Energy Interference

Anahata, heart chakra

I woke up in the middle of the night last night, (I have no idea what time.) and found there was no sound at all. No normal night sounds, just silence… I thought. “What is  going on here?” Because I have noticed this total lack of sound many times, and always a few seconds before an earthquake would hit. I was laying with my eyes closed and witnessed a giant flash of light! It seemed like lightning but it was silent. Then a million thoughts of everyone who I had ever harmed, flashed through my brain, and all within a percentage of a second. (This must be the download, that people talk about, that I have never before experienced.) I was hit with a headache and chest pains! These symptoms I am familiar with as symptoms of energy interference. So I began to ground myself by saying my name

“I am, Amy Jo Ellis and ONLY, Amy Jo Ellis. Only those who come from the light and are filled with light are allowed in my space.”

This helped but did not clear it.

I then began repeating. “I align my vibration to the healing frequency of the Earth.” Bingo!! That one shifted it a lot, yet, still there was a deep dull ache inside my chest.

Next I placed myself in a full court of Atonement, and began using my new power tool of repeating the words. “I pardon those who can not pardon me.” The chest pains lessened and lessened, with each pass.

Then I shifted into “I ask to be pardoned by those I can not pardon.”  This created more relief.

Soon I was alternating between the two lines. “I ask to be pardoned, by those I can not pardon. I ask to pardon those who can not pardon me.”

Lighter and lighter the sensation subsided. I asked what else I could do and was told to say.

“I ask to pardon everyone.”

This moved a lot of energy!   Next I was told to place myself in a Full Court of Atonement to make adjustments to clear up static in my heart center and balance my energetic system..”

I place myself______________ in a Full Court of Atonement to make adjustments to clear up static and from my  heart center and I ask to balance my energetic system.”

To finally cleared it enough that I felt I could channel, I recited the lords prayer about 15 times.

There is definitely something shifting in the Earth and it’s energy field. I will write more when I understand it. This will get you started in case some of you are experiencing what I am experiencing, and I will bring more information in a bit.

In the mean time, here is the protocol, if you also need to clear some dense energy.

“I am, ____________ and ONLY, ___________. Only those who come from the light and are filled with light are allowed in my space.”

“I align my vibration to the healing frequency of the Earth.”

“I ask to be pardoned by those I can not pardon.”

“I pardon those who can not pardon me.”

“I ask to be pardoned, by those I can not pardon. I ask to pardon those who can not pardon me.”

“I ask to pardon everyone.”

“I place myself______________ in a Full Court of Atonement to make adjustments to clear up static and from my  heart center and I ask to balance my energetic system.”

“I Place myself, _____________, in a Full Court of Atonement I ask to have my energy field purified and sanctified!  I demand that my energy be shielded and protected at all times!  I request that I feel safe and secure and healthy within my own body!  I ask to have my energy adjusted and corrected to to the level of divine guidance!  I ask to create a clear connection to my divine guides!”   

The one that really cleared it for me was reciting the lords prayer, but use whatever prayer or words feel the strongest to you!  Whatever you use that assists you in moving energy will be what is correct for you.

© Amy Jo Ellis 2018



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Enhance Your Belief in Healing

My son-in-law is a young medical doctor. At first he was unsure of what I was doing, but now he  is fascinated with it and asks a lot of questions.

 He and I have a good relationship,  because, when we first begin discussing energy healing, I asked him. “If the placebo effect works 30% of the time and is the standard of which all medicine must outperform, why isn’t modern medicine trying to enhance the placebo effect instead of creating drugs?”

 He thought that was a pretty good question.  I told him my job is to enhance the placebo effect!  I work on people’s belief systems so that they can be healed. I don’t care if they go to a doctor to get it done I just want them to be able to do it.

 A few minutes ago I decided to check on how much belief in energy healing my clients have in their body.   I was shocked at how low the numbers were.  I myself was only around 90%.   Even when looking at some great energy healers.    Their numbers are really low!

