Why the Word Full in the Court of Atonement!

I wish to take a moment and tell you a new story of Dick and Jane.

Jane is a loving child who enjoys climbing trees, flying kites and eating hamburgers.

One day Jane’s kite gets caught in a tall tree. Jane being an expert at the age of 8 at tree climbing quickly reaches the tip top branches. Just as she reaches out and grabs hold of the kite a large gust of wind catches the kite and throws Jane off balance. She scrambles to regain her composure, but looses her grip and falls from top of the tall tree. (Relax she doesn’t die at this time.)

This quite literally scares the living shit out of Jane! Meaning, all of the life force energy got knocked out of her body.

A kindly spirit by the name of Dick was walking passed and saw the whole thing. With little time to think, Dick runs to her rescue and jumps into Jane’s body. If Dick hadn’t done it, Jane might have died, and no one wanted that to happen. Not Jane, not her family, and especially not Dick.

So instead of a very unhappy ending Jane just appears to get the wind knocked out of her. She stands up, wipes off the dust, and all though she is a little shaken up, Jane appears to be back to her old self.

Except, Jane is not herself. She is now outside of her body and following Dick around and more than a little confused by her predicament. Dick is still getting used to handling the controls, and by now, he too is confused and is convinced that he is Jane. He knows her Mommy to be his Mommy, and he knows her brothers and sisters to be his family too. You see, Dick has access to all of Jane’s memory files. Jane however does not!

Jane, by this time, is very confused and walking around without her body, She is however very much enjoying her ability to fly and do things she couldn’t do while she was in her body, so she is content with where she is. She is no longer on the human level of things, so emotions are a bit beneath her. Fun is all she lives for at this point.

Dick on the other hand, hates hamburgers! Jane used to love them, but no matter how hard Dick tries, he just can’t stomach them, and he as Jane, refuses to eat one! Jane’s parents try to gently coax her by saying things like. “But you have always loved hamburgers! Just try a bite.” Are now puzzled as to why their hamburger loving daughter is now red in the face, and screaming. “I HAVE ALWAYS HATED HAMBURGERS!” Her poor parents are left scratching their heads as to what has happened. Remember, they don’t even know that she fell from a tree.

Sometimes, Jane realizes what is going on, and will try shouting at Dick that he HAS TO EAT THE HAMBURGERS! She can even become so forceful, that he complies and eats a few bites.
( Jane , in that moment is what is known as an oppressing spirit. Forcing someone else to do something they don’t want to.)

At some point, Jane will be offered to either go into the spirit world, or to move back into her body. If she chooses to continue with the situation as it is. Dick is possessing Jane! (I know, I know it’s not very Hollywood, but it rarely ever is.)

If Jane’s soul were to decide to just move on and go back into the spirit world. Dick would then be what is recognized as a Walk In. Because he walked into Jane’s body.

Throughout a life time, this can happen again and again, and one body, one identity can have multiple souls walk-in.

So why is this information important? Because when we say the word Full, when we are calling a Full Court of Atonement. The word Full has now been programmed to call in all of the entities that have ever been associated with the name we are calling in and all of their family members. When we say “All Family members, it means ALL OF THEM! Jane’s Family, and Dicks Family too!

Now, the word Full is programmed with the statement “For soul recognition.” We are asking for the souls of everyone in the court to take a good look at who did what? After all, it was Dick who made the scene, and didn’t want to eat the hamburger. Jane wasn’t even there! So when it comes time to forgive her for her very inappropriate behavior in a restaurant. The family realizes, it wasn’t even her. This information gets passed down through the nervous system and all though her parents were not aware that anything went on. They simply forget all about it.

Going back to the word Full. It has been programmed to set in motion a healing for all of the spirits involved. When Dick’s family arrives in the court, he is more than a little shocked to see them, because he forgot that he was ever Dick! He takes one look at them and starts sobbing. “Mama!!” The souls without the drama of heavy human emotions are instantly delighted to see each other again. The spirit which is Dick, begins to be healed for any guilt or shame that had kept him from his family in the first place. He now easily faces his mistakes in a Court of Atonement until he is at peace with his past and happily joins his spirit family in his proper place within the spirit world.

This heals him so much, that he no longer has any need to hang out.

By the end of the atonement all souls are placed back into their points of origin. Jane in her body, and Dick with family, and they all live happily ever after… The End.

For more information, check out my 22 page booklet The Court of Atonement 


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I am your average everyday mother of 3 with now 3 grandkids. I am also a singer/songwriter performing in country clubs and dinner houses. But behind all of this, there is the ability to listen deeper into my own thoughts and hear where the good ideas are actually coming from. It's the same place that I came from... God
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2 Responses to Why the Word Full in the Court of Atonement!

  1. Barbara Goggins says:

    Well done! This made the whole concept simple. I have been a walk in Since I was 17…Now I am 60. I did not realize it until
    I WAS 23 THOUGH.


    • I have had many walk ins… Who saved my life. Some of them stuck around for a while, most moved on quickly and I reverted back to my original soul. I only asked the questions the other day after Abraham wrote this story. I checked in, because I knew I was not a walk in. But I was surprised to find I had been walked in. A horse ran away with me and broke a branch over my forehead. Walk in saved my life. that one stayed around for a month. OD’d on Alcohol. Walk in Saved my life. stayed a long time. 3 years. Got pregnant and my soul wanted me back.
      You can check in with muscle testing to see if you are back to your original self.

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