State of the Nation

Good evening Abraham

Good evening Amy Jo

I just read a spiritual article that quickly became an article of governmental propaganda.
Please give me your assessment of the state of the nation?

We are all curious as to the reaction of each and every day.

It is time that the American people rise up in protest that the American rights and values are not being met within their own homes. Much less rise up and protest their own government. We find it interesting to watch.

When you say “Within their own homes.” What rights are you speaking of?

Clean water, food without pesticides, food that is not altered, education that is not forced upon a child, but brought out of the child.

We see that this new administration is open to hearing the pleas of the American people, and comes to you with far less agenda than other presidents before him.

The reaction to his slanderous remarks and preposterous attitude of self evaluation, has enraged the multitude to the point of blinding them to the truth of his intentions.

We are watching a convolution of ideas and thoughts of what is right and what is wrong.

A miss mash of hatred and unsettling that has little to nothing to do with what is happening in their own front yards.

If you are asking are there areas of which you need to concern yourself the answer is no.

The world is not waking up to spiritual concepts as well as they themselves think they are.

Those who are partially awake are misreading and misinterpreting in an ego based, pious attitude that they are right and the other half is wrong.

Those who are truly aware of spiritual law, look to God for peace and hold their focus out of the fray and continue on the path at hand.

See before you a happy joyous life … and live and let live.

Is there any prayer that I may speak on behalf of the American people to assist in taking the blinders of hatred off and allowing healing and a vision of the world they wish to see?

It is not so much blinders as it is an unwillingness to witness a world where a man can be a complete and total ass to every person around him, and still be effective as a leader of the free world. The free world is not feeling free.

The republicans are all betting that he uses his asinine behavior to get in there and kick some serious ass and make changes that they have wished to see happen for decades and no one has been strong enough to get done.

While we watch the democrats reel in astonishment that anyone could have hope in someone so brash and backward from their own way of seeing things.

Do you have any advice for us?

Try to remain neutral. Watch and evaluate the way you feel. If you like what he is doing then keep watching and waiting.

If you do not like what he is doing, ask angels to protect and guard those who you feel are being hurt or injured. Know they are protected and that the world is a safe place to live, regardless of what the news has to say.

Will you please assist me in voicing a prayer that will bring together both Democrats and Republicans?

It is not advantageous at this time to unite the two parties.

What? What benefit am I missing?

The diversity between the two is creating an awareness that things are not as they should be. It is creating an opening of looking for a better way.

While they are both trying to heal what is wrong between left and right wings of the government, they are beginning to take notice of the distance between themselves and even their own children… Americans are recognizing suffering and punishing each other while at the same time learning the value of togetherness. It is unsettling in a way that is bringing out both the worst and the best in people.

It is important to keep in mind that there is no right and no wrong. There is only what is. The true injustice of the United States is it’s inability to free it’s own people from mental stress and undo self punishment that results in illness and both physical and mental suffering.

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Do We Bother The Spirits?

GoIMG_1165od morning,

Good morning.

I am learning about asking for spiritual advisers, committees and counselors on all sorts of things. I have a few questions.

Willing and ready to answer.                             

Is it wrong to ask for assistance on everything? Is it Selfish?

There is no such thing as selfish. That is a word that humans have created to assess blame onto another because they feel left out or jilted by another person’s actions.

It is certainly acceptable to ask for assistance with anything you desire assistance with.

Is it ever considered annoying or petty to be interrupted by me to ask for something silly,  The book is saying I could ask for help for ridiculous things like a hot pastrami sandwich? What if I were to just say, “Please. I would like to hire a spiritual adviser to bring me a hot pastrami sandwich?”

We are not governed by time or place restraints like you experience on the Earth. You feel pushed, you feel as though there is not enough time to do everything you wish to do, so to be asked to do one thing while wishing to do another can provoke the feeling of annoyed. Since there is no time… There is only now. You want it now. You have it now. There is nothing else that I am doing now except that which wishes to be done. It is pleasant to be asked and fun to see the surprise on the faces on those who end up with a pastrami sandwich “Out of the blue.” We enjoy the “magic trick” effect our efforts usually have on humans.

Well then… Now I’m hungry. Can I hire a spiritual chef and order a hot pastrami and have them bring it to me now?

