Clearing Up Confusion About Names

I am getting several requests, asking me how to clear the connections of our names.   Hope this helps clear things up!  I typed up the wordings below the video.   Enjoy!

If it’s your name:
I _________________________  Place myself in a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of connecting the power of my birth name______________ to my chosen name,_______________ as well as any portion of my name I should choose to use!

If it is someone else’s name

I ___(State your whole name.)_____  Place _______________ into a full Court of Atonement  for the purpose of connecting the power of their birth name over to the name they are currently choosing to use.___________(State their chosen name.) 

Do not get caught up in the wording.  It’s about the intention… Know what you are intending to do and you will receive  it! 

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Tangled Energy Blocks.

This morning as I was waking up, I was working with energy, (as I almost always do.) I found that there was some heavy resistance to clearing around some unforgiven events. I asked Abraham about them, and he was telling me that the energy was held in place by my decision to avoid the memory as well as someone other than myself.

When I woke up I asked Abraham to tell me more about this energy that is trapped by my own choice as well as someone else trying to hide it there. This is what was said.

Abraham, will you please clarify what you were telling me about the trapped energy?

Yes, happy to assist.

You have memories of things that people have done that have hurt you. Those people who regret their actions and or fear being found out, put up barriers of fear around the memory in an attempt to keep it from surfacing.

For instance. When someone commits a crime and then tries to incinerate or cover up the incriminating evidence.

This painful memory is something that you hate and do not wish to think about ever again. In an attempt to avoid the conversation you begin masking the pain with false emotions of being happy. This false happiness, which is meant to keep your friends from talking about the painful subject, starts to hold back the tide of emotions so that you may remove yourself from the memory of this painful event.

The person who hurt you, loves you and they too no longer wish for you to feel pain, so they begin bringing you flowers, and candy and being super nice to you so that you will forgive them in hopes that life will return to it’s old pattern of happiness. They really wish for you to never again suffer because of their actions, so their energy assists you in holding back the tide of anger and resentment. This is, partly for self preservation and partly to protect you.

Are we still being affected by the now blocked emotions?

Yes… But not by the underlying emotion as much as the products used to create the barricade.

The emotions that are blocked in, no longer resonate by seeing the real cause. For instance your friend who betrayed you, you can see them and be with them and feel nothing. However there are things that will make the buried emotions hurt. Let’s say, that your friend who hurt you, for no reason what so ever decides to bring you flower, just to say I love you. The memory of being given flowers because of the betrayal will be triggered by the act of receiving flowers, and the memory and the emotions of the betrayal will now be reactivated . This is a gift. Those unhealed emotions are extremely costly to carry around. They bring down your energy and your emotional. Like carrying a heavy weight all day.

Is there anything we can do to remove these emotions that are buried?

Yes. Place yourself in A Full Court of Atonement and ask to have your own body analyzed for the purpose of removing energy, emotions and memories that you yourself have chosen to no longer access.

I ______________ place myself__________ into a Full Court of Atonement and ask to have my body analyzed for the purpose of removing non benificial energy, emotions and memories that I myself have chosen to no longer access. I ask to call a Full Court of Atonement between myself and any one involved in the memory.
you please assist me in removing those blocked and buried energies?

I________________ place myself into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of healing conflicts and injustices that I myself have hidden from myself. I also ask to heal all of those energies I have hidden from myself, with the assistance of others. I ask to have all of the energy connected to the deemed “painful event” healed in the Court of Atonement and transformed into beneficial energy and self love.

I ask to remove any and all barricades and cover ups placed by myself or another. I ask to have this energy unraveled in the Court of Atonement and healed on the Astral Plane. I ask that all energy be changed into love and respect for myself and the other and returned to it’s point of origin.
I request that the Court of Atonement assist me in pardoning myself and or the other person fully and completely.

© Amy Jo Ellis 2018

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Lost Twin Part 2

Following the post about the the lost twin, I noticed a lot of people talking about abortions and miscarriages. I feel that I need to clarify… This is not what I am talking about.

Yes, these are all babies whose place in the family was denied, and can cause great turmoil in their families. However they are very different in the way their energy is connected to the individual.

Here lies the major distinction. The energy of the aborted and miscarried babies were all released from the body.

