What Are You Expecting?

  I have been playing with a little sentence. “What are you expecting?”  Periodically throughout the day, I am taking a minute or two, to check in with myself about what it is that I am expecting to have happen.

Expectancy is really the mother of creation! What you expect is going to be in alignment with what you receive.

Look at the difference between “Expecting” something to happen and “Hoping” it will happen. Let’s get our FAITH in ourselves and our results way up so that we can fully start EXPECTING the miracles and the outstanding outcomes.

When we add to the COA’s that we call “For the Highest and Best of everyone involved.” Then we can have faith that what we are receiving is part of the miracle and we can stand firm in our “knowing” that everything is working out in our favor.

When things go HORRIBLY WRONG! Like they did when I went to pick up my old but extremely valuable computer. The repairman had told me that he had fixed it. But he had fixed it by installing Windows 10. So yes, yippee, the computer starts and runs… But the computer was filled with software that was 7 years old and operated on Windows 7 and all the codes to reinstall the programs had been left behind in Puerto Rico. So I was SICK!

When I told him I didn’t have the codes, he too looked sick.  I told him, “You know what…  “The universe ONLY transpires FOR ME! This is in my highest and best! This is what the foundation of a miracle looks like.”

I told him that I needed to run out to my car to get my wallet and that I was just going to take the computer as it was.    The reality of the moment was I was just trying super hard not to burst into tears in front of him!   When I got out of earshot of him, I called my husband and told him I was having a very hard time holding myself together but that I knew things are the way they are supposed to be. “Help me remember that.”

He said. “That computer is getting really old. Maybe this is a sign that we should be spending the money and retire this computer. It could be a “Trojan” (Which is my term for an object that I love that reminds me subliminally of bad times.)

I placed the whole thing into a Full Court of Atonement. When I came back into the shop, the man said. “I can’t explain what just happened. When you were outside, Your computer shut off with no one near it and restarted. It bypassed windows 10 and turned on Windows 7 which is now in your G drive, not Your C drive. It CANT DO THIS!!! It makes no logical sense to me how it did it! I turned it off and restarted it about 5 more times and each time I do it, the computer runs Windows 7! 

I was saved. Glitchy yes, but I could use it.

The decision was already made and now a month later I am waiting for a new computer to arrive. We purchased it from the same man who built the last one, so all of the software I loved will be previously installed and he even had me send him my old hard drives and installed all of my files so that it will feel just like using the old familiar computer except that this computer is lightning fast with all the best of the modern improvements!

Expect to receive what is in our highest and best. Then when it turns out differently from what we first envisioned we can say… So this is what a miracle looks like. Even if it feels like the wrecking ball just hit the building. Abraham once told me. “While you are on this vacation, things at home are going to fall completely apart. Do not judge it. Sometimes a building needs to be demolished so that they can build a new one. Just laugh to yourself when your husband tells you how bad things are and have faith that this is the foundation of the miracle. You are safe.”

I hope this helps you to understand two things.

1. Change even when it feels bad at the time is always a step for improvement.

2.  It is the story we tell ourselves which will decide how quickly we recover from the change.

Think about things that you are trying to accomplish and ask yourself. “What are you expecting?”


© Amy Jo Ellis 2019

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I am your average everyday mother of 3 with now 3 grandkids. I am also a singer/songwriter performing in country clubs and dinner houses. But behind all of this, there is the ability to listen deeper into my own thoughts and hear where the good ideas are actually coming from. It's the same place that I came from... God
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