“Let There Be Light”

Let’s just go back to the beginning.
Our thoughts and our words create our reality.
What we think about and what we talk about… We WILL bring about!
If we are afraid and thinking about all the things that might be around us to be afraid of… Then of course we are right, because the more we look at what there is to be afraid of, the more things to be afraid of will appear.  It’s a vicious cycle but it’s one we all have find ourselves trapped in at one point or another.

For instance:

  • If you think you are blocked… Then you are.
  • If you think you are stuck…  Then you are.
  • If you think nothing is working.  Then nothing will work.

You have to recognize that you are choosing to think thoughts and then consciously chose more powerful ideas to focus on.

What if you could make yourself believe that you are so powerful that nothing out there can touch you?
How would it feel to have those thoughts?
If you knew how to program your mind so that you could have these kinds of thoughts would you do it?

We have to step into our own power and there is no one else out there who can do it for us.

The reality is, that nothing outside of ourselves has any control over us unless we agree to it.

Abraham assures me that there is nothing out there that is controlling or manipulating us, unless we have put ourselves into a state of powerlessness within our own speech patterns or within our inner conversations.

The world is really set up to assist us to create for ourselves anything and everything that we could dream of.
Unfortunately, we have also created a lousy belief system that tells us not to dream.  “Day dreamer.”  “Pipe dream.”  “Get your head out of the clouds and back on earth.”
We are even afraid to create “False hope.”   Abraham says “Where there is fear of false hope, there is no hope at all!”
When things feel out of control, it is time to stop being controlling and calm down.    Focus on what it is you are wanting to achieve.    Then place yourself in a full court of atonement with creating it.  Ask that all contrary energy is to be corrected at it’s point of origin!

KEEP YOUR THOUGHTS LIGHT!   Speaking things like. “It isn’t working”   “I’m stuck.”   Are all limiting things to say.  You are describing your condition and also manifesting more of it. So, make sure you change the way you talk about yourself.

For instance.  I woke up the other morning and noticed a sensation in my shoulder that I did not enjoy.   I turned to my husband and said.  “Ouch, my shoulder really hu…  Um…  Feels only about 85% perfect.  I think I need a massage.”   Because I knew that those next words were going to amplify any discomfort I might have been feeling.  I consciously chose to change it quick and communicate in a way that he would still understand.  Those next words were going to dictate whether I improved what was happening or I made it worse.

We all need to work on our inner dialogues.

How much time do you spend telling yourself that you are in great shape?   Or that a new career will find me soon?  Or that money comes to me in fun and exciting ways?

Give thanks for the conditions you are currently in.   BLESS all of it!!!   You have learned a lot from where you are and how you got there.   Give thanks for that!

Only THEN will it turn around, because “What we resists persists.”  If you continue to say you are stuck… You will continue to feel and be stuck.  Otherwise you are a liar!  The universe responds to the messages you are putting out.  So, every time you feel fear.  Give thanks that your life is changing for the better.  Worry creates problems.  Prayer solves them. Try to quickly change all worries into thankful prayers that the world is responding to your thoughts and changing.

When you start to change the way you think and feel the rest will fall into place.

So… How do you do that?

Program in what you want!

The Court of Atonement is a great programmer!

I place myself, _____________ in a full Court of Atonement for the purpose of improving my internal dialogue so that I may improve my quality of life.

Then you can assist this by programming in some valuable statements.

I like to use my hands to assist, as I have heard that the hands are the punctuation points to our words.

Say these next statements and while either making big gestures or messaging them into your body, or try this programming technique.

Place your left hand behind your neck and cup the base of the scull.  Place the palm of your right hand in front of your third eye, then:
Repeat to yourself   “I am safe, I am safe, I am safe!”   5 to 15 to 30 times… or until you feel safe.  Then switch hands and say it a few more times.  You can use this technique to program in all the beliefs you would like to have.

Such as:

  • “I am divinely protected.”
  • “I speak my words for the future I choose.”
  • “I am in charge of my life.”
  • “I am changing my career.”
  • “Money comes to me easier and easier in joyful happy ways.”

Say these over and over and over until it feels like you cannot say it one more time.
Once you’ve done this, check in again and you will notice how much truer they feel.
Please go back and do the exercise and then let me know in the comments if they noticed a shift in the way you feel.

I personally have programmed in a protective sphere that wraps 500 feet in all directions.  I ask that it creates a clear and balanced environment wherever I go.  Balancing the earth energies, the electronic energies, healing old patterns in belongings as well.  Any one who bumps up against it is also cleared and blessed.  Then I imagine that as I move around, or drive down the road, that the world around me is being cleared and blessed by my movements!

Have fun and let me know how things change for you.

© 2018 Amy Jo Ellis

Amy Jo is the Author of the Full Court of Atonement.  She works entirely on a donation basis.  If you feel moved to assist her with her mission to heal the spirit of humanity you can make donations to.  www.Paypal.me/amyjoellis

For more information go to www.thecourtofatonement.com


About amyjoellisnews@gmail.com

I am your average everyday mother of 3 with now 3 grandkids. I am also a singer/songwriter performing in country clubs and dinner houses. But behind all of this, there is the ability to listen deeper into my own thoughts and hear where the good ideas are actually coming from. It's the same place that I came from... God
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2 Responses to “Let There Be Light”

  1. Diane G Fernsler says:

    This is amazing. I did as you explained, saying, “I am safe, I am safe” and with hands behind and in front on the head. I found myself passing through experiences when I did not feel safe, going backwards through my life history, all the way back to the womb and before. Finally it came to a place of stillness. Om-m-m-m-m.


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