Important Lessons I have learned.

13529232_10208333570389922_6760676299362633207_nGod does not do guidance!

This piece of information came as a surprise.  One day, in a moment of desperation, I asked out loud…  “God, where do I go from here?  What would be the best thing I can do with my life?”  

I was expecting to hear some words of praise for finally getting around to asking a worthy question, but instead, from that “small voice in the back of my mind,” I  heard…

  “Why are you asking me?  I do not do guidance.”

Stunned, I said,  “What do you mean you do not do guidance?   You are God!  Everyone prays to you for guidance.”

“Yes, this is true, but this is your life, you are the one calling the shots.   You have an entire guidance system working for you.  You can feel what you don’t like, and know what you do like.  So you need to recognize what it is that you want from that and then make a request.    Think of me, like the motor on a boat, know what you want…  Get in the boat and I will take you there.”   

This dialogue took place probably five years ago, but it is the basis of understanding your power over your own life.

If you need guidance, than ask Jesus to guide you, or your grandparents or anybody but God!   Because when you start a prayer with the word God, or the word Father in your prayer, you just put on a filter that allows you to communicate with the power of the universe known as God (the father) in a channel so secure that even your guides can not hear what you are saying.

God has also requested that we make our requests to him out loud, because when we speak, we take the time to really think them through, thus making the request much stronger and more direct.