Days 1 – 3

Rings On A Pond

 Day 1

October 8th 2013

We stand upon the precipice of a new enlightenment. We ask that those who listen and read these words hold their faith in their God long enough to listen to and hear that the words truly do come from their God.

The words you are about to read are more ancient than the wisdom you now consider the gospel.

These truths have been held sacred for thousands of years. They were the truths that Jesus himself learned and taught. It is the truth of all masters since the beginning of time.

In the days of ancient Egypt these truths were told to many and used by many. They were used in the daily practices of these people.

There is much to say and yet we begin with that which is most familiar to you and yet used mistakenly – the word destiny.

Destiny has been used to describe an act that appears to have been prearranged. Something unexpected, out of the ordinary, and yet re-examined it is where you have been aiming toward all along.

Destiny is used by heaven in the regards of the soul’s purpose of journeying into body form. Always there is a prearranged purpose, the purpose to remove heavy energy, the purpose to heal unhealed traumas within the soul and also the purpose of atonement just to name a few. Destiny is the achievement of this purpose.

There is great value in completing your soul’s purpose and attaining destiny. Yet there is still reward and joy in creating a life that is enriching and adventurous.

Sometimes a child comes with the ability to play an instrument beyond the normal ability of his age. This merely means that he has been gifted in this area. It does not mean that he is destined to use these skills again.

Allow your heart to choose what you love to do, as the soul will line up the events and the circumstances to fulfill its obligation. However a life based on talent, will just harbor discontent if it is not the source of Joy.

A whispered voice may speak to you ever so gently and yet resonate in you like a clap of thunder. This gentle thought whispered to you in your subconscious mind, will suggest that you be, do or have something bigger for yourself. Something so much bigger than you ever thought for yourself that it echoes in your being, sending shock-waves through your system. This gentle thought, when spoken softly into an empty fertile field, takes root and grows without the restriction of counter thoughts against its attainment. This thought was so far in the distance, so much bigger than anything ever thought before, that no false beliefs were built to its contrary. And so it comes to be, like a lightning bolt out of a clear blue sky.

Where as a much smaller insignificant thought can be spoken LOUDLY and just like a seed dropped in the middle of a weed pile, the thought get’s choked out immediately. No sun is allowed to help it grow roots. So louder it is screamed “I WANT, I WANT, I WANT!” But the voice of discontentment screams louder still, that there is no way that this can come. These thoughts of discontent and disbelief choke out the fertile field so that no plant can grow. No plant of value can grow.

Destiny are those whispered thoughts, sometimes left un whispered, because the conscious mind believes it knows it’s destiny and therefore changes the direction of the souls intent.

Session 2

There are those of you who seek wisdom. Who wish to help, who wish to give much love and happiness and Joy to others who you see do not have this. And we tell you… You cannot look upon another and see what they do not have, unless you know your own misery and project it upon them.

Every human has the ability to observe a man with no shoes and see in his heart a man who is happy in his apparent discontent. When the observer sees this man and perceives him as homeless, powerless, and sad, the observer feels homeless, powerless and sad. The observation did not improve the status of the homeless man. The exact opposite is what came to be. Sadness, discontent and a feeling of trapped becomes that which was felt by the observer.

It is written in many pages and spoken in every language, that what a man sows he shall soon reap and this is proven time and time again. Man has chosen to believe that to see a man in a condition of illness, homelessness, joblessness, anger, rage, to cast their judgment that this man needs assistance.

Understand this now… He is where he is choosing to be. And in your judgments and in your well meaning attempts to remove these perceived hardships, no help has been received. The only thing that happened was a reversal of your own position.

If assistance is requested by the man, your vision of him surrounded by objects, energy, and well being, will elevate the homeless man. Treat him as you would treat a beloved parent, grandparent or equal. Know that he is a mighty, mighty creator, who has in fact created in giant volumes everything he sees around him including the vastness, the distance between himself and the ideal life and objects that he may have chosen, had he known that every… every… EVERY… THOUGHT CREATES!

Sow and so shall you reap, means every single thought.

Look around and know that you are the one who created all that you see or wish to see and do not see. You have also created the distance between yourself and your desires by believing that you cannot achieve them and choosing to see the distance.

