Healing The World.. One Thought At A Time!


kimg0103Today we come together to discuss some of the problems in the world and how to heal this energy around us.

Let’s say, you were just feeling cold so you put on a jacket, yet a few minutes later you felt too warm so you took it off again. Just like this, you are able to control the environmental energies which influence your physical bodies.

Let’s examine the phenomenon a little deeper. It is understood that cold and warm waves of energy surround the earth. As the sun heats up the air, the heat rises and creates movement within the field. If the air were only one temperature everywhere, there would be no wind. Wind is caused by the heating of the elements and the atoms being activated by the heat lifting up, and this subtle movement stirs the stillness.

Atoms that are affected by the cold, slow down and begin sinking in the field. These two reactions to circumstance are similar in their movement, as to what happens in your own energy when you choose positive or negative emotional states of being.

When you bump up against a circumstance where you choose a happy state of being, your emotional state rises up and creates a lift in your energy field.  This uplift in energy is healing on every level.

When you bump up against a circumstance that appears as if it is dreadful, your thoughts plummet and your energy follows suit.

Now let’s go to a bigger worldly image. There are electric lines stretched out across the landscape. They are a wonderful invention that supplies energy to homes all over the world. For thousands of years people lived without electricity. The wondrous inventions that people use because of these power lines are miracles to be hold. Ovens, blenders, entertainment devices, communication devices are all powered because of these lines.

When no one had electricity in their homes, to see these power plants and power lines being built…  Wow! It sent up a sense of excitement and exhilaration at the possibility of someday soon having power in your own home.

For years these lines and structures were viewed with a hint of reverence because of all of the modern conveniences that were in existence because of them.

But as the years passed, they became common place, something that didn’t mean anything. And now they block your view of the beach and are looked at with a hint of distain!!!

Pretty soon, people were voicing their opinion that these lines were ugly. In an attempt to get rid of them, they began embellishing this idea, by talking about Nicola Tesla being screwed over, and how the world was manipulated by George Westinghouse because the energy could have been received wirelessly.

These ungrateful people began noticing that they started feeling bad whenever they were around a power line. They never stopped to recognize that their own thoughts about the power lines was the culprit. So they blamed the lines and said they must emit an energy that is harmful.

This seemingly harmless line of thinking has created a major negative, and fear based reality.

It’s beginning to be understood, that what  you focus on you will find… Keep this in mind when you recognize why Science was able to prove that the lines do create a harmful energy field..

If science would look deeper, they would find that people’s beliefs about the lines are what are causing the stress… Nothing else.  (The placebo effect in reverse.)

Now when people see a power line, their thoughts plummet. (Let’s make this more personal)  When you see a power line… YOUR thoughts plummet, your emotional state is affected, and your biology is harmed. Not by the power lines themselves… – But by your own unconscious, pre programmed beliefs about them.

This is easy to cure. The next time you see a set of power lines, look at them and think for a few minutes about all the wonderful things you can do in your life because these power lines exist.

You can cook dinner without smoke filling up your house. (Unless cooking is not your forte.) You can also watch TV, chat on the phone, chat on Skype, or on Facebook, Facetime, or Google chat!! (My God, you people like to talk!) The miracles of the electronic age are staggering… And yet most people do not take a moment of their time to be grateful for the power lines that make it all possible!

kimg0106Gratitude is the healing energy of life. It will heal the world

The next time you look at high tension lines, be grateful for these incredible pieces of architecture.  Recognize that so far, no one has created an alternative to power lines. Even your cell phones must tie into these lines to power up.

Start sending love to the power lines. Make an effort to feeling happy and grateful when you see them, because they are here to stay. (At least until all the resistance to them is gone.)

When you send love and gratitude to these lines, it travels through the lines and the healing spreads much farther than you can imagine.

While you’re at it, send some love to your cell phone and your Wifi signals too… These energies will also respond to your thoughts and become beneficial to the earth, as well as your body.

Your thoughts have an effect on the power.

You have control over your thoughts.

You have the ability to save the world… One thought at a time!

Channeled by Amy Jo,
God is talking

September 15th 2016



About amyjoellisnews@gmail.com

I am your average everyday mother of 3 with now 3 grandkids. I am also a singer/songwriter performing in country clubs and dinner houses. But behind all of this, there is the ability to listen deeper into my own thoughts and hear where the good ideas are actually coming from. It's the same place that I came from... God
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    WOW! So wonderful! I am in complete awe of this post. Thank You Amy Jo for all of this divine information. These are the life tools we need to change ourselves and our world. Amazing……


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