Pardon Me Again!

I have written about forgiveness vs pardoning many times, because it is the very basis of all of our drama.   We may think and feel as though we have forgiven something yet, if we still feel a charge than we have not pardoned the situation fully.

I remember specifically a friend retelling the story of being abandoned by a parent.  As he spoke tears fell and I watched as his emotions switched between sadness and rage as he re-told the story that happened nearly 50 years before.

Once he was finished telling the story, I told him that I felt that I was sent to him because I knew how to help him forgive his father.   My friend snapped and violently shouted… “I already forgave the Mother F___er!!  You can forgive but you can never forget!!!”   My friend had just shifted all of the pent-up energy from the focus on his father on to ME!!   Not a fun position to be in.    However, this is what we do to each other ALL THE TIME!!!      We think we are over it, because we have allowed that person back into our hearts.    But that is just the first step to getting over the problem.    My guide, Abraham, says that true forgiveness is comprised of two things.  UNDERSTANDING why something “spiritually” took place and ACCEPTANCE of our part in it.  Once we have both of those pieces in place, then and only then does the emotional charge fall away so that true forgiveness takes place.

More often than not, we use the word forgiveness like a band-aid.   We say that we forgive, but what we are really doing is sending the offending person a life line.    Abraham says, “You should spell the word forgive with an “E – Fore-give” Because you are giving them back your love before the situation is healed!   This is why a wife will allow her husband who cheated on her to come home, but the first time he reaches for her intimately she recoils and shouts. “Don’t you dare touch me!”   Because she has given him back her love. However, she still cannot understand why he did this and she continues to tell herself that he doesn’t love her and other such non-sense.  Once she truly understands that her own unhealed issues inside of herself caused his actions so that she could create acceptance of her judgments against herself or others from the past.  She would be telling him thank you! It was truly awful and I needed to understand that I was pushing you away because I was unhealed.  I’m so sorry for my part in this, let’s not do this again!”
Unhealed issues REPEAT!  The only way around it is to heal it.  In one of my blogs I wrote.

“I ask to be pardoned by everyone who I have not pardoned.”

Go back and re-read that statement two or three times!” Did anyone in particular come to mind?  If so:

I place my soul__________ into a Full Court of Atonement with the soul of ___________(whoever came up.)  I ask to have our timelines evaluated and create understanding and acceptance between us regarding those events. 

Now let’s say it again, this time with authority like you really mean it.

“I ask to be pardoned by everyone who I have not pardoned.” 

Keep repeating it over and over while you write down anyone and everyone who comes to mind.

Place them all in the Full Court of Atonement above.

Next try this one:

I ask to pardon those who have not yet pardoned me!”

Once again repeat this and write down anyone and everyone who comes to mind.  Then place them in that simple COA written above.

After you have finished those steps try.

“I ask to pardon myself for not pardoning these people.”

Repeat that over and over until you feel lighter.

Then try:

“I ask to pardon myself for not pardoning myself.”

Amy Jo Ellis © July 1, 2018

Amy Jo is the Author of the Court of Atonement.  It is a simple spiritually based process that assists in the healing of conflicts within ourselves and our families.  Healing your Family Tree with the Court of Atonement

Court of Atonement Booklet 2 is also available. 

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More to the Birds Than Just the Bees

Good morning God

Good morning Amy Jo.

It is a beautiful day! 

Yes, the Robins are singing just for you.  

Just for me?  That seems a bit farfetched.  It’s spring!

Yes, they are singing because it is a beautiful day and it is the time of year for courtship so they have their own reasons to lift their voice in song, but that is never all of the reason.   If you are hearing the voice of the birds, it is no accident that they are in your vicinity so that you can hear them…   There is something within you that calls them to you. 

I love to open my windows in the spring and listen to the Robin’s in the early morning hours.  Yet here it is late in the morning and they are singing, so you do have a point. 

The songs of the Robin do they take you somewhere?

Yes, my husband and I when we lived near my grandmother, would get up in the pre-dawn and go for a walk.  We would hold hands and walk in silence just listening to the birds. Then after sunrise on our way home we would end up in my grandmother’s kitchen for a cup of tea.    

(In my mind I remembered a red winged blackbird I had seen the day before.)

The red winged blackbird takes you back to a different era in your life.  Each sound and fragrance is being made available to you, to activate wonderful memories.

(A train whistle with a beautiful tone blares in the distance. Yet, this train sounds closer than it ever has before. Even the sound of the rails seems to be nearby and there is a faint stirring of childhood and standing overlooking the tracks with my grandmother counting the cars as they pass.)

