering memories of events that actually served you quite well for one reason or another, yet, were branded as “THAT SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO HAPPEN!”   You believe somewhere, someway, someone should have been able to ensure that you were spared from this kind of abuse.    Or that the person who caused it should have been punished.

What is the best way to dissolve the anchor?

Place yourself and all of the people involved into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of seeing what served you at the soul level.

I, _____________ place myself, _______________ into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of seeing all the things that I deemed unjust or bad and I ask to recognize how they have served me at the soul level.

What about repeating patterns that are embedded in locations around the house.   For instance, a place where someone used to sit and read the newspaper, how do we best change that energy?

Okay, I am seeing your grandfather sitting at the head of the table where he would read the newspaper and at times slam it down and pontificate his displeasure at the results of a vote or ball game.   The next time he burst out laughing and enjoying a good story helped to remove all of the lingering effects of the negative expletives.

How about people who sit and smoke in the same place?   What would remove the pattern that assists in the desire to repeat the pattern?

Okay, yes, I can see these patterns exist and cause the desire to have a cigarette when your conscious desire is to never smoke again.   In order to remove that kind of lingering energy imprint on the environment then you must make a bold move and statement to counteract the pattern.   There are many things you can do to interrupt this broadcasting signal coming from that location.

You could place a jar of water in that location.   Fill the jar with water and then bless the water, place your intention for it to clean the energy, and to create an environment that supports clean and healthy lungs.    You could place a radio speaker in that location and play enjoyable, happy music in that location and have it disrupt those old patterns.   Make sure that you let the universe know what it is you are planning to do with putting the music in that location.    It will work much faster if you state your intentions out loud.    This way the creative energy of your words goes to work immediately on the dissolution of the old habits.

Playing music, spraying perfume, or clearing with herbs, plants, a happy, sweet animal will all counteract the old patterns.

If you do not wish to bring in a dog, a cat, a bird, or even a fish into your living space for the long term.  Have a friend come to visit and bring with them their pet and play with the puppy in that area for even just a few minutes will help refresh the energy and disrupt the patterns in the house.   Look how disruptive a puppy can be to a neat and tidy home if left unattended for a very short period of time.   Their happy and loving nature will evaporate those old energy patterns in a matter of seconds if they were bouncing their joy off of your heart and the heart of their owner.

© 2018 Amy Jo Ellis  Channeled to her by Abraham.

Amy Jo has Three booklets on the Court of Atonement.   Healing Your Family Tree using the Court of Atonement and Booklet 2 Enhancing Your Life using the Court of Atonement. 

Booklet 3  Making Peace With The Past.
These are both available by PDF files available on her website
You might also enjoy taking one of her classes.  (New classes are posted often so look back regularly.)

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Lowest Emotional State

Since the idea is to keep our vibration high, and our emotions control our frequency, this morning when I woke up, I decided to ask Abraham, what emotional energy is the most detrimental to our energy system?
His answer was.  “Self-defeat and self-condemnation.”
Do you want to know how to tell if you have these?    Do you catch yourself saying anything like; I’m not good enough, I can’t do it, I’m not strong enough, nobody pays any attention to me!  I can never do anything right!

If you do, well then, you are in good company.  Stop being so hard on yourself!

I, __________ place myself, _________ into a Full Court of Atonement with the entirety of my family lineages.   I ask to correct any and all self-condemnation and Self-defeat.    I ask to bring in Self-courage, self-assuredness, and self-confidence, along with a willingness to try, and a willingness to succeed.

You might need to repeat this a few times to dig out any stuck energy.

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Sum tymes its phun two staup worying a bout whut evrywon theenks & jused injoy mai lyfe!  

I remember going to songwriting seminars and listening to great songs only to have the “Professionals” fault one song after another.  

I realized that the Professionals had lost their love for the craft!   They were so busy finding fault in the music that they could no longer enjoy it.

They were actually missing the beauty of the songs they heard while they searched it for the “mistakes.”

The other day I was watching a movie and the main character said. “I no longer enjoy painting.  Each piece I create needs to be better than the last one I painted.   I’ve raised my bar so high it’s hard to reach and so now I don’t feel like trying.” 

I found this to be true for me as a songwriter.   I had written my all-time favorite song to date.  Ten songs later, none of them had surpassed “Skips A Beat,” and for the first time in my life, I was writing a song a month instead of two or three songs a week!  

