Manifest from Everythingness!

Coffee With God

IMGP3387 I had a short conversation with God again this morning that I thought I would share with you.  As always my words are in bold and God’s are the softer words.  (harder to hear but there if you listen.)

Good morning God.

Tell me more about the use of Everythingness and manifestation.


Humans are doing very much the same alchemy with their recycling of elemental properties.  They are pulling iron, copper, gold, etc from the rock and re-configuring it into a something else. When a manifestation is needed all that is happening is a reconfiguration of molecules.

Think of it as Legos or Tinker toys if you will.  You have a box of these toys and you build yourself a cute little drawbridge and a high-rise building.   Now you have two objects but you are out of blocks.  At this point you have two choices.  First you can…

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I am your average everyday mother of 3 with now 3 grandkids. I am also a singer/songwriter performing in country clubs and dinner houses. But behind all of this, there is the ability to listen deeper into my own thoughts and hear where the good ideas are actually coming from. It's the same place that I came from... God
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