Days 4 -6

Heart to Heart

Day 4

October 13th 2013

It is time for us to begin to delve deep inside the secrets of the human mind.

Humans find it hard to keep their thoughts attracted to the one necessary frequency mandatory for the manifestation of desired events or objects. We wish to impart upon you the necessity to align your frequency to the exact precise frequency of the desired result. There is a target frequency much like a bull’s eye in a dart game. You are either in it or not in it. If you are not in it there is no way to achieve the manifestation.

The misconception that hinders most human’s ability to align is that they believe the elation of attaining the object or result is the frequency needed to align with it. But this frequency is only the frequency of achieving it. Not the frequency of the target itself.

If you choose to manifest a target, then align to the target. Not to the feeling of gaining it.

Here are the steps required to achieve your target desire:

Choose a target. (For this exercise we will use a dollar amount)

Ask out loud for the assistance of aligning with the dollar amount you wish to manifest. We use the term dollar amount because that is what we see the most requests are about. Humans see a car they choose and they translate their focus to that of the price that is being asked for the car. They think, “I need $35,000 to buy that car.” They could easier align with the frequency of that car. Either way choose the target and ask out loud, “I ask to have my frequency aligned with the frequency of $35,000 dollars. I ask to have my frequency aligned with the same frequency of $35,000 dollars”.

Sit in a quiet place, breath in the fragrance of a loved scent, feel the subtle shifts as you relax into the state of being that $35,000 dollars.

Repeat the words out loud over and over. ” I align my frequency to that of the frequency of $35,000 dollars.”

Sit and let your mind calm and still, if thoughts to the contrary come to mind ask your very heart “Please remove these thoughts from my system as they no longer serve me. I align my thoughts to the frequency of $35,000 dollars.”

Allow your mind to still again.

Each time you notice that you are thinking of something other than being in alignment with your target ask our heart to please remove these thoughts and align my frequency to same frequency of $35,000 dollars.

Eventually you will feel a calmness and lightness.

Some feel a serene sense of the room around them having the lights turn off and restful darkness help to quiet the mind. If the mind does not quiet you may imagine pulling a black velvet cloak over yourself to block out the external influences and help to quiet the subconscious doubts and fears.

One by one ask your heart to remove the contrary thoughts. It will not take long before they give up and you find this stillness and this alignment to your intended target.

I ask to align my frequency to the precise frequency of my intended target.”

If you will make an area in which you choose to do this work each day. The stimulus of that area will begin to assist in the goal of quieting your mind and tuning your frequency to that of your intended target. The Earth itself will extend its energy to you, very much like a channel that is dug out by running water a channel will begin to flow the Earth’s energy to you to assist in this aligning of frequency.

Every living thing has a consciousness. But more than you can ever know while in this space the objects and airwaves that surround you also have a consciousness and a frequency. If you ask the assistance of everything around you, you will begin to traverse this realm of Earth with an ease and a grace no one has even considered has been possible.

Session 2

Now let us look closer at what alignment really means. As a result of vibration the oceans tides rock to their own frequency and yet when they interact with the frequency of wind, they are elevated from their natural state to a more turbulent frequency. These frequencies interact. The water is not the only element whose frequency is disrupted. The wind is weighed down by the slower frequency of the turbulent ocean that seemingly leaps from its depth to lift its spray into to the wind. So do not think that your frequency is the only frequency that is altered when you align with frequency of another.

That frequency rises to match your speed and both parties begin to intermingle within each others realm of space.

The wind plunges into the depths of the ocean carrying oxygen and carbon dioxide from its own realm. This can be seen as the foam that plays on the water. The bubbles that are carried down into the depths to rise back to their own realm and also the water vapor that can be seen blowing or tasted on your lips. The two realms interact adjusting their frequency attracting what is needed for a symbiotic bonding of energy.

Just like this, particles of your very being are attracted into the target and particles of the target penetrate and activate receptors inside the human brain.

Mind over matter requires more giving than it does receiving. Giving of yourself to the target. Just like a dart penetrates the bull’s-eye, your own energy must penetrate into the depths of the target.

This energy merging into the target is necessary to create the channel for which the target will recognize its path of least resistance into your realm.

We stated before that aligning with the car is the easier route as the car has a consciousness. You can make friends with the car and speak to it in reverence and respect. Your bonding with the automobile will hasten it’s ascension into your space, love and gratitude are both accelerators of particles and will further advance the union of time and space to place both of you together in your realm. Aligning with a number as in the example of $35,000 dollars is a much more difficult frequency to match as each piece of that number needs to be aligned making it a more difficult manifestation. It is still very probable that this number will come to you. We know that dollar amounts are meant to cover many things. House payments, electric payments and outstanding moneys owed do not give much placement for thought on the attainment of a target and so money amounts are chosen. “If I had $35,000 dollars all of my problems would be taken care of.

