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Creating a Strong, Healthy, Vibrant Body!

When I first started using the Court of Atonement I was guided to go after the negative emotions that surrounded a situation.   But in the last three or four weeks that has changed completely.  I am no longer to utter … Continue reading

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Beneath the Facade

I remember a woman saying to me with a break in her voice… “My daughter is dying of cancer.”   I surprised even myself by very sternly saying to her.  “NEVER SAY THAT AGAIN!  Your daughter is LEARNING TO LIVE with … Continue reading

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Building Better Boundaries!

If you are feeling like you are under psychic attack, entities are in your energy field or you are picking up other people’s symptoms or emotions as though they are your own. Not only are you an empath. – You … Continue reading

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Repeat Them or Not?

In the court of atonement group, someone asked if it is okay to repeat the court of atonement over and over for the same thing. I do like to repeat COAs up to three times,  adding strength to it each … Continue reading

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