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Procrastination. There are many reasons why we procrastinate, but the biggest of them all is that we do not feel safe doing what we are putting off. We may feel overwhelmed. “it is too big of a project!” “It’s going … Continue reading

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Seeing How Things Served Me.

Good evening Abraham Good evening to you too. Is there any new and wonderful information you could share with us about clearing and keeping our energy clear and uniquely our own? Yes, except it is the same as what we’ve … Continue reading

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Good Evening Abraham Good evening.How can we use the Court of Atonement to help us Create rejuvenating peaceful sleep? Okay, there are several different things going on that cause people to stay awake in the night. The one most people … Continue reading

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“Let There Be Light”

Let’s just go back to the beginning. Our thoughts and our words create our reality. What we think about and what we talk about… We WILL bring about! If we are afraid and thinking about all the things that might … Continue reading

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How To Live A Happy Life As An Empath!

A couple of friends were discussing on Facebook how hard it is to go into busy public places, because, they begin to feel anxiety and stress from everyone around them. They were saying it was the “Curse” of being an … Continue reading

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How Can I Meet My Spirit Guide?

Once again I would like to share with you my reply to a question…    I am beginning to feel like “Dear Spiritual Abbey!” How can I meet my spirit guide? I like to sit in a meditative state. (Quiet, … Continue reading

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Does Everyone Have A Spirit Guide?

The question was posed “Does everyone have a spirit guide?” I sat down at the computer all set to answer this by saying… “Yes, at least two.” When I realized that I was WRONG!  So I cleared my energy and … Continue reading

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What Exactly Is A Soul?

The soul is the element of life that holds all of the memories as well as your personality. Just like Television and Radio waves work through the use of broadcasting and receiving frequencies, The soul is very much like the broadcaster … Continue reading

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Asking For A Sign.

I was asked the question.  “What is it like to receive a sign from God?  Like when you are in a real dilemma and beg God for a sign?” I thought you would enjoy  reading the story I shared with them: … Continue reading

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Is God Absent?

On Quora.com, someone asked the question Is God Absent?    To answer the question, I decided to channel God and let him answer the question for himself. (Incognito of course) The best way to answer this question is by asking. How … Continue reading

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