We chose $35,000 dollars as it is a number that if given the attention that we asking you to give would be a number that would handle most of the difficulties that are in the lives of those who read these words and follow along.

And yet there are better targets to be taken, ones that would align with joyous attraction at a hastened pairing of frequencies.

Let us say… There are people calling for outstanding money owed.

To align your frequency, see the solution to paying these bills. The solution is usually in the form of a client, the sale of something currently in your possession. Or a service provided. Then the target that would be the most efficient to solve the current issue would be to align with clients for your goods or services. If a position of employment is desired, then align with the employer of a status or position that you wish to fulfill.

Do not create turmoil around not knowing who or where you wish to be hired. Just ask… “There is a perfect position for me, one that brings me great happiness and financial security and confidence. I ask to align with this position. I ask to align my frequency to the frequency that matches the vision my heart holds for my highest and best.

I ask to align my frequency to the precise frequency of the position that will heal my debts and create joy and tranquility in my heart center.

Thank you for this assistance.

Repeat these words continuously, while removing all thoughts to the contrary.

Ask the Earth itself to send a message to this employer. Show to this person a symbol that represents your desire to merge together with their establishment. Ask God to plant a seed of desire into the heart of this person to hire you.

Ask this person, whoever they might be to open themselves to receive the love and assistance that you will bring to them when they choose to merge with your heart and mind.

From this you can see that the choice is being made from your heart, and your guides and your energy are seeking this employer and one heart is seeking one heart and from this many solutions to your perceived issues are being taken care of with a simplistic aligning of energy between only two. Instead of 35,000.

Two human hearts have much more attractive power than that of the much slower frequency of inanimate objects. There is much less learned negativity toward obtaining a position than there is in the thoughts surrounding financial gain.

Session 3

From here we begin to explain the attraction processing of particles of atoms and molecular alignment of energetic streams.

The use of transmitters and receptors are the very mechanics behind the technology of television and radio broadcasting. These signals breakdown information into digital and analog particles transmit them through atmospheric waves and the receptors gather the information and recreate the image or the original sound wave.

This is almost unquestioned by your society. It is a known fact that it is possible and the miracle of the ability to do it goes without much attention.

If you have a radio in your hands you may turn the dial and have your choice of many stations of which to choose to observe. The same is true of satellite television. This tiny unit has no wires attached yet it has the ability to pull from the air, a crystal clear image with movement and sound, chosen from an almost endless amount of choices as to which bit of information you choose to amuse yourself with. And yet when asked if you believe your thoughts and emotions attract to you events that match what you are broadcasting out. There is only a small percentage of the human population that will admit that there is a possibility that it is happening.

Every man knows, that every dog knows, the intent of the person who approaches him. A dog reads the signal emitting from the people around him. Humans also know not to trust a person that their dog does not trust. These signals are a natural and understood part of the dynamic between man and dog.

We ask you to consider why you’re willing to believe you can choose with the click of a button what wifi entertainment you will watch and yet discount that your aggression has the ability to call to it the same frequency that it is in alignment with.

Desperation, calls desperation, which creates desperate situations to create more desperation.

Laughter is contagious and although the people around you do not know the reason that you are laughing they feel the frequency of laughter and laugh because they see you laughing. Frequencies line up and adjust themselves. Higher frequencies of laughter and happiness have more magnetism and have a stronger ability to raise the vibrational frequency of sorrow and desperation. And yet desperation and depression have a downward flow to the energy which has its own momentum and perpetuation of events that recreate the scenarios. These two frequencies although similar in many ways are still very different. Depression has only a downward flow of energy that pulls the thoughts of the depressed farther and farther down into suffering.

Now let’s look at a desperate person. This person is searching for a solution to their desperate situation. This is a positive action but buried in the negativity of desperation. Therefore, the energy is moving in both a rising and falling of particles.

Let us give you a visual to help you envision this concept.

A desperate person would look to us like a hamster on a wheel running and running searching for a solution while the energy is the wheel rising and falling in close proximity to the hamster. Its rise of creative energy sucked back to itself quickly and impotently. It’s a very tight circle of energy. The depressed person is one that sits beside the wheel not feeling the ability to even move the wheel.

Take now a joyous person who is using their power to create in their life. This person steps happily onto the Ferris wheel and watches in awe as their thoughts lift them from their circumstances and enjoy the rising and falling of the wheel as they feel certain that the energy is traversing where it must in order to create their visions. There is no fear as the energy falls magnetized to their desires! They are busying their thoughts with the target and allowing the ebb and flow of energy to attract at it’s speed that which they desire.

