God ~ How It All Works.

Hi, My name is Amy Jo and I am a prophet. I can converse with God. I can ask questions, I can feel the answer rise up in me and then I write down the answers. These answers are usually so profound that I have no doubt in my mind that the information came from God. Which God? The only one. I have been fighting going public with this information, because my own religion doesn’t back me up and support me. But what if John, or Luke or someone else felt the same way?

I am not looking to have anyone follow me. My mission is to get you to look deeper into your own religion and become closer to God. Your God. Not my God, or their God. Your God.

There are a lot of misconceptions about God and Divine Guidance. It is God’s good pleasure to give you all the riches of the earth. But you must ask for it. God, angels, guides, spirits of loved ones are all around us doing their best to assist us, as best they can, but we have them hindered because we do not ask for assistance and so therefore they are stuck, watching us stumble along.

We have guardian Angels who without our asking keep us from accidentally killing ourselves before our time. But Guardian Angels are not guides.

We have Guardian Guides who are also assigned to us at birth. The difference between a guardian guide and a guardian angel is the guide whispers directions into your thoughts and tries his or her best to direct you. The guide says, “Turn right!! Turn right!!!” If you fail to turn, then the guardian angel swoops in and plucks you from the cliff and turns the car!

God, is an intelligence that is in and around everything! The only difference between an atom of gold and an atom of wood is the intelligence that tells it what it is. This intelligence is God.

There are a couple of clues from the Bible and other scriptures that can help you understand God’s place in our lives.

The first piece of the puzzle is: “Man is made in the likeness of God.” I remember looking at this as a child and thinking how can that be? All people look so different. I then realized that what makes mankind so different from the animals is our ability to create. Not only that, buy humans are the only species to speak an actual language. God created using his voice to speak his desires and things were created. “Let there be light!”

It is our ability to speak our desires that creates in our lives. We find something we want and we begin telling people about this thing that excites us. When someone is really excited about something, it is hard to get them to shut up about it. Pretty soon things line up, and they own the very thing they were talking about. Sometimes in quite magical ways.

But let’s keep looking. When there is something that we are afraid of, we unfortunately do the same thing and get really excited about stopping this thing we are afraid of, and our very words are creating it in our lives! When Jesus said, “Turn the other cheek” He meant for us to turn away from the things we are fighting against and look and speak about the things that we want in our lives. Thus creating what we want and not giving more power to the thing that we don’t want.

The second piece of the puzzle is this: “Man has dominion over the earth!” I never knew what that meant. One night I woke up knowing there was a whole in the atmosphere and that I needed to pray and ask God to heal it. Don’t ask me how I knew this… I just knew and I was right. I read the next morning in the paper that a large meteor had hit someplace in Russia.

I was up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night praying and asking God. “God, send healing energy to the atmosphere and heal the tear in the atmosphere.” I just kept saying it, over and over until I felt like I had said it enough and the problem had been healed.

My husband later asked me. “Why did you need to pray and ask God to heal it, why didn’t God just heal it himself?” I thought this was a fair question so I went back into prayer mode and asked. “Because man has dominion over the earth, and without an act of man, God can do nothing.”

I was stunned!!!

If you feel that your life should or could be better than you think it is right now… I don’t care if you believe in God. But use your voice to ask for the things that you want. Use your thoughts to visualize what you choose and look away from the things that you are afraid of.

When you see something that you don’t like, look right at them and see them clearly and ask yourself what you would rather see instead and put your thoughts there! Ask out loud. “Let there be these great things in my life!!!”

I am learning to look away from what I don’t want and right at what I do want… And only that.    It’s a bit tricky at first, because we have been conditioned to retell funny stories of the bad things that have happened to us and make people laugh. But it is a dangerous habit! Our words are creating, even when we are entertaining our friends.
Good luck!

Say hi to God for me. He really is listening.

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How To Live A Happy Life As An Empath!

A couple of friends were discussing on Facebook how hard it is to go into busy public places, because, they begin to feel anxiety and stress from everyone around them. They were saying it was the “Curse” of being an empath.

I used to feel that way myself, but I have figured out a couple of simple things to do to clear that energy off of me.

The first thing you need to become aware of, is that you are the one butting into other peoples stuff!!!   People would have you believe that others are being energy vampires.  That does happen, but it’s not as intentional as they would leave you to believe.   The biggest problem is that you yourself have no boundaries.   Your energy is scattered and flitting about getting jumbled in other peoples gunk. Stop that!!!

Here are a few things that I like to do that help me remain calm, cool and relaxed no matter what is going on around me. (Remember, I sing in bars for a living!)