 When I asked for the cause of it, I could hear a member of my family saying things like “Snake oil salesman, charlatan, quack, witch doctor, voodoo!”   I scrambled those frequencies and changed them into knowing the bodies ability to heal itself and the numbers popped right up.

 I also placed them in a Full Court of Atonement to remove the fear of being taken. As well as the fear of looking gullible.

Belief is the biggest element to healing,  so I’m looking for ways to increase belief!

 I _________________ place myself in a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of correcting my belief in the body’s ability to heal it’self.   
I__________________place myself in a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of removing beliefs that are contrary to believing in healing. 
I__________________place myself in a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of enhancing belief in energy healing.                                                      I__________________ ask to place my soul, my body and my subconscious mind into a full court of Atonement for the purpose of eliminating opposition to believing in spontaneous manifestation of energetic healing.  
I__________________place my guides into a Full Court of Atonement to be elevated to the level of divine assistance.  I ask that they receive healing to elevate their ability to resonate at the level of spontaneous manifestation.  
I _________________place myself into a Full Court of Atonement to remove the fear of being taken advantage of. As well as the fear of looking gullible.
I_________________place myself into a Full Court of Atonement to correct all false beliefs and enhance my belief in myself and my abilities to achieve and obtain any goal I choose.

 For the healers and dowsers out there, I  thought you might have some fun testing yourself and your clients.

1. How much belief in energy healing does this person have?

2. How much faith in the bodies ability to heal itself does this person have?

3. How long do they believe it takes to see results?

4. What percentage of faith do they have in themselves?

Place them through those Courts of Atonement above and test again.

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From Resistance To Miracles!

I was laying in bed today waking up, thinking about a woman who told me that the Court of Atonement absolutely did not work for her. She was still estranged with her sister and how there had not been any communication between them since she called the Court of Atonement..
After talking with her for a while, I told her I do not know why she didn’t call you on your birthday. However, you should not take that personally, because people get bus and they forget.
To which the woman replied. “Oh, she did call me! I didn’t feel like arguing with her, so I didn’t answer the phone!”
This made me realize how blocked we can really make ourselves and I began calling these courts of atonement for myself and for the woman.
I place myself______________ in a Full Court of Atonement with all resistance to healing the past. I call all reasons to not heal the past in to Full Courts of Atonement  I ask to heal the past at each point of origin and change the energy of resistance into the energy of acceptance.
I place myself______________ in a Full Court of Atonement with being 100% open and willing to believe in energy healing.
I place myself ______________in a Full Court of Atonement with being 100% open and willing to believe that the past can really be healed.
I place myself______________ in a Full Court of Atonement with being 100% open and willing to let go of the anger and upset of the past.
I place myself______________ in a Full Court of Atonement with being 100% open and willing to pardon myself for my bad behavior and pardon everyone else for theirs.
 I place myself _____________in a Full Court of Atonement with being 100% open and willing to believe in miracles!
 I place myself _____________ in a Full Court of Atonement with being 100% open and willing to receive miracles.
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Forgiveness vs Atonement

Years ago, Abraham described Forgiveness as a destination, not an action.

He said that forgiveness was the result of two components.

  1. Understanding why things happen.
  2. Accepting that there was a reason for it.

He also showed me that it should be spelled like this… “Fore-give” He said that true forgiveness is giving love before understanding and acceptance has been reached.

I recently had another short dialogue with Abraham regarding forgiveness. I thought it was fascinating and I thought that you might enjoy it as well.

Forgiveness is a very useful technique, however, it is not atonement. Forgiveness opens the user up to restoring love, but it does not heal the pattern that caused the problem in the first place.  Without atonement, it leaves both parties open to repeating the pattern again.

Atonement creates harmony because all parties understand why everything happened at the soul level. Then, they either accept or deny their own responsibility for it.   If the conflict between these parties does not clear.  It is possible to insist they be held accountable for their behavior by requesting the souls receive divine counseling.