When you focus on your target always enjoy the results no matter what the outcome. If you do not see the results of your endeavor to manifest, check in with your visions to make sure that you are precisely at the frequency of your target. “I ask that my frequency match precisely the frequency of my intended target.” State the target and describe it to yourself with as much detail as you can bring about.

Session 4

It is unnecessary to grasp the mechanics of why the frequency alignment will attract it to you. It is unnecessary to know how a light switch operates or a toilet flushes and yet every two year old can handle the operation completely without understanding the why or how. Most don’t even think to question it.

It is our desire that you will take the information that we are giving to you and begin lighting the switch to your target without the weight of the knowledge of the functions that make it operate.

Yet we hear in the minds of some of those reading this the thoughts that it will not work. What if I waste my time trying to do this and it is all a hoax. And so we explain still further into the mind of humanity.

The human brain has the ability to decipher all of the radio frequencies that surround you at any given time. It also has the ability to remove all unnecessary information. It is the removal of the unimportant energy fields that is the brains most important ability. Can you imagine what it would be like to stand in a department store with every Television and stereo playing a separate channel? Imagine all the sounds and images coming at you at once. You would not wish to remain in that environment for any length of time. Hands would cover ears and eyes as you race to remove your being from the bombardment of information on your senses.

This deletion ability allows you to focus solely on circumstances and events to which you feel an attraction.

Yes others bring to you things that you are not attracted to and yet if you paid no attention to them, they would soon leave your thoughts without much disruption.

It is the secret of the Masters to notice what is happening and flood their attention on what they wish to see happen. Masters see the events unfolding around themselves and their loved ones and redirect the frequency alignment to one of a desired outcome.

Masters feel and see the problems that those around them are mired in and the Master makes an image in his mind of a possible solution, one that will heal the disruption in their realm. Then with unrelenting force they mold the vision and merge their frequency with the frequency of the very solution they see. They not only lift their frequency, they also speak of it with such clarity that others are pulled from their quagmire of despair and lifted until they too are assisting in the creation of the newest highest vision.

It is this ability to align the frequency to match your target, that we wish to impress upon your mind. Not only can you do this, you are constantly doing it. Step boldly into your power and accept for yourself a future that is filled with the creation of your choosing. It is available to you at a speed that you cannot yet imagine, all you need to do is adjust your frequency and align with the target.

There is no need to take from another something you wish to have for yourself.

The universal knowledge of particle acceleration and frequency alignment will place you in the middle of a life filled with your creation and a sense of accomplishment that will leave you wishing only to help those around you to learn to create at this level of mastery.

Time and Space

Day 5

October 14th 2013

Today we begin to explore the realms of time and space.

There is relativity to time and space that your scientists are just now beginning to grasp the concept of.

Everything you know about time and space to this moment is about to become obsolete. It will be used solely as a place keeper of the here and now and a dot on the radar of those who can comprehend the reality of it all.

Your lifespan on Earth although averaging upwards of 80 years, when viewed from the perspective of the soul feels like the mere blink of an eye, or almost like the viewing of a past memory. If we asked you what you ate for breakfast 6 days ago, it was so insignificant that most people would not be able to recall precisely what it was. If we go farther back like 20 days, it is even less likely you would remember. Now let us ask you what you had for breakfast on your 6th birthday, not one of could recall. We are not saying that your life is unimportant because it is. It is just that time has a way of collapsing that makes the retrieval of unimportant information virtually impossible to the untrained mind.

And yet if you were to put yourself in the correct altered state of awareness you could journey back and recall the meal complete with sounds and tastes and see the faces of your family and feel the love flow between you as though you were living it in that moment. It is this correct altered state of awareness that is needed to align your frequency with your target. This state of heightened awareness is what is needed to gain access to the transportation corridors of information and matter.

The ability to use a transportation corridor is brought about by the ability to align your frequency with where on Earth you wish to go.

Very much like going on line and purchasing your airline ticket without the assistance of another. You will be capable of setting your sites on your destination and aligning your frequency with that destination. There are Masters who are guarding the entrances to these corridors as we wish for only those with the ability to direct their energy to use them. You might be able to purchase an airline ticket online, but without the correct identification or if your intentions are perceived as harmful to others, there are people around the plane that will not allow your access. This is the same with the transportation corridors.

These corridors are not a new thing.

There is nothing to fear about them.

They have been in place on the surface of the Earth for as long as there has been a surface to the Earth.

The secret to using them correctly disappeared at the opening of the Egyptian Pyramids, as all members of the society that used them evacuated the Earth. And the life on Earth began again without the leadership of the Masters who had the information. Only those who have had the ability to traverse to other realms such as Jesus, Moses, two of the Dali Lama’s along with other great leaders of your realm, ever fully learned the use of these Corridors and so all other access has been denied.