  • I check in with myself and ask. “Does this energy belong to me?” I feel this answer, like a wave of energy flowing up for yes and down for no. Try it for yourself ask yourself “Is my name __(State your name)____?” You should feel a yes rise up through you. If you were to ask yourself “Is my name Norman Vladimir?” You should feel a “Negative” drop to the energy in your body.
  • Ground yourself in your name. Say “I am ___________________!!! Say your name, first middle and last. Say it strongly, loudly and firmly. I AM___________!! (Even if it’s only in your mind.) Say this three to ten times if needed. This gathers your energy back from wherever it has wandered.
  • I also like to follow up with this statement. “Only those who come from the light and are filled with light are allowed in my space.” “I disconnect myself from everyone I have come in contact with anywhere!!!”
  • I gather my energy to me, and I hold it close, I ask for the assistance of God to keep my energy pure and loving and calm.

A good exercise is to imagine yourself being filled with bright white light. Imagine it pouring down over and through you and clearing off everything that isn’t yours and then anchoring into the earth. See it spreading out 9 feet in all directions like a giant sphere around you. Now, imagine your energy sphere being wrapped in blue/green light. take a moment to notice how good you feel.

Do this a couple of times a day for a week or two until you know what it feels like.  Once you have it down, you can make your self a statement that actives this process instantly. Ken simply says. “Shields up!”

I do these exercises periodically throughout the day. A minimum of 5 times a day to be exact. These processes don’t take long, and I really enjoy the peace and tranquility that they provide. My students always whine and complain that they shouldn’t need to clear their energy all the time. Let me ask you this. How many times are you willing to wash your hands in a day? Every time you get them dirty, right!

Energy doesn’t only come to us by proximity. Every time someone thinks about you… They connected to your energy!  This is where energy vampires come into play.    As a healer my clients think.  “Oh man I need Amy Jo to help me.”  ZAP!!!   Crap!!!

Every time you think about someone. You connect your energy to theirs!   You’d like to think that having moved half way across the world from your family, that they are not affecting you anymore. But energy doesn’t need a phone to make a connection… It just does it at the speed of thought!

Because I feel other peoples emotions so drastically, I have made a lot of habits to assist me to dump that energy off of me.   For instance,  when I am showering I say. “I am washing off everyone else’s stuff and clearing and grounding my energy.” I say the same thing every single time I wash the dishes or even just wash my hands.

Belongings that were once owned by someone else are filled with imprints of the previous owners thoughts. Prior to learning to clear my energy, I would rather go to a grave yard than a thrift store! So hiding in your house is not the answer. Get in there and clean up your energy and protect it.

When I am sweeping, dusting or vacuuming I say. “I am cleaning out every thought and pattern that does not belong to me.”

I try to make it fun. I will tell you this, I used to get major head aches going out in public. I hardly ever get them any more. And if I do, I can use those few sentences I have just shared with you and the headache always go away!

Remember energy follows thought. Intend to clear your energy and that is all it takes!

© Amy Jo Ellis 2017

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Talking About Peace, and The Word No.

Good morning,  do you have any messages to share with us this morning?

Yes, you are the only one who can make you think anything. Sometimes you allow others opinions and events, to intrude upon your own peace and ability to feel safe. However, in order for their thoughts and circumstances to corrupt your thinking you first must allow them entrance into your brain.

Just like a radio that plays a thought you hate. Change the channel. Change the thoughts. Change your focus.

It is hard to successfully navigate the road ahead, if you spend too much time looking in the rear view mirror. It is a good idea to glance into the mirror when making changes in your life to see what you wish to avoid, but it is never a good idea to allow your focus to dwell in those experiences, because what you are focusing on begins to come toward you. It is a law. Like the law of gravity. If you are thinking about it, you are moving it closer to you. Your focus, like a GPS, begins figuring out the fastest easiest way to bring the things you think about to you. So if peace in the world is the thought you wish to create. Then force your thoughts to dwell in peace. Look at the peace you have in your life. Thank whoever is responsible for creating this peace. (Here is a hint. YOU ARE!)

Allow yourself to feel tranquil and peaceful, knowing full well that what you are focusing on is what is being created.

I am seeing in my mind a peace rally. And what I am seeing are signs that say “Stop the _____” just seeing the sign, makes me feel horrible.

Yes, because the sign itself says “______”. The focus is not on PEACE. The word “PEACE” holds the frequency of peace. The sign saying stop what you are wishing to avoid, holds only the vibration of that which you wish to avoid, and so therefore it is moving it straight toward you. Not only you, but everyone who reads the sign.


Jesus taught, “Turn the other cheek.” His wisdom was to see what you do not like and LOOK AWAY! Learn from it, and look away. Look at something you would rather experience and allow your focus to remain there. Everything around you will change corresponding to the frequency of your focus.