Here is a Court of Atonement to help free up our creativity.  (Place your name in all three spaces.  Yes, you are talking to yourself.)

I, ____________ place myself, ___________ into a Full Court of Atonement with myself, ___________ for the purpose of allowing myself to playfully create without judgment.   I ask to correct my inner critic and relieve perfectionism at its point of origin.  

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Good Evening Abraham

Good evening.

How can we use the Court of Atonement to help us Create rejuvenating peaceful sleep?

Okay, there are several different things going on that cause people to stay awake in the night. The one most people recognize is worry.

Worry is a person’s mind going over problems and trying to figure out ways for life to end up the way they choose it to be, or, it is worrying that it will turn out the opposite.

Some people use their worrying time very constructively and they actually figure things out.

While others use their time to fret about the worst-case scenarios.

Both in our opinions are still to be considered worrying and a waste of time.

Some of you would call the constructive worrying, “Figuring things out.” We would call it “Forcing things to go your way.” If they had just gone to bed and asked for assistance with total faith that it would turn out for the best, then they would have slept well. They would have risen from bed with a smile on their face, knowing that something miraculous would happen for them.

Fretting is never the best option.

Bedtime prayers are not used by many these days. They, however, had a valid use. Especially when it was backed up with the faith that good things happen.

Using the Court of Atonement for everything that worries you just as you go to bed will solve a lot of the sleep issues that people are having.

Will you please give us an overall sleep-enhancing Court of Atonement?

I, ___________ place myself, ___________ into a Full Court of Atonement with myself, __________ for the purpose of creating blissful, restorative sleep. I ask myself to place all of my concerns into a Full Court of Atonement to be solved by God. I ask for the best resolution of all pressing matters. I ask myself to trust in the good of people, I ask myself to trust in the abundance of God. I ask myself trust in my ability to solve my problems. I ask myself to wake up with the answers to my prayers. All is well. All is as it should be. I am safe to sleep soundly and wake up refreshed.

For more information on Amy Jo or The Court of Atonement go to

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Example Writing FCOA for Positive Outcome

I’m always telling clients, “When you are writing a Court of Atonement, ask for the positive results you would like to see come of it.”

Sometimes people are so focused on what is wrong, that they can’t figure out what they would rather have

After saying this to a client, I remember her asking me, “Then, how do I word it so my Piece of $#*T Boss, to stops being a Piece of $#*T????

I asked her. “How would rather see him behave?

She looked at me and said, “Well, like he isn’t a worthless Piece of $#*T!!”

When I finished laughing I told her to make a list of the ways he would behave if he wasn’t a piece of…

Her list looked something like this;
1.  Treats his employees with respect
2.  Shows up to work on time.
3.  Answers his phone
4.  Cares about his customers


I then had her use the first simple statement in booklet one, and add her list at the end.

I, ________ place myself,__________ and my boss, __________ into a Full Court of Atonement. I ask to have our timelines analyzed and correct all conflicts between us at their points of origin.

I ask that he treat his employees with respect, show up for work on time. Pick up his phone when I call him. And care about his customers. I ask for a happy working environment.

I also had her add  “I ask that he appreciates me and that I appreciate him.”   

Appreciation is one of the highest vibrations.   I thought it would be a good idea if we used the Court of Atonement to increase the amount of appreciation we have in our lives.

I, _________ place myself, __________ into a Full Court of Atonement with the entirety of my family lineages for the purpose of enhancing the energy of Appreciation throughout our timelines. I ask to correct all conflicts and contrary thoughts about appreciation at their points of origin.

It is a good idea to repeat that statement several times a day for a couple of weeks.

Each pass of the statement will clear out a few more contrary thoughts.


Amy Jo is the author of the “Court of Atonement”  Series of booklets.
The Court of Atonement is a simple Spiritual Healing modality that resolves conflicts at the Soul level.     For more information go to

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Spiritual 911

Spiritual 911

There is a lot of confusion going on about spiritual 911.
So, let me make this simple.
If you feel like dialing 911, you should also ask for Spiritual 911!

It came to me one day that we needed an easy way to ask for spiritual assistance.   I was driving down the freeway in heavy traffic and I could see there was a bad accident up ahead.

I started asking for Spirit to intervene at the scene of the accident.   I asked to bring in the Emergency Medical Technicians, and I asked to bring in the police.  Then I could see smoke, so I asked to bring in the fire department.

