I stumbled upon a blog where a woman asked the question.   “What happens to the soul,quail when a person is pronounced “Brain dead”      I went on to read the answers that people had given her.  They said things like.    “That is like asking what happens to a unicorn when  you die?”    

I told her, I am a medium and I speak to souls EVERYDAY.  These souls give facts and details that I had no way of knowing for myself, and they all tell me, that at the time of their death, they could  hear every word people meant for them to hear.  So, I firmly believe, if you have a loved one who is brain dead, the soul of that person is hearing every word you are saying to him.

I went on to channel this message:

The soul is much larger and more powerful than any one can even imagine. The soul is kind of like the harddrive in a computer. The body of the computer can fail, but the information is all in the hard drive. The brain is more like the processor.

Once the body fully dies, the soul is released completely and just like radio waves, it travels through the energy around us, being capable of transmitting and receiving information in several locations at once. Just like Tv shows are received on many televisions at the exact same time. Or like a chat room where many people are all communicating at once.

There is a period of rejuvenation, as the soul gains its bearings and understands what exactly happened to it, but that period is short.

People who do not believe in the ability of a soul to live long after the body has died, may wish to analyze why it is that they believe information can travel through the atmosphere and show up on their computer. There is more to this life, than meets the eye.

Consciousness is the greatest broadcast system ever invented. The tissue of a brain, had very little to do with the concept.



I am your average everyday mother of 3 with now 3 grandkids. I am also a singer/songwriter performing in country clubs and dinner houses. But behind all of this, there is the ability to listen deeper into my own thoughts and hear where the good ideas are actually coming from. It's the same place that I came from... God
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