I have heard it said, that you can not shout “NO” and expect things to change. Will you please elaborate on that for me?

Yes, The word no, is a fear based word. The frequency of the word “No” is about 2 degrees below freezing.

Looking at words frequencies like you would a temperature gauge. Peace, is a very warm comfortable word. So is, joy, happiness and love. Words like Rage, Hatred, and War are boiling point words! They are words that are uncomfortable and dangerous, just like the temperatures that are at boiling. Rage equals inferno. Hatred is = to Lava and so on. If you shout NO at those words. No is below freezing and it tries to cool the temperature of the words that came into proximity of it.

It is a useful word in trying to pull the temperature out of a situation. It is a defuser word if you will.

But the problem with a deffuser word, used on a sign… It is only doing it’s best to defuse, disarm and cool the situation. Only looking completely away can bring about the opposite creation. Because a sign that says. No Danger. Isn’t saying Safe. If you saw a sign that said. “No Danger, Pass at Will.” Your brain would instantly be thinking. “What does that mean? What danger is not here?” Suddenly your mind would be filled with all sorts of dangers. If you read a sign that said. “Safe to pass at Will.” Your mind would say. “Safe, what does that mean.. Hugs are safe, joy is safe… All good things.” Do you feel the difference?

Yes. Thank you for that description. I had never thought of it like that.

If you are worried about other people in the far reaches of the planet. Ask yourself, “What is the best thing I can do for them?”   And do that.

If there is nothing you can easily do, hold a vision for their life and assist them with your thoughts and prayers.

The most powerful image you can hold for them is Joy. Think of them enjoying a beautiful family festivity. Hold clear in your mind, the area you wish to bless… And see them having the life you intend to see them have.
Ask God to assist them in this manor.

Things will begin to line up to create the image.

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Healing Others Without Catching Their Ailment

I am noticing that when I work with a client with an ailment, such as a torn meniscus in their knee, that in a short time after, I will also have the very same injury.


What can be done to keep from absorbing all of the energy around a torn meniscus or any other ailment, so that I don’t also get injured and can you explain to me why this is happening?

Yes, it is a line up of focus. Your client was releasing the energy of torn meniscus. The energy went adrift and you received the energy that was removed by the first person.

Working with her, you saw clearly the injury, then you received the energy because it aligned with your vision of it.

How do we, as healers, clear this stuff in others without receiving it for ourselves?

Changing the energy instead of “letting it go”

Spend a longer time and deeper commitment to changing the energy rather than releasing it.

Is there a process that you would recommend, a way of seeing the energy changing that will assist in the clearing of the energy without releasing it?

Ask the person to describe the color of the pain. Ask them what would you need to do to change the color to green. Keep adjusting the energy until you change the injury from the original color to the new color of green. If the injury color is red, or orange, than purge the injury with white and then fill it with green.

If it is yellow then add blue until it is a bright shade of green.

Thank you, I believe I understand.

© Amy Jo Ellis 2016

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I Stand Corrected. – Money Flows!

When God takes the time to correct you… You can pretty much be sure that you were wrong.

My son Tenor paid for a hotel room for us on our way home from Utah. Once we were in the room he said. “You know, even though I have plenty of money, it still hurts to spend it.”

I told him “That is a symptom of lack, and it will hold back your financial good. It is never a good idea to spend money when you feel like that. It is always best to try to feel grateful for having enough money to spend.”

Later that night as I was going to sleep, I started seeing zero’s, which are my signal from God that he would like to have a word with me.

Even though it was 2:30 am, I pulled out my computer, cleared my energy and as always said The Lords Prayer.

Good evening God, are you trying to get my attention?

“Yes, what you told your son about spending money was not quite correct. You told him to be grateful, and although that’s a much better place than feeling hurt, he can not understand who exactly he is supposed to feel grateful too? Himself for working hard for his money? His boss for paying his debts?  

The key ingredient to creating a life of financial ease, is to recognize that there is a never ending flow of money. 

Money is being printed everyday and there will never be a shortage of it.

To believe that money will run out is a self fulfilling prophecy.

With a firm belief that there is a never ending flow that is always available to tap into, you will line yourself up to receiving it.

With faith and a belief in the ever present availability of money, a life of ease and grace will be the self fulfilling prophecy. This is the lesson you are trying to instill in him.”

Thank you God, and I will take to heart that message and share it with him.

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Omnipresence – Explained

deerAs I was enjoying a cup of coffee this morning a small herd of deer walked through the yard and helped themselves to the bird feed I had put out.   I decided in this peaceful moment to spend a little time talking with God.

