More to the Birds Than Just the Bees

Good morning God

Good morning Amy Jo. 

It is a beautiful day! 

Yes, the Robins are singing just for you.  

Just for me? That seems a bit farfetched. It’s spring!

Yes, they are singing because it is a beautiful day and it is the time of year for courtship, so they have their reasons to lift their voice in song, but that is never all of the reason. If you hear the voice of the birds, it is no accident that they are in your vicinity so that you can hear them… There is something within you that calls them to you. 

I love to open my windows in the spring and listen to the Robin’s in the early morning hours. Yet here it is late in the morning, and they are singing, so you do have a point. 

The songs of the Robin do they take you somewhere?

Yes, my husband and I, when we lived near my grandmother, would get up in the pre-dawn and go for a walk. We would hold hands and walk in silence, just listening to the birds. Then after sunrise, on our way home, we would end up in my grandmother’s kitchen for a cup of tea.   

(In my mind, I suddenly remembered a red-winged blackbird I had seen the day before.)

The red-winged blackbird takes you back to a different era in your life. Each sound and fragrance is being made available to you to activate wonderful memories.

(A train whistle with a beautiful tone blares in the distance. (20. miles away) Yet, this train sounds closer than it ever has before. Even the sound of the rails seems to be nearby, and there is a faint memory stirring of childhood and standing overlooking the tracks with my grandmother counting the cars as they passed.)

This train, for instance, isn’t there because it has deliveries to make. Yes, it does. However, it could go by you doing what it does without you taking any notice of it at all. This time, your grandmother is showing you the memory of going for a walk, and you feel the joy of counting the cars with her. When you became aware of the sound of the train whistle, it enhanced your joy.

Your grandmother is activating memories within you, using the sounds and sights that are already in your vicinity.  

The energy of the universe is interactive, intermingling and connected in a profound and tangible way.

Your love for animals created a pasture full of horses behind your house. Your love for chickens has caused the neighbor to receive a new rooster.

The man who received the rooster happens to have buried heavy emotions regarding the crowing of roosters. So, although he hates roosters, he accepted his new bird under the disguise of it being called a hen. Suddenly you have a soundtrack that you value and appreciate, while at the same time, he has a soundtrack that also has value, but for a much different reason. 

His displeasure at the rooster’s crowing is wrapped up in his displeasure at his situation growing up. This sound is linked to unpleasant memories that hold on tight within his chest and cause him suffering at the heavy feelings within himself.

As the rooster crows, these sounds resonate in harmony with the same sounds in his memories and activate the repressed unhealed past.

The neighbor has been cleverly gifted an opportunity to re-think his thoughts and pardon his father. Things he believed were wrong in his childhood will be understood as an adult. From the perspective of an old man who has raised children, he will now be able to see the wisdom behind his father’s choices and demands. He will finally be able to forgive his father. He has the rooster to thank for bringing it all up to be corrected.

If you have something come into your life that feels like it is a mistake… It is not by accident. It is by design! 

Investigate why things upset you.   Something similar remains unforgiven.

It is good to remember what I said.   “The energy of the universe is interactive, intermingling and connected in a profound and tangible way.”

Pay attention to those memories and thoughts that surface.   

Cherish each moment. It is a gift!

Amy Jo is a Psychic/medium and channel. She has been channeling God, Abraham, and many other ascended masters for more than 25 years.




I am your average everyday mother of 3 with now 3 grandkids. I am also a singer/songwriter performing in country clubs and dinner houses. But behind all of this, there is the ability to listen deeper into my own thoughts and hear where the good ideas are actually coming from. It's the same place that I came from... God
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