Change Your Self Talk – Change Your Life. Day 8 Amy Jo Ellis

Today as I watched my son Tenor working with people in his booth at the fair, I noticed that he was so gentle with not only his clients but with himself. Whenever a seemingly major problem arose, the crowd would gasp in horror as it appeared he had just totally wrecked his painting, he would simply say. “Don’t worry about that, I can fix it! or
That’s not a problem, that ‘s an opportunity for another tree!!” And the audience would laugh it off with him. He said. “I’ve never screwed one up to the point that I couldn’t repair the damage.”

It made me take a look at my own life and how gentle I am on myself. Even when the computers have crashed and I’ve lost days worth of work, I’ve told myself. “This sucks, but I will be able to re-write this and faster and probably better.” I can only remember a couple of times where I had a melt down because the situation seemed dire, (I am human!) But in a long life, I’ve generally talked myself into a remaining calm state, and my son seems to have figured out how to do it as well.

I observe other people around me with a bit of horror at the words they use on themselves. “I’m so stupid” “I’m clumsy,” etc.

I tell myself, “I will figure this out yet!” “Don’t worry, I will get it done, all in divine timing!”

Place your left hand on your heart and say.

“I solemnly swear to myself and only myself to raise my standard of excellence. I demand of myself to be kind to myself! I insist that I use my words as gentle encouragement to myself, that I am safe, and that everything will turn out just fine!”



I am your average everyday mother of 3 with now 3 grandkids. I am also a singer/songwriter performing in country clubs and dinner houses. But behind all of this, there is the ability to listen deeper into my own thoughts and hear where the good ideas are actually coming from. It's the same place that I came from... God
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