This train for instance, isn’t there because it has deliveries to make.  Yes, it does, however, it could go by you doing what it does, without you taking any notice of it at all.   However, this time, your grandmother is playing the memory for you of going for a walk and the joy of counting the cars, so you become aware of the sound of the train whistle and it enhances your joy.

Your love for chickens and all things animal has put the pasture full of horses behind you as well as the addition to the new rooster in the pen across the yard.   The man who received the rooster happens to have buried heavy emotions regarding the crowing of roosters.  So, although he hates roosters he accepted his new bird under the disguise of it being called a hen and suddenly you have a sound track that you value and appreciate while he at the same time he has a sound track that also has value, but for a much different reason.

His displeasure at roosters calling is wrapped up in his displeasure at his situation growing up.  They are linked to unpleasant memories that hold on tight within his chest and cause him suffering at the heavy feeling within himself.

As the rooster crows, these sounds in the memories resonate in harmony and activate, so that the neighbor is gifted with an opportunity to re-think his thoughts of the past and pardon his father for things he believed were wrong in his childhood, but now from the perspective of an old man who has raised his children can see the wisdom behind his father’s choices and demands.

If you have something come into your life that feels strongly like it is a mistake… It is not by accident, it is by design!

Cherish each moment, it is a gift!

Amy Jo is a Psychic/medium and channel.   She has been channeling God, Abraham and many other ascended masters for more than 20 years.

You can make a donation to Amy Jo at:

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“Let There Be Light”

Let’s just go back to the beginning.
Our thoughts and our words create our reality.
What we think about and what we talk about… We WILL bring about!
If we are afraid and thinking about all the things that might be around us to be afraid of… Then of course we are right, because the more we look at what there is to be afraid of, the more things to be afraid of will appear.  It’s a vicious cycle but it’s one we all have find ourselves trapped in at one point or another.

For instance:

  • If you think you are blocked… Then you are.
  • If you think you are stuck…  Then you are.
  • If you think nothing is working.  Then nothing will work.

You have to recognize that you are choosing to think thoughts and then consciously chose more powerful ideas to focus on.

What if you could make yourself believe that you are so powerful that nothing out there can touch you?
How would it feel to have those thoughts?
If you knew how to program your mind so that you could have these kinds of thoughts would you do it?

We have to step into our own power and there is no one else out there who can do it for us.

The reality is, that nothing outside of ourselves has any control over us unless we agree to it.

Abraham assures me that there is nothing out there that is controlling or manipulating us, unless we have put ourselves into a state of powerlessness within our own speech patterns or within our inner conversations.

The world is really set up to assist us to create for ourselves anything and everything that we could dream of.
Unfortunately, we have also created a lousy belief system that tells us not to dream.  “Day dreamer.”  “Pipe dream.”  “Get your head out of the clouds and back on earth.”
We are even afraid to create “False hope.”   Abraham says “Where there is fear of false hope, there is no hope at all!”
When things feel out of control, it is time to stop being controlling and calm down.    Focus on what it is you are wanting to achieve.    Then place yourself in a full court of atonement with creating it.  Ask that all contrary energy is to be corrected at it’s point of origin!

KEEP YOUR THOUGHTS LIGHT!   Speaking things like. “It isn’t working”   “I’m stuck.”   Are all limiting things to say.  You are describing your condition and also manifesting more of it. So, make sure you change the way you talk about yourself.

For instance.  I woke up the other morning and noticed a sensation in my shoulder that I did not enjoy.   I turned to my husband and said.  “Ouch, my shoulder really hu…  Um…  Feels only about 85% perfect.  I think I need a massage.”   Because I knew that those next words were going to amplify any discomfort I might have been feeling.  I consciously chose to change it quick and communicate in a way that he would still understand.  Those next words were going to dictate whether I improved what was happening or I made it worse.

We all need to work on our inner dialogues.

How much time do you spend telling yourself that you are in great shape?   Or that a new career will find me soon?  Or that money comes to me in fun and exciting ways?

Give thanks for the conditions you are currently in.   BLESS all of it!!!   You have learned a lot from where you are and how you got there.   Give thanks for that!

Only THEN will it turn around, because “What we resists persists.”  If you continue to say you are stuck… You will continue to feel and be stuck.  Otherwise you are a liar!  The universe responds to the messages you are putting out.  So, every time you feel fear.  Give thanks that your life is changing for the better.  Worry creates problems.  Prayer solves them. Try to quickly change all worries into thankful prayers that the world is responding to your thoughts and changing.

