Healing Others Without Catching Their Ailment

I am noticing that when I work with a client with an ailment, such as a torn meniscus in their knee, that in a short time after, I will also have the very same injury.


What can be done to keep from absorbing all of the energy around a torn meniscus or any other ailment, so that I don’t also get injured and can you explain to me why this is happening?

Yes, it is a line up of focus. Your client was releasing the energy of torn meniscus. The energy went adrift and you received the energy that was removed by the first person.

Working with her, you saw clearly the injury, then you received the energy because it aligned with your vision of it.

How do we, as healers, clear this stuff in others without receiving it for ourselves?

Changing the energy instead of “letting it go”

Spend a longer time and deeper commitment to changing the energy rather than releasing it.

Is there a process that you would recommend, a way of seeing the energy changing that will assist in the clearing of the energy without releasing it?

Ask the person to describe the color of the pain. Ask them what would you need to do to change the color to green. Keep adjusting the energy until you change the injury from the original color to the new color of green. If the injury color is red, or orange, than purge the injury with white and then fill it with green.

If it is yellow then add blue until it is a bright shade of green.

Thank you, I believe I understand.

© Amy Jo Ellis 2016

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