Your order has been heard.

I still feel like it’s a bit disrespectful and maybe even a tad lazy.

As long as the question is for expansion and with good intent, then the request is respectful.


Years have passed since I had written this, but I still remember the surprise, when my husband Ken came home for lunch and brought me the remaining half of his pastrami sandwich! Proof yet again, that this crazy $#!T is real!

PS. After reading this I thought… Man that pastrami sandwich sounded good, time for lunch. I got up and went to the fridge and it came as a surprise to me, Ken had purchased all the makings for a pastrami sandwich! I am telling you… The genie is out of the lamp!

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How Dowsing Saved My Life.

Several years ago I signed up for the “Dowsing World Summit.” An online event that hosted 15 of the worlds best dowsers. I had already been dowsing with incredible accuracy for several years, but I was addicted to the subject and devoured new material as quickly as I could find it.

I was living on a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico at the time, and a friend had invited me to use one of her guest houses for the weekend to find some solitude. It was an invitation as a songwriter that I couldn’t refuse.

She told me where to find the key and let myself in. She also told me that she had already been gone for a couple of weeks so I would need to plug in the refrigerator and turn on the gas for the st199449_1014381872856_8799_nove. She explained that her maintenance man was also gone for a few days.

I enjoyed myself immensely in this quaint bungalow. I sat with all the windows wide open, listening to several great dowsers, while looking out the open windows at the beautiful Puerto Rican rain forest.

One of the speakers  was an old man by the name of John Living. John spoke of being a dowser for the queens army, where his job was to find land mines and keep the troops safe.

During his one hour discussion he spoke of device-less dowsing. He said there were many ways we could use our bodies instead of a tool to get answers. “The old, hold something against your chest and if you lean forward, it means it’s good for you and feeling pushed back means it is not so good for you.” He had a fun way of talking and I enjoyed his interview very much. His hosts interjected that they liked to blink their eyes once for yes and twice for no. (I tried this a bit, but I found it confusing.) John went on to tell us about his favorite method which was to use your tongue. “This method lets you be incognito. All you have to do is ask your tongue to raise to the top of your mouth for a yes and pull flat on the floor of your mouth for a no answer.”

I tried it… It worked great!!! I spent the rest of the day asking yes and no questions and enjoying the feeling my tongue rising and falling like it had a mind of it’s own and it didn’t belong to me! It was almost like a magic trick as I was surprised by it’s answers.
A thunderstorm rolled in and enjoyed a cup of tea by candle light as I listened to the Coqui frogs singing, “Coqui, coqui, coqui.” in a rhythm that enhanced the sound of the driving rain on a near by metal roof and the deep rumble of thunder.

That night as I lay in bed, I played with the tongue technique asking universal questions. “Is there a God? Does God have a God? Does God answer all prayers? Etc.” I was so excited in fact that I found it hard to fall asleep and I lay there for hours with a seemingly, never ending line of questions.

In the middle of the night I woke up to the sound of someone calling my name. “Amy, Amy, Amy!” I drifted slightly out of slumber and realized it was only the frogs whose voices sounded like they called my name as they sang out. “Coqui, Coqui. Coqui.” So I allowed myself to fall back to sleep.

Not much time had passed before I woke up again dreaming that someone was desperately calling my name. “AMY, AMY, AMY!!!” Again I realized it was merely the frogs and paid no attention to the sound.

Yet again I was awakened, but this time by the rhythm of the drums that played on the familiar song on my CD alarm clock at home. As I pulled myself from slumber I thought. “I am not at home, what is making that sound?” The drumming was coming from the motor of the ceiling fan above my bed. I laughed quietly to myself and drifted deeply back to sleep.

A short time later, I heard the drums again and this time they were followed by the guitar part, still being played out on the rhythm of the fan motor. “What???” I thought to myself. “Is someone trying to get my attention?” My tongue flew to the top of my mouth and pushed HARD!!!

“Is that a yes?” I thought as I fought to shake off the deep heavy sleep. Once again I felt my tongue push on the roof of my mouth with great force! This woke me up and I began asking a stream of questions.

“Am I in danger?”

Once again my tongue used brute force against the roof of my mouth.