How would I go about asking for divine Counseling?

Asking for divine counseling is a last resort!
First, place the two parties in a Full Court of Atonement with their willingness to understand how things came to happen. There is something in their individual histories that is causing the conflict. 

I ______________place __________________ &___________________in a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of healing their willingness to understand how things came to happen. I bring in all their reason’s not to understand and all of the benefits of being willing to understand. I now ask to address any and all unhealed past conflicts that they are willing to address and have everyone entangled in this energy brought into the Court of Atonement and heal them all on the astral plane.  

What we are doing is trying to dig under any mental blocks that refuse to allow the conscious mind to look at painful moments in the past, without breaching their free will not to.

With the Court of Atonement, the soul can look, and then choose to bring the information to the conscious mind or not.

Wait a few days. If the desired harmony is not restored, we suggest recalling the Court of Atonement and requesting the spirits of both parties receive divine counseling.

Remember that the spirit is different than the soul. It is the thoughts that work within the conscious and subconscious mind.  The soul knows everything about itself, while the conscious mind only knows what is in this lifetime.   By requesting that the spirit receive counseling,  we are asking that the subconscious mind receive healing information.

If you are involved in this disagreement then always include yourself in the counseling. –  Because all problems begin inside. Therefore, all solutions are found within yourself. 

If the desired results are still not seen,  harmony can still be obtained through the act of forgiveness.  You may place yourself in a Full Court of Atonement and ask for a mandate of forgiveness!

This forces your own mind to look for ways of restoring harmony!  At first you may still feel upset, but the hardening of the heart will soften allowing love and kindness to return.

Because of free will, you can only mandate yourself!

As we have stated forgiveness is the act of giving love before it is earned.  Fore-giveness.

Therefore, if you see the results you are looking for, it is best to place yourself back into a Full Court of Atonement with the person in question. Because, only with Atonement will you put a stop to the repeating pattern.

© Amy Jo Ellis February 26 2018

For more information on The Court of Atonement check out:

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Amy Jo’s Conversation With Money

Yesterday,  people were talking about money problems and it reminded me of an exercise that I did years ago, where I personified money and heard it’s side of the story.

I had to search my archives clear back to 2009 to find it.  Re-reading it, I realized my hesitation for sharing it…  This story is about to let you in on a secret… I am truly weird!

I know you think that you knew that about me already, but I assure you… It gets worse!

“A Conversation With Money.”

I was watching the movie The Secret with the commentaries on, when the writer of the movie  said. “This teacher’s whole message is about love, and this is so important. If you want money to come into your life then you have to fall in love with money.  Most people have ill feelings when it comes to money.  But I tell you, if you can fall in Love with money it will change your life.”

I thought about that for a while and about all the bills I was behind in. I kept thinking about how I would love to be in love with money but I didn’t know how.

So I thought. “What would it take for me to fall in love with money?  To fall in love with an inanimate object just feels weird. – So how can I personify money?”

I remembered a roll playing game that I had used for forgiveness work, where I took two pairs of shoes. (Flip flops for easy changing.) I named one pair myself and the other pair was the roll of the other person I was trying to forgive.  So, I decided to try that again but this time make the other pair of shoes be Money.

I got out a brown pair to represent me and a shiny black pair to represent money. Then I placed the shoes across the room from each other and stepped into the brown pair.

I thought “Is there any thing I need to say to Money?” I stood there patiently but nothing came to mind.

I next stepped into the pair representing money and asked myself. “Is there anything Money would like to say to me?” After standing there for a few seconds I felt compelled to start pacing back and forth and began to feel indignant. I turned and looked at the shoes representing me and stated loudly…

You have nothing to say to me? How about a little gratitude or a little appreciation? Is it no wonder that I don’t want any part of your life? You treat me really badly. You have absolutely no respect for me!

I stepped out of the shoes more then a little shook up by this, I just stood there. Could this be true? Could I be treating money badly? So I stepped into my brown shoes and acting as myself I said.

