How Dowsing Saved My Life.

Several years ago I signed up for the “Dowsing World Summit.” An online event that hosted 15 of the worlds best dowsers. I had already been dowsing with incredible accuracy for several years, but I was addicted to the subject and devoured new material as quickly as I could find it.

I was living on a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico at the time, and a friend had invited me to use one of her guest houses for the weekend to find some solitude. It was an invitation as a songwriter that I couldn’t refuse.

She told me where to find the key and let myself in. She also told me that she had already been gone for a couple of weeks so I would need to plug in the refrigerator and turn on the gas for the st199449_1014381872856_8799_nove. She explained that her maintenance man was also gone for a few days.

I enjoyed myself immensely in this quaint bungalow. I sat with all the windows wide open, listening to several great dowsers, while looking out the open windows at the beautiful Puerto Rican rain forest.

One of the speakers  was an old man by the name of John Living. John spoke of being a dowser for the queens army, where his job was to find land mines and keep the troops safe.

During his one hour discussion he spoke of device-less dowsing. He said there were many ways we could use our bodies instead of a tool to get answers. “The old, hold something against your chest and if you lean forward, it means it’s good for you and feeling pushed back means it is not so good for you.” He had a fun way of talking and I enjoyed his interview very much. His hosts interjected that they liked to blink their eyes once for yes and twice for no. (I tried this a bit, but I found it confusing.) John went on to tell us about his favorite method which was to use your tongue. “This method lets you be incognito. All you have to do is ask your tongue to raise to the top of your mouth for a yes and pull flat on the floor of your mouth for a no answer.”

I tried it… It worked great!!! I spent the rest of the day asking yes and no questions and enjoying the feeling my tongue rising and falling like it had a mind of it’s own and it didn’t belong to me! It was almost like a magic trick as I was surprised by it’s answers.
A thunderstorm rolled in and enjoyed a cup of tea by candle light as I listened to the Coqui frogs singing, “Coqui, coqui, coqui.” in a rhythm that enhanced the sound of the driving rain on a near by metal roof and the deep rumble of thunder.

That night as I lay in bed, I played with the tongue technique asking universal questions. “Is there a God? Does God have a God? Does God answer all prayers? Etc.” I was so excited in fact that I found it hard to fall asleep and I lay there for hours with a seemingly, never ending line of questions.

In the middle of the night I woke up to the sound of someone calling my name. “Amy, Amy, Amy!” I drifted slightly out of slumber and realized it was only the frogs whose voices sounded like they called my name as they sang out. “Coqui, Coqui. Coqui.” So I allowed myself to fall back to sleep.

Not much time had passed before I woke up again dreaming that someone was desperately calling my name. “AMY, AMY, AMY!!!” Again I realized it was merely the frogs and paid no attention to the sound.

Yet again I was awakened, but this time by the rhythm of the drums that played on the familiar song on my CD alarm clock at home. As I pulled myself from slumber I thought. “I am not at home, what is making that sound?” The drumming was coming from the motor of the ceiling fan above my bed. I laughed quietly to myself and drifted deeply back to sleep.

A short time later, I heard the drums again and this time they were followed by the guitar part, still being played out on the rhythm of the fan motor. “What???” I thought to myself. “Is someone trying to get my attention?” My tongue flew to the top of my mouth and pushed HARD!!!

“Is that a yes?” I thought as I fought to shake off the deep heavy sleep. Once again I felt my tongue push on the roof of my mouth with great force! This woke me up and I began asking a stream of questions.

“Am I in danger?”

Once again my tongue used brute force against the roof of my mouth.

I sat up. “I’m in danger!?! Am I safe where I am?”

My tongue pushed hard on the floor of my mouth.

“Is it safe to go out side?”

My tongue pushed up to the roof of my mouth again.
“Do you want me to go out side?”
My tongue hit the roof of my mouth. I believe firmly that my guides at this point must have been slapping their foreheads saying. “Blonde! Why did we have to get a blond?”

I walked across the room and opened the bedroom door and was instantly hit with the overwhelming scent of propane!

The house was filled with it!

I had turned on the stove to make a cup of tea but had forgotten to light the pilot lights. (My propane stove at home had an electric starter that was never hooked up, so if I wanted to use it, it had to be lit by a match… I never thought about the pilot lights!

I quickly turned the valve off to the stove, all the windows were already open, so I hurried outside into the clean cool air.

I sat out on the porch grateful for the wake up call and more than a little bit embarrassed by the enormous mistake I had made. Soon, the grogginess of the propane intoxication lifted and I found myself taking stock of my situation. I was sitting outside in my pajamas, listening to the strange sounds of the rain forest and I couldn’t go back inside. All of the earlier charm was gone and the thunderstorm in the distance filled the air with the ominous foreboding of cello’s in an action film.

I was trying hard to hold back the thoughts of the infamous Chupacabra, whose story had been shared with me at all campfires and late night gatherings on the beaches across Puerto Rico. I wanted desperately to go back inside, but I could still smell the dank stench of propane.

I was outside for only about ten minutes, when the door to the apartment next to mine opened and a man walked out onto his porch. He stopped just outside my open kitchen window… and lit a cigarette!!!

Of course nothing happened… But I believe firmly that I owe John Living a debt of gratitude. The information that he shared on that webinar… Quite literally, saved my life!!!

Amy Jo Ellis 2017

Amy Jo is the Author of the Court of Atonement a 22 booklet that teaches a process that assists in healing deep traumas and conflicts.   It is getting world wide attention and currently being translated into 5 languages.

The Court of Atonement



I am your average everyday mother of 3 with now 3 grandkids. I am also a singer/songwriter performing in country clubs and dinner houses. But behind all of this, there is the ability to listen deeper into my own thoughts and hear where the good ideas are actually coming from. It's the same place that I came from... God
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  1. Karla says:

    Interested read Amy. I find my tongue pushes up hard when l get no… l always use my eyes to..l find it fascinating… Thank you l purchases the books you have friend and l both are fascinated..


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