Talking About Peace, and The Word No.

Good morning,  do you have any messages to share with us this morning?

Yes, you are the only one who can make you think anything. Sometimes you allow others opinions and events, to intrude upon your own peace and ability to feel safe. However, in order for their thoughts and circumstances to corrupt your thinking you first must allow them entrance into your brain.

Just like a radio that plays a thought you hate. Change the channel. Change the thoughts. Change your focus.

It is hard to successfully navigate the road ahead, if you spend too much time looking in the rear view mirror. It is a good idea to glance into the mirror when making changes in your life to see what you wish to avoid, but it is never a good idea to allow your focus to dwell in those experiences, because what you are focusing on begins to come toward you. It is a law. Like the law of gravity. If you are thinking about it, you are moving it closer to you. Your focus, like a GPS, begins figuring out the fastest easiest way to bring the things you think about to you. So if peace in the world is the thought you wish to create. Then force your thoughts to dwell in peace. Look at the peace you have in your life. Thank whoever is responsible for creating this peace. (Here is a hint. YOU ARE!)

Allow yourself to feel tranquil and peaceful, knowing full well that what you are focusing on is what is being created.

I am seeing in my mind a peace rally. And what I am seeing are signs that say “Stop the _____” just seeing the sign, makes me feel horrible.

Yes, because the sign itself says “______”. The focus is not on PEACE. The word “PEACE” holds the frequency of peace. The sign saying stop what you are wishing to avoid, holds only the vibration of that which you wish to avoid, and so therefore it is moving it straight toward you. Not only you, but everyone who reads the sign.


Jesus taught, “Turn the other cheek.” His wisdom was to see what you do not like and LOOK AWAY! Learn from it, and look away. Look at something you would rather experience and allow your focus to remain there. Everything around you will change corresponding to the frequency of your focus.

I have heard it said, that you can not shout “NO” and expect things to change. Will you please elaborate on that for me?

Yes, The word no, is a fear based word. The frequency of the word “No” is about 2 degrees below freezing.

Looking at words frequencies like you would a temperature gauge. Peace, is a very warm comfortable word. So is, joy, happiness and love. Words like Rage, Hatred, and War are boiling point words! They are words that are uncomfortable and dangerous, just like the temperatures that are at boiling. Rage equals inferno. Hatred is = to Lava and so on. If you shout NO at those words. No is below freezing and it tries to cool the temperature of the words that came into proximity of it.

It is a useful word in trying to pull the temperature out of a situation. It is a defuser word if you will.

But the problem with a deffuser word, used on a sign… It is only doing it’s best to defuse, disarm and cool the situation. Only looking completely away can bring about the opposite creation. Because a sign that says. No Danger. Isn’t saying Safe. If you saw a sign that said. “No Danger, Pass at Will.” Your brain would instantly be thinking. “What does that mean? What danger is not here?” Suddenly your mind would be filled with all sorts of dangers. If you read a sign that said. “Safe to pass at Will.” Your mind would say. “Safe, what does that mean.. Hugs are safe, joy is safe… All good things.” Do you feel the difference?

Yes. Thank you for that description. I had never thought of it like that.

If you are worried about other people in the far reaches of the planet. Ask yourself, “What is the best thing I can do for them?”   And do that.

If there is nothing you can easily do, hold a vision for their life and assist them with your thoughts and prayers.

The most powerful image you can hold for them is Joy. Think of them enjoying a beautiful family festivity. Hold clear in your mind, the area you wish to bless… And see them having the life you intend to see them have.
Ask God to assist them in this manor.

Things will begin to line up to create the image.



I am your average everyday mother of 3 with now 3 grandkids. I am also a singer/songwriter performing in country clubs and dinner houses. But behind all of this, there is the ability to listen deeper into my own thoughts and hear where the good ideas are actually coming from. It's the same place that I came from... God
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