“I treat you badly? How? You’re never around to be treated badly.”

Stepping back into the shiny black shoes I felt immediately like pacing again. Hands on hips I walked back and forth and then said.

“Oh yes I am. You however are ungrateful and rude. You pretend I am not around but I am always around. I am everywhere! In fact I am in everything there is.”

At this point I realized that continuously changing shoes was going to be a challenge so I slipped out of one black shoe and put the brown one on my left foot. This way I could merely lean between the two as the dialog continued. I leaned on my brown shoe and asked.

“I am having a hard time with picturing money as all there is… How do I bring that idea into my understanding?”

Look around you. Everything you own is in one way or another purchased by money and therefore represents me!

“No not everything… How about the rocks and plants all the animals and the Ocean. I see no connection to you (Money) there.”

“This is true… The ocean is free, but if you want to get to the ocean you may have to walk a very long way to get there. If you choose to use a car or a bike you will need to use money… Wear a swim suite or bring a towel… Guess what Money again.”

“I see that. But the ocean and the fish are free.”

“Yes sort of… I’ll try another approach.

You can live a life without money but it is a very dismal existence. Let’s say you are a shipwrecked survivor on a small uninhabited Island. You try to whittle yourself a hook to fish with but you keep breaking the hook because the rock you’re using is a clumsy tool. Instead you realize that you will have to learn patience and learn to spear fish. So you whittle a sharp point on a stick. You wade out into the water and you poise the spear and wait.

Guess what! I am now the fish!!”

“You are the fish? The fish is money? How?”

“You want the fish… The fish has value to you, therefore, you have just put a price on it. How much time will you SPEND to catch it? And again I enter the picture. All that I am… All money is… Is a representation of value, and absolutely everything has value. The ocean, the animals, the rocks down to the air you can not see but need to breathe has value. And since all that money is, is the representation of value. I am therefore all there is.”

“Okay wait… Money is the representation of Value. I can understand that.  But what does that have to do with the fact that I never have any money to spend…    Why do you say that I have no respect for you?”

“So far you have not valued my friendship enough to keep me near you. You close yourself off from me continuously by saying.“I Don’t have enough money. I’ll never have enough money to do that.” Etc.”

“I see all the things that I would love to do if I had enough money and then I look and see all of my bills, and I don’t see away to do both.”

You need to stop seeing the things that you want to do and saying… “I don’t have enough money to do both.” Because you are commanding me to only give you enough to pay the bills. You need to look at the things that you want lets say a new boat… You need to say to yourself or out loud so that everyone and everything can hear you.“I would like to have enough money to have and drive that boat.” And better yet add.“While paying all my expenses comfortably.”

“I see the boat and try to think of things I could do to bring money into my life so that I can have the boat. But then I think, I don’t want to give up the fun things that I do to go do more work to bring in more money.”

“All you have to do is ask me and I’ll come to you. You keep trying to figure out ways to get to me. But there is no path to get to me. There is no way at all that you can “Get to me.” I always have to COME TO YOU! Every time you tell someone “I don’t have enough money. “ You are pushing me away. This is because if I were to come to you at that moment I would make you a liar! You can not say… “I don’t have enough money.” And expect me to show up. It has never worked, and I don’t understand why you keep saying it.

Think of me as a two year old child. This two year old child is running hard and fast away from you. If the child doesn’t want to go to you, there is nothing you can DO to make this two year old child come to you. You can DO nothing. When the child doesn’t want to come to you, you cannot call the child and have it obey. You can not shout the child’s name and have it hear you. You think that you should be able to DO something but it just isn’t so. So you DO jump up and run to the child and pick it up forcibly and get your way. But the child only allows you to grasp it for so long before she wriggles screaming from your fingers and again leaves. You need to Be who the child wants to play with. You need to BE someone who I (money) would enjoy playing with.”

“So what you’re saying is… You don’t WANT to BE with me?”