When you start to change the way you think and feel the rest will fall into place.

So… How do you do that?

Program in what you want!

The Court of Atonement is a great programmer!

I place myself, _____________ in a full Court of Atonement for the purpose of improving my internal dialogue so that I may improve my quality of life.

Then you can assist this by programming in some valuable statements.

I like to use my hands to assist, as I have heard that the hands are the punctuation points to our words.

Say these next statements and while either making big gestures or messaging them into your body, or try this programming technique.

Place your left hand behind your neck and cup the base of the scull.  Place the palm of your right hand in front of your third eye, then:
Repeat to yourself   “I am safe, I am safe, I am safe!”   5 to 15 to 30 times… or until you feel safe.  Then switch hands and say it a few more times.  You can use this technique to program in all the beliefs you would like to have.

Such as:

  • “I am divinely protected.”
  • “I speak my words for the future I choose.”
  • “I am in charge of my life.”
  • “I am changing my career.”
  • “Money comes to me easier and easier in joyful happy ways.”

Say these over and over and over until it feels like you cannot say it one more time.
Once you’ve done this, check in again and you will notice how much truer they feel.
Please go back and do the exercise and then let me know in the comments if they noticed a shift in the way you feel.

I personally have programmed in a protective sphere that wraps 500 feet in all directions.  I ask that it creates a clear and balanced environment wherever I go.  Balancing the earth energies, the electronic energies, healing old patterns in belongings as well.  Any one who bumps up against it is also cleared and blessed.  Then I imagine that as I move around, or drive down the road, that the world around me is being cleared and blessed by my movements!

Have fun and let me know how things change for you.

© 2018 Amy Jo Ellis

Amy Jo is the Author of the Full Court of Atonement.  She works entirely on a donation basis.  If you feel moved to assist her with her mission to heal the spirit of humanity you can make donations to.

For more information go to

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Getting Over an Obsession

Have you ever had someone that you could not stop thinking about even though you knew that you would be so much better off if you could?

I have also relived situations in my mind trying to replay them and understand what I might have done differently or what I could possibly do to heal the situation.

This is an obsession.

If you feel like you have an obsession, then consider giving these Courts of Atonement a try.

I place myself, _____________  and the soul of, __________into a Full Court of Atonement, ________ I ask to clear soul contracts, soul mate contracts, karmic debt and life lessons.

I place my soul, ___________ and the soul of , ___________ in a Full Court of Atonement for soul recognition.  I ask to have our timelines analyzed and any and all conflicts between us healed on the astral plane. 

I ask to have our guides analyzed by the guardian guides given to us at birth and dismiss any and all guides who no longer serve us.  I ask to have our guides corrected to create compatibility.

I recognize that although I feel passionately that I am in love with ___________ I recognize that I have felt sad, hurt and miserable in this attraction more than I have felt loved, honored and supported by, ____________. 
I also recognize that if it is meant to be, it should be easy!   Anything less than lighthearted and fun, is some sort of powerful, connection that is absolutely not divinely guided.

First let’s pardon each other.

I, _________ place my soul and the soul of ___________ in a Full Court of Atonement for soul recognition.   I also bring us into this Court of Atonement for the purpose of pardoning each other for our many mistakes.  I ask to be pardoned for any and all mistakes I have made in our relationship.  Even though there is a part of me that is unwilling to pardon you for some of the things you have done, I ask to be pardoned for not pardoning you.

Even though there is still a part of me that is unwilling to pardon you, I ask to be pardoned for that.  I ask to pardon myself for not pardoning you. Repeat that statement over and over until you feel something shift inside of you.

I ask to pardon you for any and all mistakes you made with me in our relationship.

Disconnecting from this non-beneficial energy, might feel like a scary thing to do.  However, it will give your body a chance to reset and either move on, or else reconnect with a healthier level of connection.

If you are interested in being happy again with or without the other person, then read on and fill in your names.

I, __________ place my soul and the soul of ____________ in a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of creating happy, healthy, joy filled lives for both of us!

I, __________ insist that I relinquish any and all non-beneficial desire for ___________ as a flesh connection.

I, __________ insist that, ___________ relinquish any and all non-beneficial desires he may have for me as a flesh connection.

I, __________ insist that I relinquish any and all non-beneficial emotional attachments to, _____________.

I, __________ insist that, ___________ relinquish any and all non-beneficial emotional attachments  he may have to me!