The spirits of babies who were miscarried, died young, or were aborted are really easy for a psychic or a medium to recognize and heal. This is because their energy moved outside of the physical body. We find them in every family we work with. Healing them is usually as easy as just having their mother energetically acknowledge them, love them and spiritually accept them back into the family.

The Lost Twin energy that I am learning about, is something that I had only recognized one time in all my years of assisting people to clear their energy. It isn’t easy to identify because it knows itself as part of the personality of the host. You can not clear it by trying to get rid of it! This is an important piece of the puzzle. All the grounding, chakra clearing, purging with white light, bathing in the violet flame and even exorcism by a shaman or a priest will not budge this energy. There is no way to force it to leave, because it is part of yourself.
What you resist persists. The best way to heal the energy is to embrace it. Love it, honor it and all of the sadness and loneliness symptoms will be healed in the process.

I’ve had five or six more clients in the past two days, where we also found this energy. Here are some of the similarities of symptoms that are being discussed.

They were very fussy babies. They have always had a hard time making decisions. They are emotional people who get their feelings hurt quickly, and or are emotionally charged with a short fuse. At times they feel a bit unwanted, and or like they do not fit in their family. They often times wonder if they are adopted.

This energy is so tricky that I am finding, that even with some of the best healers I work with, I tell them that I am picking it up for them, but when they ask for themselves their muscle testing tells them no. The reason for this is they do not recognize what I am looking for and the questions have been worded in a way that a false negative is correct. “Am I a twin? Do I have Lost Twin energy?” both revealed a “No” answer because in their identity they do not know themselves to be a twin, nor do they know this part of themselves to be lost, Other times there were more than two babies so the word “twin” was wrong.

I, knowing what I am sensing is true, needed to find a way to word the question that would allow others to muscle test and find the energy for themselves..

Here is the best question I have found so far.
“At any time during my mothers pregnancy with me, was there more than one embryo?”

If you are looking for a client, use the same statement but put in their name.
“At any time during _____________ mothers pregnancy with __________, was there more than one embryo?”

Now you can ask:

Was there more than two? More than three? Etc. Till you receive a no.

Was this embryo a boy?

Was this embryo a girl?

I have found one to be neither… It died before the sex organs developed.

Is there a particular name they would like to be called?

Often times it is our middle name.

If no name comes to mind you can imagine what name would be good for a twin and just call them that.

It is important in this healing to name the siblings

Here are some of the Courts of Atonements that we have used to heal both the client and their “Lost Siblings”.

I _____________ call myself and my twin _____________ into a full Court of Atonement with our mother __________ and our father ___________for the purpose of spiritual recognition. I ask for divine intervention to assist with the healing of our individual energies and recognizing our unique personalities. I ask to call our entire family into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of healing our family dynamic and placing our two individual identities into the proper position within the family dynamic.

This next COA was written by Abraham, but I would like to say that I recognize within the words Dr. Bradley Nelson’s teachings about heart walls. You can learn more about this phenomenon on his website

I _____________ place myself into a full court of atonement for the reclamation of heart center energy. I ask to dissolve false barriers of protection from my heart. I ask to heal through atonement at the point of origin, all energy used to create this barricade. This energy is to be transmuted and changed into love and understanding. I ask for heart center activation.

I place myself______________ and my twin_____________ into a full court of atonement for the purpose of removing and extinguishing any and all vows that are causing a diminishment of joy and life fulfillment.

Always looking for a way to cut corners I made the next command to try to search out Lost Sibling energy in the whole family at once.   This one

I ________________ place ____________________ along with the entirety of his/her family into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of identifying the unhealed energies that occur after a multiple embryo pregnancy results in the birth of a smaller number of babies. I ask to have these individual energies separated and recognized by their families for their unique personalities, characteristics and individual spirits. I ask that the entire family receives a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of Soul Recognition. I ask to heal the family dynamic and that each unique spirit is placed in it’s rightful position within the family unit. I ask for the restoration of harmony and family reunification.

© Amy Jo Ellis 2018

For more information on the Court of Atonement you can purchase the $5.00 booklet at

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The Lost Twin

I have stumbled upon an energy interference I am calling the Lost Twin. At first it seemed small and isolated but now that I am aware to look for it, I find that it effects maybe as much as 25% of the population.