Session 3

Every session begins with the Lords prayer only this time the prayer continues:

We ask that the wisdom of interplanetary exploration be returned to the people of the earth.

WE ask that the portals of communication and transportation be reopened and reunited with the solar system from which it came. We ask that the ability to access the information and transportation corridors be returned to the people of the earth.

The people of the earth at one time knew this wisdom and they created transportation corridors between the continents and alternate dimensions. These dimensions are the realms you know of as heaven and hell.

The people of Earth could travel through layers of photons to transport not only their spirit but their entire being.

When the word hell is spoken of here, it is describing the realm of which the souls of those who do not transcend into the spirit realm of light end up. The unseen layer between humanity and what you know of as heaven.

Hell is a space that is accessible not only to the deceased but to the soul of the living at times, while in a dream state.While in dream state it is a place of nightmares and fear.

The access of this realm has proven beneficial to the human race as it is in this realm that the future can and will be seen if things continue on the path that the world of humanity is on.

This realm holds the secrets of what will be. There are those who walk amongst you who have the ability to close their eyes and see the future as though it were being played out in this moment. Thosewho see the future are a gift to your people if they are willing to face persecution. Many have faced their deaths in their attempts to clear away the unseen and show to the world the consequences of the paths humanity is choosing to take.

While some of these people have been lifted up and hailed as saints, most of them have been tortured and killed for their desire to stop the unseen from unfolding into a devastation.

We say to you that no one of you is special. No one of you has more ability than another. There are only those of you who choose to believe you can. Once you believe you can. – You Can. This statement is divine truth. For those that believe that the kingdom of heaven is theirs. – It is theirs!

Proof that all is not what it appears is apparent in the creations that have been made by man. No man shall think I will never learn to fly and stumble upon a blueprint for a plane.

That man who believes he cannot fly will never find access to a plane. But to those who truly believe that they can fly, a way will be shown unto them.

So if you are in need… We say to you: Let go of your beliefs that make you need. Grab onto those thoughts that make you know beyond all apparent needs that you will have. Know that you already have the ability to create the creation.

Think back to the lesson of the homeless man. Look now uponyourself with your choices surrounding you. These choices are made in the realms of heaven. And the kingdom of heaven is at hand!

Know your ability to connect to heaven.

Know heavens ability to connect to you!

These corridors where man and spirit can transport into the realms of the unseen realm of heaven. Have always been a part of the history of mankind.

5000 years before Jesus walked amongst you,the people of Egypt created giant pyramids. These pyramids were created using the harnessing of the elements to transfer more than just thought through the passages. These passages transported the creatures of the earth as well as the humans. These passages were created because changes in the Earth’s polarity were seen to be coming.

These polarity shifts, were a re-aligning of the Earth’s vibrational field.

Once again these changes to the Earth’s polarities are being seen.

Do not fear this. It is seen that these teachings will allow the high vibrational thinkers of the Earth to use God’s energy and reverse the foreseen series of events

It is time again that the wisdom of the distant planets be restored and Earth’s inhabitants be allowed access to the corridors and the freedom that they allow.

These portals, when opened, will allow the entrance of healing energy to the Earth’s core.

No one man is responsible for opening these corridors. All men together have created the need. The Earth itself will benefit and God gives his blessing for the union of heaven and earth.

When one man makes a selfish choice the thoughts of those around him create even more negativity to the earth’s surface than the original act. The negativity spreads, through the others harsh words and judgments. One man kills one man. That is all the harm he did. Then those who were aware of it spread the negativity with their harsh words and judgments. On and on it goes out infecting the minds and emotions with negativity as the story is told and retold. Each time using powerful negative emotions to embellish the story and further infect the minds and souls of others. Like rings on a pond the negative waves repeat, until what had once been small becomes what will be again in a bigger uglier way, as the story grows to create it’s equal. Then the process begins again.

No man is responsible for the devastation of many. All are responsible for all.

The Pyramids

Day 2

October 9th 2013

We are so pleased to be able to continue our lessons for the people and the inhabitants of Earth.

We are talking to you through the assistance of God, using a communication method of empathetic and auditory stimulus to the human brain.

