Talking About Prayer

Good morningIMG_1753 God

Good morning!

I feel like you have a message you would like me to post on your Facebook page today.

Yes you are correct, there is.

Prayer is a private and personal connection to the energy of manifestation. It is important to keep in mind that what you pray about, you bring about.  Despite common belief, I am not a mind reader. If there is  something that you desire, spell it out for me. Tell me what it is that you really are asking for. Too many times people say prayers to me that are confused and unclear. Each sentence cancels out the last and leaves me lost in knowing what they are asking for.

Other times they are talking about areas that are not mine to intercede. For instance, they believe they are assisting a friend who has leukemia. They are praying for me to take the leukemia away from her. Please understand, I never mess with free will. If it is the friend’s soul’s desire that she learn by living with leukemia, then I do not have the jurisdiction, (so to speak) to veto the life that she has created for herself.

If you ask me to take an illness out of your own system, I can do that. However, you would do well to look hard at what created the illness in the first place. What are you doing in your life that you hate, or that you believe you should not be doing? This is usually the point of origin. Believe me, if you do not stop doing these things, then the healing will only be temporary. 

Next, look at how you are asking the prayer. If you said to me. “I ask you God, to kill this disease in my body.” Let’s take a look, at what that would look like. You have your entire pancreas engulfed in tumors. I do only what you ask of me, so I kill the cells that are the tumors and it leaves your pancreas full of holes and dead tissue.  Suddenly your body jumps into overdrive trying to disperse of the debris. This causes the liver and the lymph system to back up and brings on another critical condition for your body to try to survive.

If you wish to ask me to heal your own body of an illness, then let’s look at what works, and what does not work.

First let’s look at the strength of your belief that a full, complete, and total healing of the condition is possible. You need 100% power behind your faith! Make sure you understand that it is your thoughts that create the healing. If you doubt that prayer is strong enough – then that is what your prayer will create. If you are convinced that prayer is strong enough – then and only then – will it be strong enough.

Strengthen your power by gathering up your memories of times when prayer has worked. Let your thoughts really dwell inside these moments of miracles. Read and gather stories about miracles and dreams coming true. This will instill in you a belief system strong enough to handle the task. Reach for thoughts that support prayers ability to heal. Such as: If God can create the Heavens and the Earth, than this is an easy task. The more of these stories you can stack into your nervous system, the more powerful you become with your ability to direct your belief into the prayer. Let me make this as clear as  can be…  It is you who directs the prayer. God responds!

Someone once told the analogy of God being like a waiter that comes to your table and  says… “What would you like?” and you say… “I haven’t made up my mind yet”. And God says. “Okay, let me know when you are ready.” Then stands back waiting.  This story is about as good as they come to understanding how you, yourself, direct the power of prayer.

It is always best to look at the final outcome that you wish to see and ask for that. So here I am! I’m standing at your table! “What would you like?” This time you could say. “God, I love to run and jump and live my life with great joy and enthusiasm, I would like to have a couple of heaping helpings of vital life force energy. I would like to have my health restored to a level of high energy and great stamina!”

“Coming right up!”

Now when the waiter walks away from the table. Let’s say you ordered a salad, do you sit there in your chair and think: “He’s never coming back! This is never going to work. Asking for what you want from a waiter never works. That’s the last I will hear of this, ” ??? No!!! You drink some wine and eat your bread sticks! You forget about it until your salad arrives. You never doubt that it’s coming. You start up a conversation with friends, fully trusting that what you order is on its way.

So if you find yourself having conflicting thoughts to the prayer you just said and the order you placed. It’s like throwing down the napkin and walking out of the restaurant. Do you see how that makes you the one who is responsible for redirecting the outcome? You would never know if the salad showed up or not.

Try adding some faith to your prayers! You could try saying, “While you’re at it God… I could use a couple of shots of faith with a chaser of gratitude! Thank you for instilling in me, faith that my body knows how to heal it self. – If I cut myself, my skin grows back healthy. There is no difference. My body created this condition, so it knows how to fix it! All I need is to direct my focus on healing and allow the energy that created the heavens and the earth, to change all this adversity into volumes of life force energy. Thank you for keeping my mind focused on healthy vibrant thoughts, feelings and actions, that will lead me down a path that completely and totally rejuvenates my entire life experience!

I love you guys… I really do!



I am your average everyday mother of 3 with now 3 grandkids. I am also a singer/songwriter performing in country clubs and dinner houses. But behind all of this, there is the ability to listen deeper into my own thoughts and hear where the good ideas are actually coming from. It's the same place that I came from... God
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