I finished my coffee, did a little yoga, and then started my clearing process which always ends with the Lords Prayer.

A rifle shot rang out, and my first thought was one of fear. “Oh no, I hope that wasn’t one of my deer.” I thought, I could ask God to protect the deer, but before I could put voice to the idea, my thoughts were suddenly those of the hunter. I found myself celebrating victory with my young boy who had just gotten his first kill.

As fast as it happened I was back in my chair and God was ready to talk.

Good morning

I am happy to have you online and connected to the God that dwells in ALL things.

Yes, I am seeing that clearly.

I am not separate from the darkness… I am the darkness.

I am not separate from the thief, the murderer or the thug. I am all of those things.

I am the good decisions you make… And, I am also the seemingly foul decisions that you make.

I am omnipresent which means I am in all things.

I do not choose to be in some things and not in others.

I do not choose to love some people and not love others.

Omnipresent means ALL present.

I am what bonds the molecules together.

There could not be anything with out this presence. – This all knowing of all time and space,because if I were not present, then nothing would be there.

Nothing is the hardest thing to describe, because you think you understand what nothing means, you use your intellect of what something is and then apply the opposite. You look at where a chair is, then move it and see nothing there. But the space where the chair was… is still there. Which is of course is not nothing.

If you turned the lights out to total blackness so that you could see “Nothing.” You are still seeing darkness, which is something.
Take away the darkness, take away the space, take away all that is and collapse all voids, and you might begin to understand what would be left. – Compression. – Which is one of the first elements of creation.
Tightness is the reason of birth, it is the reason for the seed to germinate and it is also the reason for the songwriter to write the song… This feeling of tightness and need to expand.

When your life feels tight and uncomfortable… Get ready… Great expansion is coming!

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State of the Nation

Good evening Abraham

Good evening Amy Jo

I just read a spiritual article that quickly became an article of governmental propaganda.
Please give me your assessment of the state of the nation?

We are all curious as to the reaction of each and every day.

It is time that the American people rise up in protest that the American rights and values are not being met within their own homes. Much less rise up and protest their own government. We find it interesting to watch.

When you say “Within their own homes.” What rights are you speaking of?

Clean water, food without pesticides, food that is not altered, education that is not forced upon a child, but brought out of the child.

We see that this new administration is open to hearing the pleas of the American people, and comes to you with far less agenda than other presidents before him.

The reaction to his slanderous remarks and preposterous attitude of self evaluation, has enraged the multitude to the point of blinding them to the truth of his intentions.

We are watching a convolution of ideas and thoughts of what is right and what is wrong.

A miss mash of hatred and unsettling that has little to nothing to do with what is happening in their own front yards.

If you are asking are there areas of which you need to concern yourself the answer is no.

The world is not waking up to spiritual concepts as well as they themselves think they are.

Those who are partially awake are misreading and misinterpreting in an ego based, pious attitude that they are right and the other half is wrong.

Those who are truly aware of spiritual law, look to God for peace and hold their focus out of the fray and continue on the path at hand.

See before you a happy joyous life … and live and let live.

Is there any prayer that I may speak on behalf of the American people to assist in taking the blinders of hatred off and allowing healing and a vision of the world they wish to see?

It is not so much blinders as it is an unwillingness to witness a world where a man can be a complete and total ass to every person around him, and still be effective as a leader of the free world. The free world is not feeling free.

The republicans are all betting that he uses his asinine behavior to get in there and kick some serious ass and make changes that they have wished to see happen for decades and no one has been strong enough to get done.

While we watch the democrats reel in astonishment that anyone could have hope in someone so brash and backward from their own way of seeing things.

Do you have any advice for us?

Try to remain neutral. Watch and evaluate the way you feel. If you like what he is doing then keep watching and waiting.

If you do not like what he is doing, ask angels to protect and guard those who you feel are being hurt or injured. Know they are protected and that the world is a safe place to live, regardless of what the news has to say.

Will you please assist me in voicing a prayer that will bring together both Democrats and Republicans?

It is not advantageous at this time to unite the two parties.

What? What benefit am I missing?

The diversity between the two is creating an awareness that things are not as they should be. It is creating an opening of looking for a better way.

While they are both trying to heal what is wrong between left and right wings of the government, they are beginning to take notice of the distance between themselves and even their own children… Americans are recognizing suffering and punishing each other while at the same time learning the value of togetherness. It is unsettling in a way that is bringing out both the worst and the best in people.

It is important to keep in mind that there is no right and no wrong. There is only what is. The true injustice of the United States is it’s inability to free it’s own people from mental stress and undo self punishment that results in illness and both physical and mental suffering.

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