Dealing with Darker Entities.

I don’t spend much time working with darker energies.  Abraham refers to all energy as either “Beneficial or Non-beneficial”  He makes no reference to anything specific.  So all the dark and scary names we might use never come up.   To Abraham they are all the same and the less time we spend thinking about them the better off we are.

People are asking me specifically about removing some pretty heavy scary named entities, so I decided I should probably ask Abraham about them and how to get rid of them.

Below is our conversation, my questions are written in Bold and Abraham are written in italics.
I am interested in finding out how to completely get rid of a dark entity.   People are asking so I figured I should ask you.

First let us start by saying that nothing out there can harm you without you being a vibrational match to its frequency.  You might believe yourself to be a pretty positive person and yet you feel like you are under attack from some frequency that is beyond you and we must impress upon you fully that THAT is completely and totally impossible.

If you are feeling like you are being attacked then somewhere inside of yourself is an anger, a disappointment, a fury about something that has happened to you at one time or another.   There is no attachment coming from a “Past life event” that too is impossible.   Yes, things repeat to try to get resolved, but we assure you that your attachment to this darkness is fully and completely coming to you from this level, this dimension, this life time.    That is the way it is set up.   Yes, you can find the connection that caused the replay, and dismissing that can give relief, but full healing will only come when you find the causation of the energy that lurks within this lifetime, this experience, this connection to this name.

Okay, so we know that it is coming from this lifetime, how do we get rid of it.

You can get rid of the entity, but we want to impress upon you that even if you do get rid of “it” the energy that drew it to you still exists and so there will soon be another dark energy drawn to you, to assist you with the dark revenge you plot for those who harmed you or your friends and family.

Let’s use you as an example.   Where did something happen in your life that you felt total rage at someone?

(I had to think for a minute to find something)  A kid in school yanked a chair out from under me and I hit the ground really hard.  It was humiliating, embarrassing and it also really hurt.

Yes, this kind of rage that you felt for that young boy who did this bad joke to you as a child is exactly the kind of energy that can cause a dark energy to come to you to assist you in exacting your revenge!

I don’t believe I ever got any revenge for that.

No, but that doesn’t mean that deep down inside you didn’t really want it.   You might have had secret thoughts about hoping another bully beat him up.  Or wishing him dead as young children often do.

Nope, not me, I learned too young the danger of that wish.   Never wished anyone dead after kindergarten.

Not quite true.   There have been major dangerous people in the world that you have had the thought that the world would be better off if someone would just kill them.    Saddam Hussein and a few others.   Where you had hopped that the plot to take them out would be quick and painless, saving lives.   You might have had good intentions, and yet, you still wished someone dead and this does affect your level of energy.

Thank you for pointing that out.  I am glad I no longer follow the news.

Yes, your life is lighter without it.

Okay, so now I know that I have an area of forgiveness that was never resolved.  How do I best clear that up.

Place yourself in a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of healing all unresolved anger around Bill Smart yanking the chair out from under you and ask to place yourself and Bill Smart together in a full court of atonement for unrequited love.    He from his parents and you from your own.

I Amy Josepha Richards Ellis place myself and Bill Smart in a full court of atonement to heal all unresolved anger….  Etc…

I didn’t think I had any unrequited love from my parents.

You did… ALL CHILDREN DO!!  Trust me on this. 

I do.

I’m also surprised you came up with the name Bill Smart, I didn’t remember who did it.  I just remembered it happening and having my back to whoever did it.  Three boys were back there and I never knew which one.

Yes, I’m cleaver that way!   Now take your left hand and place it over your heart and raise your right hand.

I, ______________ do solemnly swear to myself and only to my self that I will no longer harbor ill feelings and wishes toward anyone anywhere!

Repeat it again.
I, ______________ do solemnly swear to myself and only to my self that I will no longer harbor ill feelings and wishes toward anyone anywhere! 

Now change hands on your heart and repeat it again.

I, ________________ do solemnly swear to myself and only myself that I will no longer harbor ill feelings toward anyone anywhere so help me God!

I thought I was swearing only to myself, why say so help me God?

You didn’t swear to God, you asked God to assist you.   See the difference?

Yes, thank you for explaining.

 Now to get rid of the lurking dark entities for those who are now reading this, I suggest you call in the assistance of the Angel of Death.   His wisdom will be of great value in this instance.  
(at this point you are probably as creeped out as I was when this connection was first suggested.   However I have learned to think of the Angel of Death very much like the kind gentle roll that Brad Pitt played in the movie Meet Joe Black.   Death in that movie was a sweet and innocent person.    Seeing Death as kindness who relieves people of their pain and their worldly concerns has helped me a lot in dealing with both the death of loved ones and in moments like these where I am asked to speak directly to the Angel of Death.   Who could be afraid of Brad Pitt?

I ask to speak to the Angel of Death, I ask to speak to the Angel of Death, I ask to speak to the Angel of Death.  

I have people requesting assistance in removing Dark Entities.   Will you please assist me in understanding why there are dark entities and how we can safely and completely banish them from our energy field.

First as you were taught by Abraham, go back through the process and remove from yourself any and all ill wishes you might have had for anyone.     Once you have done this and requested assistance from God to remove your anger and rage toward others then and only then, should you begin.        If you begin before you do this work, it will help you for a while, however other dark entities will show up to assist you to complete the dark that lurks with in your very heart.    

Make a list of every one who ever hurt you or harmed another.   

Now rate how strong your anger feels towards those people.

Start with the strongest ones first.  The rest will dissolve in the wake of the energy moving. 

(This should be done a little bit sanctimoniously.   Perhaps light a white candle or hold a cross or a star of David or a Ganesh statue, something to make you yourself recognize that you are not alone in this endeavor.)

Once done ask out loud.  “I ask to have the darkness removed from my soul.  I ask to have the darkness removed from my soul, I ask to have the darkness removed from my soul.

I ask to have the darkness removed from my heart, I ask to have the darkness removed from my heart, I ask to have the darkness removed from my heart!

I ask to have the darkness removed from my memories.  I ask to have the darkness removed from my memories, I ask to have the darkness removed from my memories.

I ask to have any and all dark entities, energies and properties removed from my energy field NOW!!!

We do not need to repeat the last command three times?

No, it is not necessary.   Think of those others being repeated three times like you are pushing a dead car and you are trying to gain momentum.   Each pass of those words gets the energy moving stronger and stronger in the direction that you are intending to go.  Once the momentum is up you can just make the statement and let it move away from you, just like you can step back from the car and watch it move down the hill without your assistance.   The repetition is only needed to speed things up and get the energy moving quickly.

Amy Jo Ellis is the Author of the Court of Atonement.  For more information or to look for classes available in energy clearing go to 





I am your average everyday mother of 3 with now 3 grandkids. I am also a singer/songwriter performing in country clubs and dinner houses. But behind all of this, there is the ability to listen deeper into my own thoughts and hear where the good ideas are actually coming from. It's the same place that I came from... God
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