Then I placed all of the people involved into a Full Court of Atonement with each other to correct all conflicts between them.   I also asked for soul recognition for everyone involved and to place their souls back inside their bodies.

I thought to myself.  “Good Grief!  Abraham, If I only ask you to please assist these people, would you have done all of this for them anyway?”   And I heard.  “No.  We can only do what you request of us because of freewill.”

So, I started helping again, this time bringing in angels to watch over them and to protect them because the car was now on fire.

I realized, Spirit will do anything we ask, but we need to ask.

I thought. “It’s easier calling 911!”

As soon as you punch in 911 and say, “there’s been a car accident,” They assess the situation and dispatch the appropriate departments within seconds.  They do this even before you give them your information!  (The ambulance arrived out front of my house, while the man was still talking to 911!)

I thought to myself…   “What if I put into action a request that asks for divine assistance to take an immediate assessment of the situation and responds with the most appropriate energy to correct the described situation?”   I asked Abraham about it and he agreed that it would be beneficial to create this because mostly our loved ones, angels and guides eagerly wait for us to ask them to do something!

Shortly there after, I sat down at my computer and requested Abraham’s assistance to write a request that would activate Spiritual Assessment and Divine Intervention.   Using the power of intention to have the whole thing activated within the Full Court of Atonement upon the words. “Spiritual 911.”

I, _______ place this situation in a Full Court of Atonement for Spiritual 911.

Saying this gives the spirit world permission to intervene on our behalf and search out for the best solution and start resolving things.

I try to be respectful of the Spirit world.  The Court of Atonement Takes place at the “Soul level,” which is different than the “Spirit Level.”  The Soul is much more omni present.   Spirits are singular.   It’s more like asking a person to do it.   Since this is asking spirits and God to do things, I limit my use of it to a minimum.

It might be herelpful to know when I have reached for it.

  1. When my husband fell down the basement stairs.

  2. When there was a car wreck in front of my house.

  3. When I saw a big drunk man shouting at two people at a bus stop.

  4. When I see a homeless person out in the snow.

  5. When someone is sick, and they do not know why.

  6. When my grandson lost his treasure map.

There are many reasons to call one.   If you are in doubt, just ask yourself, “Is this a good time to call for a spiritual 911?”   Believe me; you will feel the “Yes” energy rising up!

I, _____________ place (this person, or situation) into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of requesting Spiritual 911!


I made a mistake and told some people to place their request on the wall of our Facebook group asking for Spiritual 911.   Then everyone began asking for assistance in calling for Spiritual 911.   I apologize for suggesting that, I was trying to stop them from reciting their extremely negative stories and spreading the low vibration.

In the face of an emergency, Request Spiritual 911!  But you only need to do it once.  There is no benefit to having it repeated by tons of people for the same event.

Just like calling physical 911, it is better if only one person calls it in.

If you see something else to address regarding the same event, then feel free to say it again.  I am trying to make it clear to you that there is no need to ask others to do this for you.

The Court of Atonement is ours to use to help us take our power back.  It gives us the ability to make massive changes in our lives.     All we have to do is ask.   Ask the Court of Atonement and what you requested is being done.   There is no need to ask your friends to say the Court of Atonement for you.

Writing a Court of Atonement is easy.

  1. Use your name.

  2. Place yourself into a Full Court of Atonement.

  3. Bring in the other people involved

  4. Ask for your desired outcome.

The magic is looking back later and seeing that it changed when this was all that you did!


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Forgiving Each Other and Freeing Our Energy

I don’t care how many times I have worked on forgiveness I am always releasing more layers of stuck energy when I do it again.

When we say things to one another such as.  “I can never forgive you for that.”   We lock that unforgivness in place.

Try saying.

I apologize to myself for my unforgiveness.  I apologize for myself for saying unforgivable.   I apologize to myself for being unforgiving.

I apologize to others for not forgiving them

I apologize to myself, for holding on to the detrimental energies and poisoning myself.   I apologize for retelling the stories of how others hurt me.   I apologize to me for being cruel with unforgiveness.

I forgive you, I forgive you, I forgive you all.

I ask you all  to forgive me for my part in this creation.

I,  _____________ , place myself,  _____________  into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of creating openness and willingness to forgive  myself and others for our unforgiveness.