I, __________ insist that I relinquish any and all obsessive thoughts and feelings for ______________ as a mental, and or a sexual connection.

I insist that I, ______________ clear out any and unresolved issues and or conflicts with ________ and restore love to myself, respect to myself and admiration for myself.

I, __________ insist that you,  _______________ relinquish any and all power or authority I may have given over to you at any time in our timelines.  I ask that you allow our lives to return to one of peace and joy.

I, _______ place myself, _________ into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of returning my life to ease and simplicity that I knew before I met, ___________________.  

I ask to reconnect my heart to the love of my family and friends who love and respect me back.

I, ______________ place myself in a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of correcting energy around my heart and restoring the activity of my heart center to full power and full function. 

I, ______________place myself in a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of enjoying my life and being open and willing to fully give and receive love.

Amy Jo lives entirely off of donations.  If you feel moved to assist her in her mission to heal the spirit of mankind.  You can make donations to

For more information about the Court of Atonement go to

© Amy Jo Ellis 2018

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Creating a Strong, Healthy, Vibrant Body!

When I first started using the Court of Atonement I was guided to go after the negative emotions that surrounded a situation.   But in the last three or four weeks that has changed completely.  I am no longer to utter a single detrimental word during the calling of a Court of Atonement.I feel strongly that something in our energy has reached a tipping point and our approach must change to go along with it.For this reason I have decided to try again with the program to address  creating a healthy body and I have been gaining some insights.

I, ___________________ place my conscious mind, my sub conscious mind, Heart, Body, Soul and all my Guides into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of creating alignment and willingness with being strong, vibrant and healthy! All contrary programming, thoughts, ideas, situations or beliefs are to be corrected now and changed into life affirming thoughts such as. I am strong, I am capable, I am vibrant, I am healthy!

I decided to try to sit for one minute and repeat to yourself.

 “I am,_______________, I am strong, I am capable, I am vibrant, I am healthy!”
Any contrary thoughts that came up I said. “That old programming is no longer allowed to run, I correct that energy now!” And kept repeating the first statement till you I could do it several times with no contrary thoughts.
I challenge you to do the same thing.
Why are you still reading!?!?   Do it now!!!

Welcome back!

 Over the winter I had been noticing some discomfort in my knees. (Nothing too note worthy)
I decided to change the statement to be, “I am Amy Jo Ellis’s Knees, I am strong, I am capable, I am vibrant, I am healthy!” And a couple of noteworthy things happened.
My knees began to get warm and even throb a bit. ( I took that as a really good sign and kept going.) Then I remembered the trainer at the Gym that insisted that she train me on a machine I didn’t want to use.
Because I remembered it I FCOA’d it right then and there. I kept going with the above statement and remembered three or four other injuries that I could use FCOA on. Then I remembered a woman I had worked with who had the exact same injury, So, I FCOA’d my judgment of her issues and asked to change the energy surrounding it all into light and love.
I will let you know how this feels later in the day as I am still to close to it. I “Knee’d” to go play in the dirt. Springtime is calling me!”
©  Amy Jo Ellis 2018

The 22 page booklet “The Court of Atonement” which outlines this process is available as a PDF download for $5.00 at 

Amy Jo’s entire income relies solely on donations.  If you feel moved to contribute you can make a donation via PayPal.

or send it to Amy Jo Ellis  PO Box 672 Rathdrum ID 83858

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Beneath the Facade

I remember a woman saying to me with a break in her voice… “My daughter is dying of cancer.”   I surprised even myself by very sternly saying to her.  “NEVER SAY THAT AGAIN!  Your daughter is LEARNING TO LIVE with cancer! It’s a big distinction and one I highly suggest you make note of!”  I am usually not rude, so I was well aware that someone in her family was speaking through me!

Today that statement hit home with a greater understanding.  I was working with a client who is recovering very well from metastasized cancer.   She is feeling good; her tests are coming back in healthy ranges and her doctors are optimistic.

Using a pendulum, I checked in on her energetically by asking.  “When we first talked, how was her energy being effected by cancer?   We used a scale of +20 to -20 and we found that her energy had been about a -15.   Now when we checked by asking. “How is her energy currently being effected by cancer the answer was nearly neutral at -.5

She talked about some residual fears of having the cancer come back.  When we checked on how her energy responded just hearing the word cancer it plummeted her energy to a -9.

While we talked I went into a deep channel and I wish I had recorded the conversation because the dialogue was profound.