I have long known that unborn babies have had a huge effect on the family. Abortions, miscarriages as well as children who died very young, their energy when left unrecognized, will cause an upset in the family that lasts a life time.

What I am finding is that often times twin babies start out together in the womb, yet in a few short weeks only one baby remains. The other twin that did not survive, disappears. It is generally absorbed by the mother or at times by the surviving baby.

This is common knowledge, what is not common knowledge is how this lost twin energy effects us.

Those who have a lost twin often times feel lonely, isolated, sad for no reason, depressed, unheard, unseen and unrecognized by their families.

(At the bottom of the page is a Full Court of Atonement to heal this if you don’t have time to read the full blog, you can skip forward to the bold writing.)

Let me tell you how I discovered this.

There was a major family conflict, back before the Court of Atonement was brought to my attention. I was working with a friend using Family Constellation Therapy to try to heal the cause. I was in Puerto Rico and my friend Audrey was in California. We didn’t have other people to help us, so we had chosen to see the family as dots of light on a clock face. This way we could describe what we were seeing in the movements of energy, in a way that we would both understand. I was a pink dot at 12, my father was a yellow dot at 9 and my mother was a green dot at 3.

While were working, I noticed that my mother was blinking blue to green. I just started to open my mouth to say this, when Audrey said. “Something is going on with your mother. Her energy is changing colors from blue to green.” Then she said. “I think it is a small energy that is in orbit around her!”

I told her, “I’m going to speed up my energy and come along side it.”
Audrey said. “Hang on, I’m going to try to just catch it!” Then she squealed. “Oh no! It’s kind of like a wad of chewing gum but it’s a little person all wadded up.”

My hair stood up! When I was a child my mother had a cyst removed that was hair, bone and teeth. They told her it was a twin that had died early and had been absorbed by her body.

We said some prayers for my mother and her twin to recognize each other on the soul level. Then we called my mother and told her that she had the energy of a sister who was with her, and that she should give her a name and welcome her into her life and introduce her to her parents at the soul level.

After having done this work, my mother appeared to be happier and less stressed.

Next example:

Just the other day, I was speaking with a client who said she was having a hard time working on herself. As an energy healer she was getting great results working with others, but so far, had not seen great results in her own life. She tried calling Court of Atonements but found that they seemed to aggravate her system rather than improve it.

In her personal life, she felt overshadowed by her older brother and even a bit invisible.

At one point in our conversation she mentioned that she was awkward as a child and even had to have surgery to have extra teeth removed.

My alarms went off! I told her. “Let’s find out where those extra teeth came from!” I went on to tell her about my mother having the surgery to remove an absorbed twin.

She had an emotional surge when she heard it and said. “This feels profoundly true!”

We muscle tested and found that she did in fact have a twin that was absorbed, and it was effecting her results with her healing. You might say, “Part of her was denying the healing.”

Working together we named the twin, (Just as we had with my mother) I asked her. “If you were a twin, what would your parents have named your sister? She said “That is easy, it would be my middle name. My mother wanted my first name and father wanted my middle name, so they went with both.

Using her middle name, we called a full Court of Atonement and introduced the twin to the family.

She could feel major shifts and experienced waves of emotional releasing from the process.

The whole time I was working with her, I kept thinking of my brother who also had extra teeth removed.

That night as I lay in bed falling asleep, I started doing Courts of Atonement to heal my brother and his twin.  I chose to name the twin my brothers middle name, just as I had with my client. I took both my brother and his twin, now named Issac, into a Full Family Court of Atonement and introduced him to everyone.  I prayed for divine right action to heal both my brother and his twin.

I told Issac how much I loved him and wished I had known him all along.

As I lay there finally dozing off to sleep I experienced a large SNAP of energy.  Suddenly there was a vision of a woman nose to nose with me! She looked familiar and yet at the close proximity I couldn’t see who it was.

I thought it might be my deceased sister, so I asked. “Is this Jenny?” I heard the answer loud and clear. “No, this is Isaac!”

A sister!!! My brothers twin was a girl!!! I had kind of figured they were all identical twins, but I was wrong.

I asked about changing her name, and she said “No, I am really happy with Isaac!”

