Watch “Day 17 of the 14 day challenge Stop It!”

Yesterday’s lesson really helped me move forward. I told myself to just break it down into small chunks and do the most important thing first. I’ve known this lesson for a very long time, but there are so many steps involved in putting these videos on that I had lost track of practising what I preach.

If you have something you are putting off because it feels too hard, Just do the very first thing and give yourself permission to feel like you’re done. Allow yourself to walk away and go do something else.

Then tell yourself all I need to do is the first thing that I can do now. Which of course would be the next thing but we’re going to lie to our subconscious mind and give ourselves the sensation that there is only really one thing that needs to be done, so that your brain allows your body to feel comfortable with the amount of work that it’s facing.

Pick one area in your house that you’ve been putting off cleaning. Maybe it’s the refrigerator, maybe it’s the freezer, could it be under the kitchen sink? Is there any area that you put off because you don’t like to do it? Get yourself to take action on those areas doing only five little things.

Throw away 5 things out of the refrigerator and allow yourself to stop. Or move five things under the kitchen sink and put them in a neater order. Just do five little things. You’ll be surprised how quickly they get done if you tell yourself you’re going to just do 5 every day for a week. Once that week is over tell yourself I’m just going to do 10 every day.

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Watch “Day 16 Stop It! Overwhelm!!!” on YouTube

I was noticing that I was making an internal list about the things I needed to do, and I was allowing that list to overwhelm me! I finally figured out I needed to say stop it!

When we are facing a project that has multiple steps involved, it’s really easy to allow your system to start to feel overwhelmed. Which is nothing more than the alarm ringing saying I’m not safe! Panic, will start 1 of 3 responses; Fight, flight or freeze.

In wildlife, when a predator is near, the animal senses Danger and those responses are triggered depending on how eminent the danger is. If the danger is far enough away the animal freezes. When we feel stress which is nothing more than feeling Danger if it’s far enough away we might feel overwhelmed and freeze. If the danger is too close that freezing might not work, but far enough away that we might make it to safety, we run and go do something else. But when the danger is too close to run from it, or hide from it, then we take action and fight it!

So here I am doing my homework at the final hour! Don’t allow your nervous system to run away with you… take a look at what you need to do and choose one thing that you can do, and do that! Tell yourself, I can do one thing right now what’s the most important thing I can do? And do that!


I have more classes available this week, hope to see you there!

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Day 15 Stop It!

So I have to confess to having been so happy with being done! Then when people begin to express their opinion that they thought that this challenge should continue for the prescribed 21 days to create a habit I heard all kinds of internal dialogue that I did not like.

I make no promises to anyone but there will be any more days than this… Unless there is!

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Day 14, STOP IT! Change Your Self Talk – Change Your Life!

Day 14!  We made it!

No one makes us feel anything!  What we choose to feel is always up to us.  Someone says something that hurts your feelings… It wasn’t what the person said.  It is what you told yourself they meant by it, and you agreed with it.   If not, you would have just laughed in their face and walked away.  “That guy is clueless!”

We choose our emotional responses based on the information we have received and the things we have agreed with so far.    It is time that we stop agreeing with the past thoughts and start creating knew ones.   New programming for our bodies and our nervous systems.

I solemnly swear to myself and only to myself that I will raise my standard of excellence.   I will catch my self talk and correct my dialogue and create a higher level of excellence for myself!
So help me, Me!!!


Was it really horrible that the video cut off so abruptly because I ran out of room on my phone?

Or was it just a mild inconvenience and maybe even a bit humorous considering our topic?

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Day 13 “Stop It!” Change Your Self Talk Change Your Life. Amy Jo Ellis

Today I was with Barbara Goggin’s at a her aunt’s garden party.

I realized that this week is all about plucking the weeds from our own PRO-verbial gardens.  We are choosing which ideas to give room to grow and which ones we should weed out.

It made me think about my own garden and how my husband accidentally planted a huge box of wildflower seeds in the exact location I was about to plant vegetables.

I had brought in dirt, raked and leveled the  bed, then went shopping.   When I got home my husband said.  “Hey, I found the boxes of wild flower seeds so I  scattered them for you.
I’m sure my expression was horrified!  “Where did you plant them?”
He said.  “Where you got it ready… Isn’t that where you wanted them.”
“No, I said, awkwardly trying hard not to make him feel bad. “That is where I planned to plant the vegetables.”   He said.  “What vegetables?”    I said  “These” as I opened the door to the car and showed him a car full of plants.

“He said,  “Let’s just plant them their anyway.  Usually these wildflower seeds don’t take anyway.”

The effect of this accident is STUNNING!!!   
My new slogan is this.  “If you are going to have weeds in your garden, you might as well plant them yourself!”

The Neighbor gave me a box of resin and ceramic chickens. This little rooster is eyeing my cherry tomatoes.

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Change Your Self Talk Change Your Life! Day 12. Stop It!

There are a couple of gust of wind that take the voice out of this video. However it only happens when I’m doing the vow to your self.

I’m talking about drinking enough water, and sometimes I will say out loud and to anyone willing to hear it including my own brain. I don’t drink enough water. This little statement seems harmless enough, however it does absolutely nothing to solve the problem. Tomorrow I will drink just as little water as I did today.

So once you recognize that you are making impotent statements of observation otherwise known as a complaint. Take a look at what it is that you would rather have. And either reach for a bottle of water and start drinking right now and solve it, or place your left hand over your heart and say. I solemnly swear to myself and only myself to raise my standard of Excellence! I demand of myself to drink the appropriate amount of water everyday! These self vows speak directly into your subconscious mind and force you to take notice of the things you promised yourself. You will begin to be thirsty for water!

Sorry about the noise from the wind, but you’ll like the scenery anyway, and I just wrote down all the important stuff!

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Day 11, STOP IT! Change Your Self Talk, Change Your Life!

Mirror Mirror!

Have you ever looked in the mirror and said. “Oh NO!” Lol   Me too!


The things you say to yourself is the what you are going to see again tomorrow!  Make sure that you look at the things you don’t want and make a remark to support the direction that you choose to go!

I,____ solemnly swear to myself and only myself to raise my standard of excellence!   I promise myself to see the beauty of who I am!   I am powerful, strong, healthy and beautiful exactly as I am.   I am choosing to improve my self image!!!

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