“CORRECT! Why would I want to be with you? You treat me really badly!”

“I do? How?”

You invited me to come with you on a trip to California and Oregon… You said… “I’d like to make enough money that we can go to Oregon with our friends.” Then you pretended like I wasn’t even there. You got there and immediately you start telling everyone. “I don’t have any money! I have to be careful how much I spend because I barely have enough to cover the Gas.”

You go out and you go hiking… You fix food in the camper because it’s cheap and you don’t have to take me out of your precious wallet! You kept me locked up and hidden from view for the entire trip and rarely even spoke of me. And when you did speak of me it was to ridicule me and tell other people how little of me that you see!

I ask you… How much time would you want to spend with someone who treated you this way?

Remember your friend in Puerto Rico in “Invited” you and Ken to a barbecue at his house? “Hey Ken… Why don’t you come with me to San Juan? We’ll have a Bar-B-Que! Ken… I’m going to leave you to do the barbecuing while I take Amy Jo in the kitchen so she can help Lucy make the Potato salad… Then he disappeared into the living room to hang out with his friends for an hour while you guys made dinner… Was that fun for you? After dinner… “Amy Jo, sing my friends a song… Don’t you know any in Spanish? You Don’t? Oh well we’ll sing a few in Spanish with out you. But you can listen or help Ken clean up in the kitchen.”

You didn’t like it much, and you swore that you would never go with that guy again. This is the way that you ALWAYS TREAT ME!”

“I’m sorry. It is not my intention to treat you badly. I honestly didn’t know that you had any feelings.”

I’m having a problem grasping the idea that I can’t get to you… There is nothing that I can DO to get to you; You have to come to me.”

“Yes that is the way of it. You can not DO anything. You need to be something. – You need to be someone I would enjoy spending time with, and therefore, be someone who enjoys spending time with me. So far you are only stressed in my presence.

Oh sure you pretend to celebrate that I’ve come to visit. You say things like… “I just got paid, lets go out to dinner and have a steak!” But then you take me to dinner and buy a lousy pizza to take home! You don’t even buy drinks to go with it so that you can leave more of me in your wallet, locked up and out of sight! Let me say this… Thanks for the good time!”

“I am so sorry. That was not my intention. I happen to love pizza, and the fact that I could save you for other things was just a bonus.”

“That is not how it felt to me.” 

Wow! I can see that now that you’ve said it.

(I just noticed that the copyright on this is January 27th 2009. I just searched my archives and found it again on January 27th 2018 So I’m thinking…  Maybe I need to check in with Money again…  Or better yet, how about a Court of Atonement with money!!

I ______________Place myself in a Full Court of Atonement with the spirit of money.   I apologize to money for my behavior, and I ask to pardon money for all of my perceptions of problems with money.   I ask money to also pardon me.      In this Court of Atonement, I call in fear, scarcity and lack, as well as my lack of faith in money and lack of faith in myself.    I bring in awareness of my attitude toward money. I ask for a life review from money’s perspective.  I ask for this energy between us, to be healed on the astral plain.   I bring in faith in my own abilities to be someone that money would love hanging out with .  I bring in joy, happiness, sharing, stability, faith and certainty that there is abundance in the universe available to me at all times!   

 I_____________ call into this Full Court of Atonement the entirety of my family, and I ask that they too, be atoned for their relationship with money. 

I place myself_________________ into A Full Court of Atonement with my jealousy as well as any hatred I might have toward those who have money, while I have had to do without!  I ask to be pardoned for my behavior!

I place myself_________________ into a Full Court of Atonement with allowing myself to be open and willing to fall in love with  money like a cherished friend!

I always reluctantly place my PayPal donation link on these pages.  Today I tongue in cheek feel like saying.”Please consider helping to heal Amy Jo’s relation ship with money by donating at

To purchase the 22 page booklet  The Court of Atonement go to 


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Clearing Up Confusion About Names

I am getting several requests, asking me how to clear the connections of our names.   Hope this helps clear things up!  I typed up the wordings below the video.   Enjoy!

