Healing Injuries and Illnesses

For healing injuries or illnesses, the BEST thing you can do is work on your emotional state.

Even broken bones have a base in an emotional upset. The upset allowed our vibration to be lowered to the level that we became a match to having an accident.

Ask yourself. “What was going in my life around the time this injury or illness began?”

Once you have that information, start using the Full Court of Atonement to help you feel better about the events of the past.

If you were angry at a friend or relative. Use the basic Full Court of Atonement to clear it.

I place myself, ____________ into a Full Court of Atonement with, ________ I ask to have our timelines analyzed and correct the conflicts between us on the Astral Plane. (I am so grateful this is being corrected)

Ask yourself again. “Who or what else was involved in this upset prior to my accident?”

Find the target and repeat the FCOA above.

If you still cannot figure out what or who the cause is. Try using your age at the time of the first symptoms.

I, ________ place myself, _________ at the age of, ________(use the name you used at the time the symptoms or injury first occurred) I ask to have our timeline evaluated and correct all conflicts between us on the astral plane.

Take on the energy of gratitude… (I am so grateful this is being corrected)

Once you do this, the resistance to healing will stop. The tension around the injury will leave the tissue and it begins to relax. This will allow the pain to lessen and the blood flow around the injury to strengthen. The increased blood flow carries in much-needed oxygen and minerals to heal the wound/disease, it carries off damaged cells and fights off infections.

Written by Amy Jo Ellis © 2019

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Making a List of family

Shortly after I figured out that having unhealed issues was the cause of illnesses and pain.   I decided that I wanted to delve deeper into my own healing.

I took out a pen and paper and created a list of family members and friends.   I wrote down anybody and everyone that I could think of.

Then I went down the list saying their name and noticing how I felt about them. I would say something relatively neutral like my dog’s name, or the name of my town and noticed how I felt. Then I would read each name on the list and notice if my energy rose up or fell.

Using a +10 to -10 scale, I would evaluate the way my energy shifted.  +10 meaning I felt fantastic and -10 meaning UGHH!!!     I remember how shocked I was when I came to my sweet little niece who was only 5 years old and was “The apple of my eye” and my energy dropped to a -6! I thought. “WHAT THE HECK?”

I then asked myself this question. “What happened to cause this fall of energy?” I didn’t think of a thing! I kept asking… “I was with me the whole time… Part of me knows what happened! WHAT HAPPENED?” Finally, I remembered! When she was a toddler, I was babysitting her, and she tripped over a subfloor and split her lip so badly we had to rush her to the doctor to make sure she didn’t need stitches! She didn’t and she healed up perfectly, but it was a huge unhealed event that I blamed myself for. I then placed myself in an FCOA with her and her parents and myself again to be pardoned and forgive myself. I then centered my energy and said her name again, and she rose up to a +8 as I had first thought she would.

I, __________ place myself and , ____________ into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose searching out any and all conflicts between us or residual detrimental energies. I ask to correct this energy at it’s point of origin and transmute this energy into divine, pure, holy, love! 

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Stop Obsessing

Obsessing about a past relationship?   It happens.

If you would like to stop, you are going to have to get tough with yourself and take charge of what you allow your brain to do.

Sometimes we get caught in a loop of asking ourselves. “What did I do wrong?”  Hint… WRONG QUESTION!!!

This type of question will make you go over and over and over every detail of what happened between you.

You must break free of their energy.   I am told that our names are like our sacred phone numbers. So, if we think about this person and think about their name.  ZAP!! We have just connected to their energy.   We have just become an energy vampire!

When we have had a harsh breakup, we tend to think about the problems and the issues… A LOT!!  We become addicted to trying to figure out what happened.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is yell… “STOP IT!!!”    “I Will no longer tolerate thinking about them!”

Every time you find yourself thinking about this person, STOP YOURSELF!!!

I place myself, ____________ in a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of clearing my energy and developing and maintaining healthy boundaries.  I ask for Soul Recognition and Restoration of Unique Individuality.

Say it EVERY TIME you think of this person. (Or even a problem.) And soon you will stop thinking of him/her.

I place myself, ____________ into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of being open and willing to allow myself to be happy, healthy, and prosperous with or without ___________.

Say this one a couple of times.   First, use their full name…   Then say just their first name.   Then say it using your pet name for them.

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Dealing with a New Diagnosis

Knowledge is power! If you have received a scary diagnosis, try to hold in your mind the idea that nothing has changed with this knowledge. You are the same today as you were when you first walked into the Doctors office, except you have now identified something that you have been needing to address, you just did not know it until before. Now that you know what that there is something there, you can take action to address the cause of it.