Now the time has come again when the inhabitants of the Earth are once again in jeopardy. There is a heating to the Earth’s surface that may once again shift the energy of the waters and bring about a catastrophic change to waters of the Earth. These events are a natural cycle of life to this planet. Your scientists and historians have spoken of these changes.

The Earth has already begun the process of restarting its life cycle. It can be likened to the annual cycling of the seasons that refresh and renew the energy of all seasonal trees, plants and hibernating animals. Just as you see in a smaller window of time, colder days to warmer days then returning to colder days during the winter months. The Earth itself has smaller seasons that you recognize as years and much larger seasons that you have named ice ages. It is a rejuvenation to the Earth to undergo this process.

Your fears of global warming although misdirected as to their cause are correct. The Earth is lining up its energy to once again reverse the polarity of the oceanic rivers causing a cooling effect which will once again bring the onslaught of another ice age.

There is nothing to fear at this time as this is decades into the future and changes will be made to correct the condition before any damage is really done. It will be corrected by human prayer!

The act of prayer has more power than humans have ever dared consider. We are teaching in these pages the correct manner of prayer. It is through the aligning of your frequency to the desired target that once again humans can and will establish their dominion over the Earth.

It is also the Earth’s pleasure to respond.

Bring with you childlike curiosity as we begin these lessons, test them and see for yourself the validity to the words we speak. Bring with you the curiosity of a scientist who is trying to prove or disprove a hypothesis as it is this mindset that will bring about the quickest of manifestations and changes to your conditions of health.

Bring also the playful ease of entertainment as these simple steps and prayers when viewed as fun and enjoyable will become habitual and cherished moments in your daily routine.

Remember that anything that is viewed as obligatory soon becomes dreaded. If you feel at all like not participating then we ask you now to stop reading as this is clearly not something you are enthusiastic about joining in on.

Think of children at summer camp. Many want to fish, many want to hike and many cannot wait to leave this land of poison oak and mosquitoes. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to join in. There is just something else that you

would rather be doing and we bless you on your way to a more enjoyable entertainment.

Those who wish to partake in this adventure we welcome you and your enthusiasm!

Time Flies

Day 6

October 15th 2013

Yesterday we began to explain about time and space.

The theory of relativity also is a clue as to how time can lengthen or hasten its retreat. It is an observation that “Time flies when you’re having fun.” This truth has more power than is spoken here. Time is not all that flies. The molecules around your body, even the blood that flows through you speeds up as you engage in a delightful expression of self.

Laughter, happiness, joy, movement, and dancing all speed up the effect of time and space.

Depression we already noted had a downward movement of energy, therefore it slows down the heart, it slows down the molecules and so T-I-M-E D-R-A-G-S. It feels almost like time and space will never end. You will find the victims of depression saying things like. “Will this ever end? It feels like I’ve been sick forever, etc.”

The cure for depression is exercise. MOVE! Get up and get the blood pumping. Get up and take some kind of action. DO SOMETHING! ANY THING! Eat ice cream if it will make you feel better.

The next step is to remove the depressing thoughts. Again ask your very heart to remove these thoughts that are not serving you.

Here then lies one of the secrets to manifestation… Action!

Taking action is a necessary part of manifestation. It is in fact the key ingredient to the alchemy. Take action.

If you know what needs to be done, then do it. But if you do not now know what needs to be done then do SOMETHING. Asking without giving action is like putting the ingredients in the bowl to bake a cake and never stirring them. You may end up with something but it is not going to look at all like what you are setting your sights on to obtain.

WE are not saying run out and quit your job, or go to work for someone that is not right for you… What we are saying is stir the molecules!!! Speed them up. Go for a jog, go for a swim, dance, laugh, move, talk excitedly to others about what you are concocting. Get the Juice flowing. Getting excited about a target (or even something else for that matter) speeds up the molecules in your own system of energy and strengthens and magnifies the connection, thus speeding up the arrival of your target.

So the recipe again for attaining a target looks like this.

  1. Know what you want to target.
  2. Ask out loud for what you want.
  3. Ask out loud. “I ask for assistance. I ask to align my frequency to the precise frequency of________.” (The target.)
  4. Hold that alignment sending love and enthusiasm to you target.
  5. Hold it as long as it feels good to do so.
  6. Excite the energy of your being through movement. Also sound, scent, taste etc. (Do something enjoyable.)
  7. Give a prayer of gratitude to your God and Guides, Angels, and loved ones. Whom ever you might feel is helping assist in this mater. Give the Earth some gratitude too.


I am your average everyday mother of 3 with now 3 grandkids. I am also a singer/songwriter performing in country clubs and dinner houses. But behind all of this, there is the ability to listen deeper into my own thoughts and hear where the good ideas are actually coming from. It's the same place that I came from... God
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