I don’t have any results to share with you as of yet, because this all happened only this week, and I haven’t called around to find out if there were any shifts yet.

I suggest that you ask yourself if you have any twin energy interference, because I am finding if you don’t look for it specifically, you will not remove it. The FCOA does not remove it. An exorcism will not remove it. Saying. “Only those who come from the light.” does not remove it. Grounding, clearing, and even asking if your energy is one hundred percent clear, will not remove this energy.  You can have one hundred percent clarity, because this energy is part of you.

This energy must be treated with the honor and respect that a brother or a sister deserves. It needs to be loved and appreciated. That is all that it has been looking for.

The sadness and the depression comes from the spirit of the twin longing to be recognized.  Once it is honored the symptoms I understand will lessen.

In my own family I have now found this energy in several people who have had no symptoms of it. (Extra teeth or cyst) So look around and test to see if yourself or a family member has this “Twin energy” and if you find one, recognize you just found a long lost  brother, sister.   Looking through  my family I have found an aunt, a brother, a sister and a daughter.

We are not working with a baby. These energies are now the same age as their siblings. You you are working with the spirit of someone who has been left out of everything for a life time. Be loving and helpful. They are so grateful!!

If you want to find out if you have this lost twin energy all you have to do is ask your self. “Am I a twin?”  Ands you will know the answer.  Those I have worked with have said the answer “Yes”  is profoundly chilling and emotional.   If you already are a twin you might ask if you are a triplet or a quadruplet because that happens as well.

Keep in mind, that all family members are effected by the twin, not just the twins.
If your sister lost her twin, you lost a sister too.

Here is a suggested protocol to assist in the re-unification of family with a lost twin.

I_______________ place the soul of __________________into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of recognizing their twin spirit. I ask to bring the entire family of _________________ into this Court of Atonement and introduce them to their lost loved one, and I ask for soul recognition for the whole family. I ask that both _______________ and his/her twin be honored as family and I ask for divine intervention on behalf of the twin. I ask for the twin to be healed in the court of atonement and integrated into the family by whatever means is in the highest and best of everyone involved.

Thank you for this blessing.

© Amy Jo Ellis 2018

For more information on the Court of Atonement go to

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves


I have no idea why this bald eagle made this move, He was just sitting there and suddenly this! Right as i snapped the photo.

Thought I would check in with my guides and see if they had any advice they wanted to share with us.

Here is today’s message!

We do feel much turmoil in the air these days.  Be-careful with the thoughts you choose to give space in your mind. 

 The ideas and beliefs of many have a way of infiltrating your own thoughts. 

 The thoughts that the planets effect your moods and your grounding is easy to believe, because you see things happening that backs it up.

These effects are easy to control.  Ask to clear out the interference of these astrological events.

Even the dreaded Mercury Retrograde can easily be avoided with right mindedness of purpose.  “I insist that my computers and phones are shielded from the negative thoughts of others regarding mass electronic malfunctions during Mercury in Retrograde!”

Nothing has control over the way you feel, yet things have an effect on the way you feel.   Someone could run up to you and throw a glass of water in your face.  The way you respond to that event is entirely up to you.  You make your decision to respond based on your current emotional outlook, as well as the information that you have been given thus far. 

If someone you were angry with threw a glass of water in your face we would not surprised if you tipped the table over on your way for revenge!  

Yet, while in a happy emotional state, a two year old ran up and threw a glass of water in your face…  There would be a moment of utter surprise followed by gales of laughter for everyone in the room.

The event was the same.  Water in the face!  The story that you told yourself as to what it meant was the difference.

You have complete and total control over your thoughts.  Your thoughts create your reality so why not harness this energy and put it to use in a beneficial way?!?!

Amy Jo Ellis is the Author of the Court of Atonement, a 22 page booklet that outlines the use of a divine process to assist in the healing of emotional traumas.

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I just found this short blog post buried deep in the bowels of cyber space, unpublished.   It was written December 7th 2015.    I thought maybe I should resurrect it.   Most of it is protocol that is pretty standard in our group, but this where it came it.
As always my writing is in BOLD and Spirit is in
Italics,  this helps you to understand who is talking

I ask to speak to God.

I am with you, yes.