I bring in the entirety of our family lineages. I bring in the reasons we might have to fully forgive and pardon each other. I also bring in all of our reasons not to. I ask to create openness and willingness to forgive each other.

Now work on an individual that have  (up until now) found it hard to forgive. 

“I  _____________  am unwilling to forgive you  _____________ , please forgive me for that.”

“I  _____________  am unwilling to forgive you  _____________ .. I ask myself to forgive myself for that.”

Repeat those two statements until it feels lighter.

“You,  _____________ have been unwilling to forgive me,  _____________ I forgive you for that.”


I, ______________ apologize for my part in our discord. I ask you, _________ to pardon me as I pardon you.


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Working with the Word NO

The word “No” changes the value of

 the other words around it. Such as, “No Heat” would not mean heat. Remember that the word “No” is not a strong modifier. When it is pushed up against something like. “No War” War is so volatile that the word “No” can not defuse it to make you feel better.

I remember seeing an anti-war rally where people were walking around holding signs that said. “No WAR!”

I thought to

myself. “they do not realize that their words do nothing but stir up ill feelings.

If I were creating a sign, I would stack up huge volumes of positive words to pull the energy out of the word war.


positively shall we never again have war!

Or better yet. Look only at the positive outcome you are reaching for. “WE DEMAND PEACE!”

When you are talking to yourself pay attention to how you are using the word no. Spend a day listening fo

r the word no in your vocabulary. See if you can stop yourself from reaching for this impotent modifier and make some declarations for yourself with a more powerful choice of words.

I, __________ place myself, ____________ into a Full Court of Atonement with myself, ______________ for the purpose of becoming hyper-aware of my use of the word “no’ I ask myself to use the word no in the most productive ways to create the outcomes I intend.

If you are interested in changing your dialogue to improve your quality of life.   The “Stop it” program is Free.   If you sign up you will recieve 21 days of emails reminding you to watch what you are saying.


Stop Talking Oposite Programming.  Intend Transformation!  

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House Clearing

Today Nancy shared in the Court of Atonement Facebook group an “FCOA Call” to clear up past issues with our homes.   She transcribed it from last week’s, one on one group.

As I read it, I put my house into the blanks by using my address.   WOW, WHAT A RUSH!!   Lot’s of energy moved.    I clear my house practically daily, and this “Call” that I had created for someone who was having problems did some deep cleaning!

I got so much value out of it, I thought that you want to use it too!

I,  _____________ place my self and my house/apartment and property/land at, ____________(address)___ into a Full Court of Atonement. 

I ask to bring into this Full Court of Atonement, each and every person who has ever lived at this address as well as all pets, and animals for the purpose of  Soul Recognition, Heart Center Optimization, Traumatic Stress Resolution from conception until now. 

I ask to have all timelines evaluated, and any and conflicts between us be corrected on the astral plane at their points of origin.

I now call into this Full Court of Atonement all neighbors as well as every person and company who has ever worked on this house/property whether to build, maintain, provide service, emergency service, upgrade it, renovate it or simply visit it.

I ask that they all receive Soul Recognition and Heart Center Optimization. I now ask that their timelines be evaluated and any conflicts between them and my house, the property be corrected on the astral plane at their points of origin.

I ask for this house, property, and neighborhood to be filled with peace, love, tranquility, relaxation, productivity, vitality, joyfulness, and happiness.

We all thank you, Nancy.

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Fear of Authority

I remember riding in the car with my mentor when he stopped at the same time at an intersection as a police car.   With no hesitation, he chose to be the first one to pull out and this allowed the Police car to be behind him.    My whole body cringed!   I said.  “Boy, I would have waved him to go first.”    He glanced over at me confused by my statement and asked.  “Why? I had the right of way.”   I said, “Because I would be afraid he might give me a ticket.”   He was still puzzled and said.  “We are not breaking any laws.  Why should we be afraid?”

Clearly, he hasn’t driven in California and been given a fix-it ticket for a lightbulb on his license plate.

I realized that I have a fear of people in authority.

Today while I was working with a client, I figured out that he inherited his fear of authority.

Here is a quick call to try to help us out.  

I, ___________ place myself into a Full Court of Atonement with all police officers who have pulled me over, as well as all people in authority.    I ask for positive resolution of this energy and I ask to make peace with the past.

I, ______________ place myself into a Full Court of Atonement with the entirety of my family lineage. I request that my ancestors heal for themselves any and all conflicts with people in authority.

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