Tell yourself… “I am actually safer today than I was before I knew it. Now I can take care of it.”

Millions of people around the world are living long healthy lives on the other side of having (The “C” Word or any other diagnosis.)

Unfortunately, just the diagnosis alone can strike fear in the heart and the soul of those who are facing it.

My guides are always telling me that these major diseases are the biggest motivators to get us to change our directions and create a better life for ourselves. We suddenly do our best to let go of the anger and upset of the past because we realize that life is too short… With this new fearful information we suddenly find the willpower to quit our jobs, change our diet, make a mends with our family and or, finally step into doing what the soul has come here to do.

To help stave off the fear, start off by repeating the mantra. “I am safe!” “I am safer now than yesterday”

Feeling fearful about the disease is the fastest way to loose your health! So flip it and aim for being optimistic about starting a new adventure!”

Let me ask you some questions to help you find where to target the Court of Atonement.

Who do you hate? The first time I tried this all I could hear was. “I don’t hate anyone one.”
I knew it wasn’t true so I kept asking. Who do I hate? The name of a neighbor boy from childhood came to mind.
I placed myself and the neighbor boy in a Full court of Atonement and I asked that our timelines be analysed and all conflicts between us corrected on the astral plane.

I felt a huge shift! But I didn’t stop there… I kept asking… “Who do I hate.” I then found political figures, litterbugs, Ants.

And I began to feel a whole lot better!

TRY IT!!! Ask yourself; “Who do I hate?”

I place myself, ________ in a Full Court of Atonement with, ________ I ask to have our timelines analyzed and all conflicts between us corrected on the astral plane.

Keep going…

“What am I doing that I hate doing? Or truly wish I could be doing something else? (working a job that is not in alignment with your divine life purpose)

What do you hate? (litter, poverty, drug abuse, smoking, bad drivers?)

Keep going… Who or what do you loath?

Who or what are you jealous of?

What are you angry about?

Place yourself with these things in the very first COA in the book.

I, ___________ place myself in a Full Court of Atonement with, ___________ . I ask to have our timelines analyzed and correct all conflicts between us on the astral plane.

If you do this… One after another of these stories from your past will stop killing you!

After a diagnosis, how you talk to yourself at this point is supper important!

As you walk around in the day. Do not let your thoughts enter fear. If you find yourself dipping into fear. Yell “STOP IT!!!” at yourself. Redirect your thoughts with powerful statements and corrective work. “I am now on the road to recovery and going the right direction!!!” This knowledge really is your friend and you will take the correct action to redirect your life into a healthier, happier direction. Things are improving.

Once you get done working on the “Who or what do I hate?” statements.

Who do I love and appreciate.

I Place myself, ______ in full court of atonement with all of people, places and things that I love and I send them gratitude for making life worth living. I ask to myself and my guides to assist me to keep my thoughts focused on what I love and appreciate most in my life.

© 2019 Amy Jo Ellis

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Spirits View of The COA in Action.

This was written November 26 of 2017 for my Facebook group.   It is far too good not to share it again.

I sat down to channel this evening and asked if there was any messages that my guides wished to share with you all here on Facebook. Their answer was YES.

It is our greatest pleasure to have you joining us and assisting the healing of the Earth. Each Court of atonement that is being called is picking up detrimental frequencies and transforming them in to beneficial energy. From our view the changes already taking place are measurable. So we are here to encourage you all to keep going.

It is often asked why it is that the spirit realm does not clear up the energy and make the changes that so many are aware of.

It is not our place. We encourage you to do your part. Some are confused at to what their part is. They believe they have to reach into the mire and clean up the mud themselves. Asking for assistance from the unseen realm is all you need to do. See the things you do not like, place your focus on what you do want to see and ask for us to assist you in creating what you want. This is your part!

The Court of Atonement is looking at what you do not like, and making a decision to no longer tolerate it and asking for assistance in cleaning it up.

We recommend that you place everything around you that you notice that you do not like and call it into a Full Court of Atonement. If you are seeing brush fires in your area and you are not liking it. Call the fire and the earth into a Full Court of Atonement. Ask for the situation to be healed on the Astral Plane. Place your focus on seeing the forest green and healthy and call that into the Court of Atonement as well.

If you see garbage washed up on the beach, Call those who littered into a Full Court of Atonement with the beach.