The God of the Earth realm has given his blessing and is, in fact, the communicator whose translation is necessary for you to understand as the words that we speak are not of the Earth realm, but that of the solar system Galakrot

We have been entrusted with the knowledge of interplanetary exploration as it is a highly powerful medium of transportation for not only that of communication but that of particle acceleration and atomizing solids into vapor and then returning them to solid mater.

These accelerators are still found on your planet in the forms of ancient Egyptian pyramids.

Of course the technology has advanced as all things do, but these pyramids were at one time used bythe inhabitants of Earth to flee the Earths realm as the polarity of the Earth’s waters reversed to create a super heating of the planet followed by an ice age.

The pyramids were not built by man. They were built by allies of Earth in an attempt to free her people, and her other inhabitants if they chose to leave.

The time has come for the masters to walk amongst you again and teach to you the ways of energy amplification.

This time however the pending polarity shift of the Earth shall be averted, and returned to it’s cooler temperatures. Not by device of man, but through the correct use of the spoken word… Prayer.

The Pyramids in Ancient Egypt are ancient particle accelerators. We are aware that many entertainments have been made with the idea of particle acceleration as a new innovation, yet this technology is not advanced – it is ancient.

We are not suggesting that the pyramids be reopened and used again as a viable means of transportation. We are merely offering a clue to the mystery behind their existence.

Scientist will find that the particle accelerators are buried beneath layers of sand beyond the eastern wall of the smallest pyramid.

The accelerators are not metal machines as you have been expecting to find but crystallized matter that raises the frequency.

These crystals were placed in alignment with the sun’s rotation to create the fullest contact with the sun’s light. The energy was then directed through the crystal floor into the center of the smallest pyramid. Here it was gathered into the peak of the pyramid and a beam of light channeled through to the next pyramid. The second pyramid took the energy and broadcast it across the earth’s layer. The atmosphere of the Earth heated the particles and the third chamber with its deep floors directed the energy back into its recesses where it was cooled and returned to solid.

This was the entrance into the Realm of Earth and also the exit. The crystal particles of Earth matter are the secret to unlocking the passage of particles both to and from the state of solid.

Mayo's pyramids EDITED

The surrounding Egyptian sand was also necessary as the heat bouncing off the sand was a crucial element in the alchemy.

The milky white quartz crystals found in the Egyptian terrain are the perfect combination of silicate, hydrochloride, phosphorus and diamond that causes the combustion of particles when exposed to direct sunlight. This combustion of particles is witnessed by the human eye as prisms. Prisms are a result of the shattering of light as it passes through the crystal and breaks down into the separate dimensions of color.

This shattering of light is the same principle used in your laser technologies and is proven by your science to have the power to increase the energy as the beam of light is directed through it.

It is through the heating of the particles that the vaporizing takes place. Much like solid ice liquefies and evaporates so too does solid mater when the correct intention is set on the object to be transported.

It is more about mind than science. But we will continue to explain the science so that the scientific community will be of a mind to follow along the path.

Without the proof your society dismisses the obvious.

The particle accelerators that are found off the eastern wall of the smallest pyramid are deeply buried beneath the Earths layer of sediment. They were, in fact, at the time of the evacuation, only a few meters below the sand but now due to centuries of sediment they are more than a hundred meters down.

Their location is not directly connected to the pyramid. It is a field of crystal that is laid like a cobblestone path. It extends out the precise width of the pyramid for hundreds of meters. Even in the time of the pyramids this field was already covered by layers of silicate sand. It’s original intention was that of an entrance created to greet the public by the pharaohs. It was a grand entrance to the village but its existence brought about the technology being installed on Earth, as it was seen by the Masters to be a useful source of energy.

The Earth was already in great need of rain and so the sands had long buried the entrance before it was re-discovered by the masters. It was the sensation of frequency elevation that the master first noted.

These Masters were drawn to Earth because of the distress frequency that was emanating from not only the Earth’s inhabitants but from the very Earth itself.

These same distress signals can be felt by the masters at this time.

It is at this time eminent that guardians and masters must return to the Earth to teach again to its people the secrets of not only the pyramids but of the universal truth.

What You Ask For – You Do Receive!

