Manifest from Everythingness!


I had a short conversation with God again this morning that I thought I would share with you.  As always my words are in bold and God’s are the softer words.  (harder to hear but there if you listen.)

Good morning God.

Tell me more about the use of Everythingness and manifestation.


Humans are doing very much the same alchemy with their recycling of elemental properties.  They are pulling iron, copper, gold, etc from the rock and re-configuring it into a something else. When a manifestation is needed all that is happening is a reconfiguration of molecules.

Think of it as Legos or Tinker toys if you will.  You have a box of these toys and you build yourself a cute little drawbridge and a high-rise building.   Now you have two objects but you are out of blocks.  At this point you have two choices.  First you can tear down the drawbridge and reconfigure it into a bank building, or you can go get more blocks and add to the scene.

If I wanted to manifest and create a tree for example the system of creating a tree is already very firmly in place and very simple to duplicate.  But lets say that you need a tree and you need it now.  You are in the middle of the Mojave dessert in the burning sun, so I’m thinking that you probably don’t want to wait for 3 years for the seed to start producing good shade. You are asking if there is a way for your thoughts to create that tree and I quote. “Out of the nothingness.” First and foremost you need to realize that Nothingness doesn’t exist. To manifest a full grown tree you would tap into the “Everythingness” to bring it about.

Your belief system is the filter that will allow this creation to take place or to fail.

With a belief of “nothingness” how quick do you think you can reassemble a tree? It’s not going to happen.

But with a belief in “Everythingness” and a knowing that it’s not any more difficult to manifest a miraculous rain shower for fresh water than it is to manifest a tree you would simply choose both and maybe some fried chicken to go along with it and have a nice picnic. This belief in lack is really a silly one.

I can see that!  But Money is supreme in our world right now.

No the belief in money is supreme right now. Most of your interactions with money is just done with numbers in cyberspace and money it self is hardly ever seen. Much easier for you to mentally wrap your mind around a large digit number in your bank account and bring a typographical error into existence than it would be for you to imagine creating pallets of dollar bills to go along with the number you choose. Neither one is hard, One is just more easily believable to you.

So is there something I can be doing to strengthen my belief in the ability to manifest?

Yes. Practice Everythingness!!!

Notice that every single space is filled with something. If there isn’t an object in it then there is air in it. In the air are millions and billions of unseen particles that just like Legos are available to spring into action to create. They will reconfigure themselves at the mere wish of it. It takes belief in yourself that you can do it. Or belief in an all powerful being such as myself to bring about the pressure necessary to transform.

Set your intentions on something you wish to create. I’m holding out for a new car for you. Say it… say it now.

Okay by me, I will take a new car.

How about,  I will MAKE a new car?

I don’t know how.”  Was my first thought to that.

Same way you made a tuna fish sandwich. You took the stuff you already had laying around the house and focused your attention a tuna fish sandwich and suddenly the frozen bread was toasted and the hard metal can was opened and you took some mayonnaise, and onions and on and on and on until you were eating a Tuna Fish sandwich. It was the prep work that was harder for you. Buying the bread and the tuna before hand. Do you agree that it is easier to sit in a restaurant and simply ask for a Tuna Sandwich?

Yes. Much simpler.

Can you see the bread and the cans of tuna around you?


How do you know they have it?

It’s on the menu.

Well kiddo the car is on the menu!

Order the fucking car and let me do my Job!!!



I am your average everyday mother of 3 with now 3 grandkids. I am also a singer/songwriter performing in country clubs and dinner houses. But behind all of this, there is the ability to listen deeper into my own thoughts and hear where the good ideas are actually coming from. It's the same place that I came from... God
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