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Talking About Peace, and The Word No.

Good morning,  do you have any messages to share with us this morning? Yes, you are the only one who can make you think anything. Sometimes you allow others opinions and events, to intrude upon your own peace and ability … Continue reading

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Healing Others Without Catching Their Ailment

I am noticing that when I work with a client with an ailment, such as a torn meniscus in their knee, that in a short time after, I will also have the very same injury. Yes. What can be done … Continue reading

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Omnipresence – Explained

As I was enjoying a cup of coffee this morning a small herd of deer walked through the yard and helped themselves to the bird feed I had put out.   I decided in this peaceful moment to spend a little … Continue reading

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Asking For A Sign.

I was asked the question.  “What is it like to receive a sign from God?  Like when you are in a real dilemma and beg God for a sign?” I thought you would enjoy  reading the story I shared with them: … Continue reading

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Is God Absent?

On Quora.com, someone asked the question Is God Absent?    To answer the question, I decided to channel God and let him answer the question for himself. (Incognito of course) The best way to answer this question is by asking. How … Continue reading

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Ancient Truths and Wisdom

Ancient Truths and Wisdom – Could also be titled.  Manifestation Made Easy!    It is a compilation of 20 days of channel writing.  I was talking with  Ancient Masters, who used the power of their thoughts to create some of … Continue reading

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