I sat up. “I’m in danger!?! Am I safe where I am?”

My tongue pushed hard on the floor of my mouth.

“Is it safe to go out side?”

My tongue pushed up to the roof of my mouth again.
“Do you want me to go out side?”
My tongue hit the roof of my mouth. I believe firmly that my guides at this point must have been slapping their foreheads saying. “Blonde! Why did we have to get a blond?”

I walked across the room and opened the bedroom door and was instantly hit with the overwhelming scent of propane!

The house was filled with it!

I had turned on the stove to make a cup of tea but had forgotten to light the pilot lights. (My propane stove at home had an electric starter that was never hooked up, so if I wanted to use it, it had to be lit by a match… I never thought about the pilot lights!

I quickly turned the valve off to the stove, all the windows were already open, so I hurried outside into the clean cool air.

I sat out on the porch grateful for the wake up call and more than a little bit embarrassed by the enormous mistake I had made. Soon, the grogginess of the propane intoxication lifted and I found myself taking stock of my situation. I was sitting outside in my pajamas, listening to the strange sounds of the rain forest and I couldn’t go back inside. All of the earlier charm was gone and the thunderstorm in the distance filled the air with the ominous foreboding of cello’s in an action film.

I was trying hard to hold back the thoughts of the infamous Chupacabra, whose story had been shared with me at all campfires and late night gatherings on the beaches across Puerto Rico. I wanted desperately to go back inside, but I could still smell the dank stench of propane.

I was outside for only about ten minutes, when the door to the apartment next to mine opened and a man walked out onto his porch. He stopped just outside my open kitchen window… and lit a cigarette!!!

Of course nothing happened… But I believe firmly that I owe John Living a debt of gratitude. The information that he shared on that webinar… Quite literally, saved my life!!!

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Creative Energy at Play

Good afternoon,

Good afternoon and thank you for joining us once again on an adventure in understanding true alignment.

Have you ever seen electricity?

Yes, as lightning, also as lightning like bolts of electricity on around a spark. I have also seen it in a plasma light.


Plasma ball with energy evenly distributed.

That is exactly what we are talking about. Get an image in your mind of a plasma ball. Notice the way that the electricity is spread out evenly throughout the surface of the bulb.


Kirlian Photography of a human body.

That is how the energy is running in your life. You can’t see it, but that is what it looks like if your eye could dial it in. When you are nutral, your energy is evenly distributed.  However, when you are worried about something the energy focuses itself in the direction of your attention. The worry is a focused thought so the life force energy that you use to create, all flows in the direction of that worry.
It is creative energy, so if you focus on the solution, you will find one, if you focus on the problem you will find one!

If you have desires that you are thinking about, your creative energy, just like lightning attaches itself to the nearest object of your desire. It streaks out through the atmosphere and attaches itself to the object it finds, that is within the path of least resistance.

Plasma ball with tension put on the field.

So let’s say that you have a desire for a purple umbrella. You see a photo of a purple umbrella. The first thought you have is … “I love that umbrella.” So the lightning streaks out and attaches to a purple umbrella. This energy is connecting, and creating that which you are focusing on.

The next thought you have might be, “It will not go with anything I own.” So the lightning strike lets go of the purple umbrella, but you keep looking at the color and thinking how beautiful it is. So the lightning strikes again to the exact color purple of that umbrella. If you leave without negating this thought in some way, you may find that you end up finding a shirt or a jacket of that exact color. Another scenario will be that you end up buying or having someone give you an umbrella… a blue one or a red one, because they are both in that color of purple. It will be close.

Your energy is always reaching out and connecting to the things that you are seeing and are choosing to focus on.



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It Is Better To Give Than To Receive – Explained.

img_2835Today we begin exploring the clarification of desires. While it is enough to know what you desire, if  you dig into the reasons that you desire an object or a goal, it will advance your progress toward the goal.

For example, you say that you desire millions of dollars – though when you ask for millions of dollars, what you are asking for is millions of pieces of paper. Chances are, what you really desire,  is an object, or event that you can obtain with those dollars.

Rather than focusing on “money”, we recommend making an itemized list of things you wish to purchase with this money.