If it’s your name:
I _________________________  Place myself in a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of connecting the power of my birth name______________ to my chosen name,_______________ as well as any portion of my name I should choose to use!

If it is someone else’s name

I ___(State your whole name.)_____  Place _______________ into a full Court of Atonement  for the purpose of connecting the power of their birth name over to the name they are currently choosing to use.___________(State their chosen name.) 

Do not get caught up in the wording.  It’s about the intention… Know what you are intending to do and you will receive  it! 

For more information on the court of Atonement go to 

For more information on Amy Jo go to


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Tangled Energy Blocks.

This morning as I was waking up, I was working with energy, (as I almost always do.) I found that there was some heavy resistance to clearing around some unforgiven events. I asked Abraham about them, and he was telling me that the energy was held in place by my decision to avoid the memory as well as someone other than myself.

When I woke up I asked Abraham to tell me more about this energy that is trapped by my own choice as well as someone else trying to hide it there. This is what was said.

Abraham, will you please clarify what you were telling me about the trapped energy?

Yes, happy to assist.

You have memories of things that people have done that have hurt you. Those people who regret their actions and or fear being found out, put up barriers of fear around the memory in an attempt to keep it from surfacing.

For instance. When someone commits a crime and then tries to incinerate or cover up the incriminating evidence.

This painful memory is something that you hate and do not wish to think about ever again. In an attempt to avoid the conversation you begin masking the pain with false emotions of being happy. This false happiness, which is meant to keep your friends from talking about the painful subject, starts to hold back the tide of emotions so that you may remove yourself from the memory of this painful event.

The person who hurt you, loves you and they too no longer wish for you to feel pain, so they begin bringing you flowers, and candy and being super nice to you so that you will forgive them in hopes that life will return to it’s old pattern of happiness. They really wish for you to never again suffer because of their actions, so their energy assists you in holding back the tide of anger and resentment. This is, partly for self preservation and partly to protect you.

Are we still being affected by the now blocked emotions?

Yes… But not by the underlying emotion as much as the products used to create the barricade.

The emotions that are blocked in, no longer resonate by seeing the real cause. For instance your friend who betrayed you, you can see them and be with them and feel nothing. However there are things that will make the buried emotions hurt. Let’s say, that your friend who hurt you, for no reason what so ever decides to bring you flower, just to say I love you. The memory of being given flowers because of the betrayal will be triggered by the act of receiving flowers, and the memory and the emotions of the betrayal will now be reactivated . This is a gift. Those unhealed emotions are extremely costly to carry around. They bring down your energy and your emotional. Like carrying a heavy weight all day.

Is there anything we can do to remove these emotions that are buried?

Yes. Place yourself in A Full Court of Atonement and ask to have your own body analyzed for the purpose of removing energy, emotions and memories that you yourself have chosen to no longer access.

I ______________ place myself__________ into a Full Court of Atonement and ask to have my body analyzed for the purpose of removing non benificial energy, emotions and memories that I myself have chosen to no longer access. I ask to call a Full Court of Atonement between myself and any one involved in the memory.
you please assist me in removing those blocked and buried energies?

I________________ place myself into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of healing conflicts and injustices that I myself have hidden from myself. I also ask to heal all of those energies I have hidden from myself, with the assistance of others. I ask to have all of the energy connected to the deemed “painful event” healed in the Court of Atonement and transformed into beneficial energy and self love.

I ask to remove any and all barricades and cover ups placed by myself or another. I ask to have this energy unraveled in the Court of Atonement and healed on the Astral Plane. I ask that all energy be changed into love and respect for myself and the other and returned to it’s point of origin.
I request that the Court of Atonement assist me in pardoning myself and or the other person fully and completely.

© Amy Jo Ellis 2018

For more information about the Court of Atonement go to

If you would like to make a donation to Amy Jo

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