My guides said to her.  “Cancer doesn’t kill people!  People kill themselves with their thoughts, their fears and their actions.  Cancer is merely the tool they use to get the job done.  By the time they have gotten cancer, they have generally been miserable for a very long time and for one reason or another, a part of them has wished to check out at a subconscious level.”

The guides went on to point out that when the woman first found out consciously that she had cancer, she was working all the time at a job that she did not enjoy. Yet, for monetary reasons she had continued doing the same job for many years, even though her interests had moved on to something else.

Once she found out that she had cancer, she quit her job to take care of herself and suddenly she had clients for the healing practice she’d been longing to have, but previously didn’t have time to try.

She now had time to go for walks in the park and take time for herself to meditate and she has now created a life worth living!  Not despite having cancer, but directly because she had cancer!

Cancer was the cause of her new-found happiness and her now more relaxed and enjoyable way of life!

As I am writing this, I felt a guide trying to signal me by pulling on my ear canal, it felt much like an ear ache but it was just a flash and then it was gone.   I asked them what they wanted and I heard. “It would be good to mention that those who choose to parish by using Cancer as their way out, are most often found surrounded by loved ones and healing major issues in their lives.  While, those who commit suicide do not get this grand send off!  This alone is praise worthy in our book!”

I would like to add that I lost a sister to cancer.  Although it was hard for me at first to agree with this way of thinking. With a little investigation into her thoughts, I can absolutely see that what my guides are saying is absolutely true for her as well.

To most people who knew her, she was an outgoing, fun loving, individual with a strong will to live. So she absolutely appears to be the opposite of what they are saying. She loved her job of singing in restaurants and enjoyed her family and friends with little outward appearance of any distress.  But, I knew her inside story, she was very unhappy with the body she was dealing with and had a sever non-beneficial belief that she had missed her chance to do something great in this life.   For her, her opportunity to be a “Star” was over.

I do not wish to challenge people or upset anyone.  Personally, I do not know why babies come in and get cancer so young.  However, I have to stop and remember that the soul of the baby is not new to this life.
It might have reasons of its own for changing its mind about coming here.

The soul certainly knows what it is doing and I just have to allow myself to make peace with that.

If you are dealing with a baby that has cancer, you might try saying;

I, ___________, place the soul of, ______________, Into a Full Court of Atonement with all levels of his consciousness and his guides.   I ask for, _____________, to be placed in a sanctuary of healing and shown a soul preview of what he might have to live for. 

Here are a few COA’s to assist with gaining understanding of cancer but let us start with aligning ourselves with receiving miracles!

I place myself, _____________, in a Full Court of Atonement with my heart, body, conscious mind, subconscious mind, and soul, along with all of my guides.  I ask that we are all purged with divine, pure, holy, love and placed in alignment with using the Full Court of Atonement.   

I place myself, _____________, in a Full Court of Atonement with purifying and sanctifying my name.  I ask to disconnect all other energies from my name and make my name uniquely my own.   I ask to accept my name and correct all conflicts I have with my name.

I ask to purify and sanctify my name and make it uniquely my own, and I ask to have all the beneficial power of the birthname aligned with any portion of my name I choose to use.

I place myself, ______________, in a Full Court of Atonement with dissolving all need to retell non-beneficial stories!

I place myself, ______________, in a Full Court of Atonement to correct my energy so that I am 100% open and willing to let go of all non-beneficial energies of the past.

I, _____________, place all levels of consciousness of myself, along with all of my guides into a Full Court of Atonement to correct my energy so that I am 100% open and willing to believe in miracles!

I place myself, _____________, in a Full Court of Atonement to correct my energy so that I am 100% open and willing to receive miracles.

I place myself, ______________, in a Full Court of Atonement to correct my energy so that I am 100% open and willing to pardon myself for any behavior that caused conflict with another and I ask to pardon everyone for their behavior as well.

I place myself, ______________, in a Full Court of Atonement. I ask to pardon myself for not listening to the subtler signals I had been receiving, that were telling me that I was not happy and that I should have changed my way of life.  

I place myself, _____________, in a Full Court of Atonement with being in alignment of seeing Cancer as a spiritual tool that people subconsciously choose to either wake themselves up or dispatch themselves into the next state of being.

I, ____________, place myself into a Full Court of Atonement with the essence of Cancer.    I ask to correct our understanding of each other now.  I ask to be pardoned for all of the emotions that I directed toward you.  I ask to be pardoned for all of the blame I have placed on you for causing the death of people I have known and loved. I see now that they spiritually chose to leave through your energy.   I ask to pardon you Cancer for scaring me and causing me mental and physical pain.