Day 3

October 10th 2013

These lessons are to be a stepping off point of humanity. A point in time when the binds and constraint of learned human imprisonment comes to an end. A point where man begins to understand the power that is available to him or her in every moment they are on the Earth. There have been those amongst you that feared the power that every man had. Fear that if man used his ability to harness the world’s energy field they would use it to enslave and inflict their will up on others.

We say that the information only being available to a couple or a few has in fact created this very scenario.

It is time that all people know how to use this power.

Let us go back to the pyramids of ancient Egypt. These pyramids were used to amplify the Earths energy field and to open corridors of energetic exchange between the realms of Earth and the realms of distant solar systems. Your scientists are aware that the pyramids did in fact generate and harvest electrical transformations. Harnessing solar energy and storing it presumably in the crystal fields that they have detected and yet they are mystified as to how or why as no evidence of electrical apparatus are found beyond their walls.

These pyramids were constructed of Earthly Elements built using the same technology we are again in the midst of re-teaching your people. There were no earthly machines built to create them. There were no machines at all.

The formula for the creation of these pyramids is the same as the formula to create a flower, a rock or a tree. It is in the desire of the creator to create them that they exist in this realm. And they remain in this realm as a reminder and as evidence of the possibility of mind over matter.

Mind over matter is a statement that if purified and returned to its original context would again move mountains. It would restore tranquility and peace to this realm of great potential and end historically controversial distrust.

Session 2

This is the time when man as a whole will be challenged to see past its differences and begin to see all men as worthy and able creators in their own creation It is a time when a great movement of union will begin to take place; a time when the smallest and meekest amongst you will rise up to be heard and have their voice carried in the statement of what shall become.

It is in these moments of creative unrest that humanity makes its biggest leaps forward in their desire to create an improvement from a state of disillusionment. Man has a tendency to continue with a state of peaceful and happy instead of striving to improve, and so this turmoil that surrounds you is the spring in a giant catapult that will launch the Earths people into a new phase of tranquility and harmony.

We are here speaking with you today as it is our greatest wish that healing energy flows again through the surface of the Earth and that the people and all of Earths inhabitants know the peace and well being that this planet Earth has to offer.

There is a large movement amongst you to use “the law of attraction” This is a significant step in the direction of what these lessons are about and yet it is just the first of many steps that will explain the availability to use Earths energy for the benefit of self and others.

Each person in this realm is here creating their experience in a manner that they choose. They are choosing. These choices are influenced by the Television shows they choose to watch, the songs they choose to listen to and the beliefs of others that they choose to adopt as their own. It is the thoughts and beliefs of others that have created the Television shows and the songs on the radio, the government and all that you see around you. Everything that you see is a choice that has been made by someone or something to create the environment that you currently surround yourself with.

Very few things, if any, are original thoughts and original objects. Even paintings created by master artisans are usually painted on a canvas created by another using paints created by still another, gardening is often the act of planting plants grown first

by someone else or from seeds that were harvested by another. Do you see how one man is connected to everyman in some way from some angle. Every piece of furniture comes from the hands of many, as does a deck of cards or a stereo. The connection between one man and another clear across the world could easily be seen if the viewer was inspired to look.

It is because of this close connection to all other humans that we say that having just a few believe the words we are teaching here will bring about a change that will be adopted and accepted by all. So allow the message to rest in the unfolding of your soul and allow it to shine out into the hearts of others and all will be understood in a short time.

Session 3

Lesson 1

Look upon all men and their creation without judgment or doctrine. See before you a powerful creator who is creating his life exactly as he has chosen to do so. Rich and poor alike. All men are choosing and all men have exactly what they have chosen to call forth.

Lesson 2

Look upon the field of all possibilities and see before you a vision of your own life that is worthy to pursue. If you do not see one then you will not find one. Look until you see before you in your mind’s eye a vision that inspires, enthralls and excites you to point of needing to jump from your chair and and spring into action. This kind of inspiration creates movement and momentum.

