Change The Channel

As is usual, I was sitting on my couch, surfing on my computer when the hair on my neck started tickling and standing up. I recognized the door bell and told what ever spirit was trying to get my attention that I would be with them in a couple of minutes. I was far too busy laughing at cat videos to stop and go directly to spirit work.

As soon as I cleared my energy I started the conversation.

Good Morning.

Good morning

Is there a message you are wishing to bring forward?

There is.

I am wishing to let people know that all is not lost. There is a consensus of thought going around that things are going to get worse. I am not talking about the financial end of things I am talking about the Isis, terrorists, school shootings, kidnappings. There is a huge need for the people of the world to let go of their “Need to know” and turn off their news media. All of it. It is a giant factor in the way they themselves feel about life.


Sunset in Culebra  Puerto Rico       By Amy Jo Ellis  

The more negative input you are fed, the more negative frequency you broadcast, the more negative circumstances you attract back upon yourself.

Some people believe that they can watch the news and keep themselves detached from the effect of the negative commentary. It can be done yes. But it is a rare human who can do it.

Think of the flow of energy , as you would the faucets on a bath tub. Your energy field is comfy and warm and you can choose to heat it up or cool it down. You can turn on faucets that let in warm water. (comedies, romance, adventure movies) or you can turn on a faucet of Ice cold water called the news. At first you can tolerate the frigid temperature pouring in, because you have warmed the water with other amusements first. But it doesn’t take long for the water to get too cold and you need to either stop the flow or get out. This is known as stress.            

Recognize that the news is only one persons version of a story and most stories have as many versions as there are people involved. Most of the warnings the news commentators give… do not come to pass because enough people watching call bullshit and changed the way they themselves thought about it and changed the outcome.

If you do find yourself watching the news and you see them warn against impending doom… Call BULLSHIT! THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! This may seem like a harsh thing to say, yet it will stop the flow of energy and alter the direction the world was heading and yes JUST YOU ALONE are THAT POWERFUL!

It is in that moment that you need to turn off the news and relieve your stress with something peaceful and quite the opposite of the news.

People who are unaware of their power, turn off the news and call their friends to share the news they wish to avoid, thus propelling it forward. Look away! “Turn the other cheek.” It is imperative to the changing of the future that you hear what you don’t like, Say “That will never happen!” Command it TO NEVER HAPPEN and look to something much more appealing. It is of course advantageous to see the future the way you KNOW it will be. But merely looking away and watching something lighthearted that will change the way you feel is enough.

Thank you for considering this and calling out BS!



I am your average everyday mother of 3 with now 3 grandkids. I am also a singer/songwriter performing in country clubs and dinner houses. But behind all of this, there is the ability to listen deeper into my own thoughts and hear where the good ideas are actually coming from. It's the same place that I came from... God
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  1. aj bigler says:

    you are a mother and a grand mother, but you are anything but average! Been singing trouble around town, and it gets a good response. I think It is worth pursing, and I will.


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