Spiritual Clearing and Healing

IMG_2642Spiritual Clearing and Healing

Amy Jo Ellis

© 2015

I am told that I need to clear my energy every seven hours. When I whined and complained that I should only have to clear my energy once a day, I was told that I had made a vow when I came to earth, to assist in healing spirits and energy. “If they can not get your attention, how are you supposed to know that they need help?”
I was told that spirits need our assistance at times, to clear up some of the hard feelings that they left behind. This is why we (those who are sensitive to energy) wake up around 3:00 am every morning. This news sent a shock wave of paranoia through my body…

“WHAT? What does that mean?”

I was told that when we are in our deepest state of slumber, that spirits can speak into our subconscious minds and program us to do some little things for them. They said not to be afraid of it, it’s actually as simple as… “Today when you go to the bank, you will talk to a young man who has an orange on his desk. You will point to the orange and say to him. “Do you know how to tell if that is ripe or not? It’s orange!” “This will instill in the man a memory and he might say to himself. “My old uncle Albert used to say that. Poor old Uncle Albert, I sure loved him… I wish things had been better between us when he was alive.” This line of thinking sets up a wave of healing energy, so that atonement between the man and his uncle can take place.

So now I clear my energy periodically through out the day. I used to set an alarm on my watch because I knew that the shielding wore off in seven hours. But I have grown used to the feeling and rely on my own radar to know when I need to clear again.

I have been taught to notice when I feel a disturbance in my energy, to check in and see who I am being made aware of, and to pray for their soul to be filled with light and to have their guides purged with light and ask for any healing to take place that will help this person or soul on it’s divine path.

Many times the disturbance is coming from a person walking down the road near me. Sometimes I can not see the person yet, I just feel them. But then I will notice the sensation is coming from a certain direction, I will watch in that direction and then a rather scary person will walk around a corner. Usually they are visibly, mentally ill. Like turrets, or just yelling into a blue tooth.

This is my daily healing/clearing protocol that I use, every time before I channel or read energy. Sometimes I feel like I need to repeat the paragraph I am clearing and can read each one, up to 5 times.

Prayer for Clearing

I speak this prayer on behalf of myself and every member of my family and every person on this earth that I call friend.

Thank you Archangel Michael, thank you Universal Priest and thank you Gatekeeper Solomon, for only allowing those that are filled with light, to enter my space. Thank you for returning all others to their points of origin and placing them into courts of atonement or any measures you deem appropriate to heal their energy.

Thank you for removing all curses, hexes, implants and spells from our souls, hearts, bodies, energy and environments, from our present, past and or future lives.

Thank you angels, for assisting me in retracting my own energy that I have sent out in a negative way. Thank you for calling a court of atonement between myself and those I am upset with.

Thank you Archangel Michael for healing our electromagnetic fields and energetic shields.

I am grateful that our souls are healed and balanced perfectly within our energy systems.

I am grateful, that the energy of our homes are healed and changed so it is now beneficial for our bodies.

I am thankful that all electronics within our environments are balanced, blessed and changed to be beneficial for our bodies our minds and our souls.

I am thankful that the frequency waves that permeate our space are balanced, blessed and are beneficial for our bodies, while at the same time working exactly as they are intended.

Thank you Archangel Michael and Universal Healer for removing all weapons and causes of death, trauma, drama, and injury from our physical bodies, our emotional bodies, our mental bodies, our astral bodies and our auras. Thank you for dissolving any residual effects.

Thank you Universal Healer for healing our bodies to our healthiest states of being.

Thank you so much for healing our brains and restoring our mental clarity and recall.

Thank you Archangel Michael, Universal Healer and Archangel Raphael, for restoring our Auras to their healthiest natural state.

Thank you Archangel Raphael for healing our energetic systems and removing any debilitating or destructive patterns, Thank you for changing them into life affirming patterns to assist us with living and obtaining our highest potential.

Thank you Archangel Michael for protecting our energy fields so that we maintain our integrity of who we really are.

Thank you Archangel Chamuel for healing all traumas in our nervous systems and restoring peace.

Thank you Universal healer for retrieving and restoring our energy to it’s healthiest natural state.

Thank you Universal Healer, for searching, finding and healing, all conflicts that caused us to lose energy and love for ourselves and others. Thank you for calling in all guilty souls and all souls of victims to be joined in the court of atonement. Thank you for gathering all lost pieces of our souls, healing them and restoring them to our energy systems.

Thank you for boosting my emotional state of consciousness, by untangling all unnecessary thought forms and dis-empowering programming. Thank you for removing all residual energy pockets imprinted in my electromagnetic field. Thank you for changing all this energy into ideas and positive life affirming memories and upcoming events.

Thank you Archangel Metatron for balancing, harmonizing, polarizing, clearing and adjusting our chakras for the best reception of healing energy and divine guidance.

Thank you for filling us all with Universal White light energy. Thank you for having this energy surround us by nine feet in all directions and anchoring our energy to the earth.

Thank you God for healing all of our guides and filling them with light.

Thank you for spreading this white light energy out sixty feet in all directions, Thank you for cleansing, healing and grounding our environments.

I am so grateful, that you have changed the frequencies of our homes, offices, cars and regularly frequented establishments to the healthiest frequency to ensure health and joy.

Thank you for disconnecting all psychic cords and plugging them into healing source energy, allowing both parties to be blessed.

Thank you for healing any low frequency vibrations that may penetrate our homes or work spaces and healing those frequencies to be neutral and or beneficial to our bodies.

I declare this space sacred! I declare this space sacred! I declare this space SACRED! 

© 1-14-2015 Amy Jo Ellis with the help of Abraham


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I am your average everyday mother of 3 with now 3 grandkids. I am also a singer/songwriter performing in country clubs and dinner houses. But behind all of this, there is the ability to listen deeper into my own thoughts and hear where the good ideas are actually coming from. It's the same place that I came from... God
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