I, ____________, place myself into a Full Court of Atonement with being in alignment with appreciating the gifts that cancer offers us.

I, ____________, place myself into a Full Court of Atonement with being in alignment with being healthy.

I, ____________, place myself into a Full Court of Atonement with all levels of consciousness of myself with being in alignment with recognizing and taking control of my emotional states and taking divinely guided action to make positive changes in my life.

I, ____________, place myself into a Full Court of Atonement with all levels of consciousness of myself with being in alignment with creating a life worth living!


©2018 Amy Jo Ellis

For more information on the Court of Atonement go to 

The author Amy Jo Ellis gives most generously of her time and of her wisdom. If you would like to send a donation to assist her with her outreach. Donations are received through PayPal at

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Building Better Boundaries!

If you are feeling like you are under psychic attack, entities are in your your energy field or you are picking up other people’s emotions as though they are your own… Not only are you an empath. – You have horrible boundaries!

People used to say to me that I needed better boundaries, but I had no idea what that really meant, much less how to solve it.  They made it sound like I needed to tell people off and stand up for myself. That may well be true! But I don’t know why it would make a difference in the spirit realm of things.

Spiritually speaking, when you have no boundaries, your energy drifts out and around pretty much like smoke on the wind.

In order to keep us healthy, mentally, emotionally and physically, our energy should be pulled up tight against us and held in a sphere around us by a layer of energy much like the film on a soap bubble.

Imagine blowing smoke into a soap bubble. You could easily see the boundaries that separate the smoke from the air around it.  When you pop the bubble the film layer bursts and falls away.  You would then see how quickly that smoke would dissipate and spread out far and wide.

When things happen to us that “Bursts our bubble.”  And weakens our boundaries, look how quickly our energy spreads out.

How far do we go?   I have no idea! But we get very scattered and feel like we have no energy. It leaves us open and vulnerable to receiving everybody else’s information.

You’ve all heard me say that once you’re in alignment with your name, saying your name three times will bring your energy back to you and ground you in your name.  I still stand by that statement! However…  I’ve come up with an idea to shield our energy in a blessing to help protect us.

As far as I know there are no protective Shields that we can place on us that last more than a few hours. I’m interested to find out how long this will last.

I place myself (say your full name)_____________ in a full court of atonement with myself (say your full name)________________ for the purpose of having strong healthy boundaries. I ask to have my guides purged with light and evaluated by my guardian guide given to me at birth.  Any guides who no longer serve my highest and best are to be dismissed.  I ask that they be blessed with light and granted any treatment necessary for their advancement as my parting gift to them.

(This NEXT section only needs to be repeated one time.   Skip during daily clearings.) 

I ask to search the pregnancy that carried me for any Embryonic interference and disconnect it at it’s moment of conception, purge it with  divine, pure, holy love and return it to source energy.  Analyze this situation and correct all information regarding, soul retrieval, memory retrieval and personality to create a cohesive singular personality with stimulus responses  and thought patterns that are appropriate to create a happy, healthy life experience from this day forward. 

I ask to disconnect and remove any and all energies that do not belong to me or that no longer serve my highest and best.  I ask to move these energies completely out of my entire energy system and place them in Full Courts of Atonement to correct and heal their energy at their points of origin.   

I ask to purify and sanctify my energy system to be entirely and uniquely my own!  I ask to search and find all of my energy I have lost or sent out.  I ask to bring my energy back to me purified and sanctified and anchor it at my core!

I ask to purge my entire energy system with divine, holy, love and bind my energy to me magnetically.  I ask to seal my energy with a strong  healthy boundary!  I ask to wrap my energy field in blue green light that only divine guidance can pass through. I insist that only those guides, entities, energies, properties, emotions, ideas, thought forms and beliefs that are filled with light are allowed in my space! 

I ask to charge this boundary with a blessing;   Anyone or anything that bumps up against or attempts to pass through this shield, is to be filled with light and placed into a full-court of atonement to correct their energy as needed!

I place myself (Say your full name) _____________in a Full Court of Atonement with all levels of my consciousness as well as my guides, and I ask to be aligned with feeling safe to feel safe.   

I, _____________, ask to be aligned with feeling safe to be me!

“So help me God!”

©2018 Amy Jo Ellis

Amy Jo is the Author of The Court of Atonement. For more information go to

To make donations to assist Amy Jo with her Court of Atonement out reach.  Make donations at

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