Enhance Your Belief in Healing

My son-in-law is a young medical doctor. At first he was unsure of what I was doing, but now he  is fascinated with it and asks a lot of questions.

 He and I have a good relationship,  because, when we first begin discussing energy healing, I asked him. “If the placebo effect works 30% of the time and is the standard of which all medicine must outperform, why isn’t modern medicine trying to enhance the placebo effect instead of creating drugs?”

 He thought that was a pretty good question.  I told him my job is to enhance the placebo effect!  I work on people’s belief systems so that they can be healed. I don’t care if they go to a doctor to get it done I just want them to be able to do it.

 A few minutes ago I decided to check on how much belief in energy healing my clients have in their body.   I was shocked at how low the numbers were.  I myself was only around 90%.   Even when looking at some great energy healers.    Their numbers are really low!

 When I asked for the cause of it, I could hear a member of my family saying things like “Snake oil salesman, charlatan, quack, witch doctor, voodoo!”   I scrambled those frequencies and changed them into knowing the bodies ability to heal itself.  ( When the body gets a cut, the body heals itself, When the body breaks a bone, the body heals itself)  One I changed the energy their numbers popped right up.

Belief is the biggest element to healing,  so I’m looking for ways to increase belief!

I, _________________ place myself in a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of correcting my belief in the body’s ability to heal it’self.   
I, __________________place myself in a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of removing beliefs that are contrary to believing in healing. 
I, __________________place myself in a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of enhancing belief in energy healing.                                                     

I, __________________ ask to place my soul, my body and my subconscious mind into a full court of Atonement for the purpose of eliminating opposition to believing in spontaneous manifestation of energetic healing.  
I, __________________place my guides into a Full Court of Atonement to be elevated to the level of divine assistance.  I ask that they receive healing to elevate their ability to resonate at the level of spontaneous manifestation.  

I_________________place myself into a Full Court of Atonement to correct all false beliefs and enhance my belief in myself and my abilities to achieve and obtain any goal I choose.

I, ________________ place myself in a Full Court of Atonement with feeling confident and competent in my choice to believe in energy healing! 

 For the healers and dowsers out there, I  thought you might have some fun testing yourself and your clients.

1. How much belief in energy healing does this person have?

2. How much faith in the bodies ability to heal itself does this person have?

3. How long do they believe it takes to see results?

4. What percentage of faith do they have in themselves?

Place them through those Courts of Atonement above and test again.


About amyjoellisnews@gmail.com

I am your average everyday mother of 3 with now 3 grandkids. I am also a singer/songwriter performing in country clubs and dinner houses. But behind all of this, there is the ability to listen deeper into my own thoughts and hear where the good ideas are actually coming from. It's the same place that I came from... God
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4 Responses to Enhance Your Belief in Healing

  1. Thank you Amy Jo, I am heading and applying right away what you just shared I’ll let you know if the results. Thank you for all your work.


  2. Cindy says:

    So wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing all you do with us! Looks like you need to come up with a volume 2 booklet!


  3. Thanks Amy Jo, I dowsed to see where I was at and was very interesting at about 70% Had to do the second last one about five times before it got to the highest level on a 0 to 10 scale. Love that someone from a Pendulum Healing group Valerie told me about you. Now I’m sharing you as well 🙂


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