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I am your average everyday mother of 3 with now 3 grandkids. I am also a singer/songwriter performing in country clubs and dinner houses. But behind all of this, there is the ability to listen deeper into my own thoughts and hear where the good ideas are actually coming from. It's the same place that I came from... God

Holding Energy for Someone Else.

Sometimes we feel the energy for other people. This happens when we hear a story, and we feel the emotions the other person is feeling. We often say things like, “Oh, I really feel for my friend right now, they … Continue reading

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Kicking the Habit

Years ago, I read one of Anthony Robbin’s books. In it, he discussed helping people quit smoking. He told them that they should tell themselves over and over. “I’m a non-smoker. I never smoke!” He said… “Say this to yourself … Continue reading


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Clearing the Holidays

I have been extremely happy and enjoying the prep for the holidays. So I was totally surprised last night, when I said “Merry Christmas” to a stranger walking past and nearly burst into tears.  I had recently recognized that I … Continue reading

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Retaliation Story

I am very lucky that I do not take my shortcomings seriously when it comes to spelling and punctuation. There was a time when someone publically corrected my spelling in a group forum, and it hurt me so badly that … Continue reading

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Procrastination. There are many reasons why we procrastinate, but the biggest of them all is that we do not feel safe doing what we are putting off. We may feel overwhelmed. “it is too big of a project!” “It’s going … Continue reading

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Common Questions About the FCOA

Do I have to say the FCOA Outloud? It is more powerful out loud.  We concentrate better when we say things out loud, but sometimes it is not possible.   If you must call them in your head, give them your … Continue reading

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Making a List of Family

Shortly after I figured out that having unhealed issues might be the cause of illnesses and pain.   I decided that I wanted to delve deeper into my own healing. I took out a pen and paper and created a list … Continue reading

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Seeing How Things Served Me.

Good evening Abraham Good evening to you too. Is there any new and wonderful information you could share with us about clearing and keeping our energy clear and uniquely our own? Yes, except it is the same as what we’ve … Continue reading

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Lowest Emotional State

Since the idea is to keep our vibration high, and our emotions control our frequency, this morning when I woke up, I decided to ask Abraham, what emotional energy is the most detrimental to our energy system?His answer was.  “Self-defeat … Continue reading

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Sum tymes its phun two staup worying a bout whut evrywon theenks & jused injoy mai lyfe!   I remember going to songwriting seminars and listening to great songs only to have the “Professionals” fault one song after another.   I realized … Continue reading

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