Most people wish to win the lottery… not so that they can have things for themselves… (although that is certainly a worthy reason), but what we see is how much people wish to assist those around them. Most lottery winners buy lavish gifts for their family and friends. They help their children, parents, siblings and close friends pay off their mortgages, start businesses and buy them new cars… Etc.

Most people who obtain enormous amounts of money through business, give far more money away to assist in the healing of others than they even spend on themselves.

Doing this opens the flood gates of expansion and, through the pleasure they receive from giving,  even more will flow to them.

Here is an exercise for you to try.

Take a few minutes and focus on the things you wish you had money to buy. Let’s say it’s a new car. At first glance, your reasons for wanting the car and you may seem to be  self serving. We ask you to take a moment and find a way to look at the new car as more of a gift to another person.   For example, look at the new car as a more reliable form of transportation that will benefit your spouse, children, boss, clients and even your pets, because it allows you to be more reliable for them.

When you focus on a new home, look beyond your initial thoughts about a bigger living space to how that space can benefit others.   Such a space could be large enough to have gatherings and even do workshops right in your living room. Imagine a group of students gathered in the room, learning and enjoying themselves. What a gift to your students who have been waiting for you to give lessons, or just gather for camaraderie.

Perhaps the new motor home that you have been dreaming about would fill your grandchildren with delight because you could come visit more often… This is a subtle, but important distinction from the already glorious thought of getting to visit and hold your grandchildren. Seeing their delight will speed up the joy you feel and will assist you in creating the reality of having the motor home.

Most people are more motivated to do things for others than they are to do things for themselves.

Giving a small gift to a friend can do much more than allow you the good feeling of giving… It can assist in the healing of the heart of a person who is feeling down. Each time they pass your gift it will make them smile. This can be life altering to someone who is in a constant state of depression. It doesn’t even have to be an extravagant gift…it can be as simple as a handpicked bouquet of flowers.

If you can adopt the perspective that the goals you are aiming to receive are gifts for others it opens the way for the magic of synchronicities and miracles! Go look again at your goals and see who else will benefit from them!

“It is better to give than to receive.”

If the goals you are aiming to receive are gifts for others… It opens the way for the magic of synchronicities and miracles!

Go look again at your goals and see who else will benefit from them!

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The Elections are over…


It is time to take the power of controlling the outcome of the election into the hands of the individual.

It is unimportant who won the election. Let me repeat that, – It is not at all important who won this election, What is important, is how you respond to it.

Some people are devastated by this election, while others are over the moon elated by it. The circumstances are exactly the same. So you must see, it is only the thoughts of the individual that are causing them to be delighted or devastated. NOTHING ELSE!

So… Regardless of whom you cast your ballot for in the election. – Today you can choose to cast your ballot for yourself! Begin by knowing that the president of the United States, is only that, – The president of the United States. He is not Your president… He cannot control your thoughts. You are the one and only person who presides over your thoughts.

Wake up America. You’re in good hands.

You are in YOUR HANDS.


Your personal world is being shaped by your thoughts. So dust off the election and recognize that the sun is still shining, the birds are still singing and there are many reasons for joy.

Nothing has really changed in the world, just in your perception of it. So choose to see the beauty around you and to be thankful for it. Allow yourself to have a great life, and be unchanged by the outcome of this election.

When you do… The outcome of this upcoming presidency… will be changed by you!

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God’s Advice About Election day

I thought I was going to sleep…   But the spiritual phone rang and I answered the call.

I asked if God had any messages he wished to have posted and here it.

“Election Day

There is no time like the present to put your thoughts on the desired outcomes you would like to see take place for the following presidential legacy.

It isn’t necessary to know which candidate will take over the office. What is important is to know what you wish to see happen, no matter the outcome of the election.

Allow your thoughts to wander in the direction of good humor, lighthearted, uplifting communication between the president and the foreign dictators.

Imagine the president shaking hands with congress as they pass bill after bill that you are in favor of.

See the economy booming and the United States celebrating bipartisanship victories.

Since your thoughts create your reality… It doesn’t matter who gets elected. It matters what you think about the one who gets elected.

Stop looking at the past and start looking at the future you wish to see.   With either candidate in place… It  is still possible to get what you want.

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