Is there anything you wish to have me share with my friends on Facebook?


As you know, the court of atonement is a way of healing the conflicts between two or more souls. However it may also be used to heal conflicts within the self. If a person has a belief that they cannot be wealthy, and a conscious desire to be wealthy, then calling a court of atonement between the conscious mind, and the conflicting subconscious beliefs would assist to clear the conflict.

So you are saying, If I feel that I have subconscious limiting beliefs that are in conflict with my desire for wealth, and owning my own home, that I can call a court of atonement with my conscious mind, and my beliefs that are to the contrary of attaining my goals?


Will you help me word a prayer to start such a court of Atonement?

I ask, with great fervor and import, that my soul be escorted into a court of atonement to heal a conflict of limiting thoughts and beliefs between my conscious and subconscious mind and the goodness and opulence that I desire. Thank you.

Whom am I asking to assist me?

Everything. .. All that is.
It all responds like a conveyor belt that kicks on to move those aspects to their desired location. Except there is no location, just a destination of now. The court of atonement is being called right inside your energy field as time and space only exists in the human realm. It is done in your heart as well as  the heart and soul of the others, right at the exact same instant.

Like a pebble tossed into a pond, it effects the whole lake.

Amy Jo Ellis is the Author of The Court of Atonement a 22 page booklet that is creating massive change in peoples lives.


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Court Of Atonement

The Court Of Atonement.

This can be done on the fly, but is even more effective, when given a few extra minutes of quiet reverence.

First; Think of someone you are struggling to forgive or others you know, who are at great odds with people in their own lives.

Second:  Use your intention to heal the situation.  State loudly and firmly in your mind.  I am calling these souls into a Court Of Atonement. (and name the souls)

I am calling a court of atonement between the soul of _________________________ and the soul of _______________________ I ask for the situation between them to be assessed by their guides.  If there are any other souls who need to be present in order to clear this mater I ask that they too be called forth and escorted into this court of atonement.  I ask that this mater be healed in the astral plain. Thank you for your assistance with this healing.” Amen.

You can seal this with any closing statement that feels strong to you.  “It is done” “And so it is” “So mote it be” etc. The secret is to use the ideas that feel the strongest to you.

I will also ask that a single person, who I know is struggling in life, be placed into a court of atonement and have the court start at the beginning of his time and call into court any and all souls who need to be added in “Sanctimonious” Order. (Holy order)
My family and my friends who have requested Courts of Atonement have all witnessed, incredible results, in a very short time.

I first used the Court Of Atonement while looking for a way to heal my family, as disagreements had seemed to become a way of life. My guides told me to call a Court of Atonement. I didn’t even know what atonement meant and needed to look it up. I channeled the entire proceeding and witnessed the event as each person was called forward to state their grievances. No rebuttals were allowed, just statements of discord, stated as one would charge another in a court of law. “I charge my brother with _______” Each person was called forward to state their grievances. Then each in turn was told. You have been charged with __________, how do you plea? I heard either “Guilty, Not guilty, or Guilty with probable cause.”

When a statement of not guilty or guilty with probable cause was made, it was requested that they state their defense. Then the opposing person was allowed a moment of rebuttal. Usually this was enough to clear the issue, but on two occasions it was not enough and both parties were ordered into a life review, to view their actions from the opposing position and that always ended with pleas of guilty or a change of heart from the one doing the charging.

After that, one by one they were called forward and I heard this: “You have plead guilty to ________. How do you intend to make restitution.” It was always with gentle humility that I heard things like. “I intend to call my brother and apologize for my actions.” “I intend to send them financial assistance and by referring clients to them.”

You do not need to attend a court of atonement, in order for you to call one and have it work for you. It happens in the astral plane and untangles the energy behind the problems. I am only telling you what I heard, because I have found that some people are reluctant to call a Court of Atonement, because they are afraid of letting the person who hurt them, get away with it. I just thought you might like to know that they do not get away with anything, they are about to make restitution for it.

You may never hear another word about it. The problem may simply dissolve. Here are some remarkable stories of healing, that followed shortly on the heels of calling souls into a Court of Atonement.

For more information check out my 22 page booklet The Court Of Atonement that outlines ways of using the Court of Atonement to assist with finances, illness, addictions, and more.

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