Lesson 3

Allow only thoughts of inspiration to dwell in your conscious mind. This is easier than it has been made out to be. See what you wish to have. If a thought to the contrary enters your mind, say to your own heart. “I no longer allow that thought to come to mind.” Keep doing this until they are cleared. Do not judge them just allow your thoughts to be and if one feels contrary or painful and dis-empowering tell your own heart to please dismiss this information as it was taught to you by someone who believes in a manner other than what you now know and hold to be true.

Lesson 4

Make a time each day to dwell inside the vision that you are now choosing as your life’s path.

Make a time to enjoy the creating of a new way of life for yourself and for others.

While you spend time in this period of focused choosing, raise up your energy by the use of things that stimulate happiness, joy and love.

Bring into your space objects that evoke from you a smile, a movement such as a song your body loves to dance to, a fragrance of favorite flowers or sit and eat your favorite foods while you dwell upon the creative vision of your future. These objects, sounds, fragrances and flavors will help to elevate the amount of energy that is brought into the creation and hasten its arrival in the realm of your own life.

Lesson 5

Make a commitment to your own soul to listen to its desires at a designated time each day.

Make a commitment that binds you to the pursuit of this vision. One that you obligate yourself to fulfill daily, every day from now till the end of your life. Commit yourself to striving to expand the vision that inspires and ignites your soul.

Session 4

Lesson 6

By now you should have an idea of the items and lifestyle that would appeal to your soul. You should have an idea of what your soul has been calling you to do. If in fact you do not have this vision this lesson is one that will help you to find it.

Look around your room, your house, and even look at the TV shows you choose to watch and notice that there is a common denominator flowing through the objects and entertainment where you put your focus each day.

Notice that the objects that you have chosen to surround yourself with have, in fact, an appeal to you as if asking you to do something with them.

If you listen to music of a romantic nature, music that evokes from you the feelings of love and togetherness, then you would be wise to look to your souls longing to help yourself or others to find love and togetherness.

If you read books on government or history, you may notice that your soul has a calling to make changes in government or to correct historical accounts that have been miscounted or misjudged.

Each choice you make throughout the day has a feeling of goodness or of dread. When you are allowing yourself to continue in a service that fills you with dread, you are, in fact, making effort in a direction that has no interest to your soul.

Search your feelings about your future and make sure a pleasant sensation rises up as you think of the things that you will do tomorrow – or even later today. Make certain that you are the one that is wishing this for yourself.

Put your sights on the things that inspire you. Things that fill you with enthusiasm and longing for a deeper connection.

A man who desires to travel will find his focus on cultures and events that excites and mystifies him.

He has no desire to give his focus on the building of a house or barn. He finds his thoughts constantly focusing on things foreign and exciting.

A man who wishes to build his own home, finds his thoughts buried in this process and he will find it hard to leave on business to go to foreign lands as he will be leaving his souls calling. His thoughts will not be enchanted and mystified by exotic culture. He will hold in his heart a longing to return to the project.

These are the kind of clues that are being shown to all of men, as to what their purpose and role is as a part of humanity.

So, in summary, lesson 6 is to explore your surroundings, to see what holds your attention and to release from your belongings those things that no longer inspire you.

Lesson 7

What you ask for you do receive.

Let the fun begin

Once you are clear on your desired way of life.

While you focus on it daily, speak the words out loud. This is my life. This life is the life I choose to live. This life is the life I am creating. Using my thoughts, using my words using the very force that was used to create the Earth I stand upon.

I ask God to line up the solar systems and assist me to create this divinely chosen life.

It has been said that what you ask for you receive… So ask.

If God is not a word that you like, you may infuse any word which appeals to you. Universal energy, Jesus, Jehovah the list is almost endless.

It is important to ask out loud, using your voice. Ask loudly and assertively for those things that you wish for yourself to come to be. Do it from a state of knowing that it is being done as you say it.

The more confidence you can give your voice the faster you will receive your good.

The spoken word has more power to it than mankind has allowed itself to entertain.

Thoughts, feelings and especially words evoke the mystical power of the Earth. They evoke goodness and bring to pass all things.



I am your average everyday mother of 3 with now 3 grandkids. I am also a singer/songwriter performing in country clubs and dinner houses. But behind all of this, there is the ability to listen deeper into my own thoughts and hear where the good ideas are actually coming from. It's the same place that I came from... God
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