These Atonement will begin to infiltrate the thoughts of those who are guilty of littering, it will start to clear the thoughts of those who hate to see the littering. Please try to understand that the anger that is vented due to the liter is also toxic. The anger itself accumulates. So, calling for Full Atonement between those who littered and the Earth, will begin to align the frequencies to eliminate the litter.

The toxic emotions of others who have seen the debris, judged it to be bad and yet have done nothing to change the situation. Lingers like the litter itself. The atonement gathers up these energies and puts them to work toward a solution, so that the next people to walk through will feel less overwhelmed and more like doing something to clean up the mess.

It is also possible for the litter to biodegrade much faster than had previously been thought.

Place the litter in a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of speeding up the biodegrading process.

Keep up the wonderful assistance you have given the world.

We are with you and applaud your efforts.

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Video on Healing Obsession


There are photos of the flowers mentioned in the video in the blog post below this video.

I place myself, __________ in a full Court of Atonement with myself, _________ for the purpose of retrieving all of my energy and being open and willing to feel whole and complete exactly as I am and exactly as things are.

Forget Me Not.  The energy of this flower reminds us that our souls are always connected and we love each deeply even though we might have treated each other on the human level with what appears to be the utmost disregard for love and or kindness.    There are reasons that things happen at the human level that our souls understand.      Forget me not energy assists in helping our physical being understand the souls perception that we are never forgotten.

Bleeding Hearts help to calm the grief and heal the past traumas of grief and heartbreak.

Spend a few minutes imagining your energy field filled with these flowers!   Wrap yourself in them and or take a walk in your mind in fields filled with them!

© Amy Jo Ellis 2019


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Life Is Meant to be FUN!!!

Did you know that most people live their entire lives without doing the one thing that they always longed to do? It’s true. Most people had a secret desire to be a dancer, a performer, a stand-up comedian, paint, draw, write poetry, and they chastise themselves for being silly. “I always wanted to do that, but my parents couldn’t afford it.” Then they grew up to where they can afford it for themselves, but they tell themselves the same old story that their parents told them… Even after their parents are not around, they hear that familiar voice in their head telling them all the reasons not to. 

It’s no longer their parents saying it. It’s themselves!!!  It’s now a pattern! 

Life is about living it to the fullest, having fun, and creating Joy. So, the next time you have the thought. “I always wanted to do something like that.” Listen to yourself and take some action to give it a try! My parents went zip-lining a couple of years ago and had a BLAST! Get that bucket list out and start living your life. 

If you ever thought about learning to play an instrument, think again about renting one. They are not that expensive to rent. See if you like it. You can turn on YouTube and get free lessons! You will be surprised how allowing yourself to do something you have denied yourself will free up your energy in other areas of your life. 

I have a friend who said how much she used to love to go dancing. Sadly, now she has nine pins in her ankle and continues to tell herself that she will never dance again.   So… I took her dancing!  She had so much fun!  No, she couldn’t dance like she used to, but she rocked the house with the use of her cane and enjoyed it so much she went back and began dancing regularly.    

Take action! Break those patterns!  And remember to catch yourself if you are saying “Stupid” things to yourself to “Stop IT!!”     Stop Talking Old Patterns Intend Transformation!   

I have been teaching classes about once a week.   Check the website for new classes to watch, There are some of the old ones listed on the website.  www.thecourtofatonement.com    The Need for Retaliation is a big one for getting some of the really stuck energy to move. 

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What Are You Expecting?

  I have been playing with a little sentence. “What are you expecting?”  Periodically throughout the day, I am taking a minute or two, to check in with myself about what it is that I am expecting to have happen.

Expectancy is really the mother of creation! What you expect is going to be in alignment with what you receive.

Look at the difference between “Expecting” something to happen and “Hoping” it will happen. Let’s get our FAITH in ourselves and our results way up so that we can fully start EXPECTING the miracles and the outstanding outcomes.

When we add to the COA’s that we call “For the Highest and Best of everyone involved.” Then we can have faith that what we are receiving is part of the miracle and we can stand firm in our “knowing” that everything is working out in our favor.

When things go HORRIBLY WRONG! Like they did when I went to pick up my old but extremely valuable computer. The repairman had told me that he had fixed it. But he had fixed it by installing Windows 10. So yes, yippee, the computer starts and runs… But the computer was filled with software that was 7 years old and operated on Windows 7 and all the codes to reinstall the programs had been left behind in Puerto Rico. So I was SICK!

When I told him I didn’t have the codes, he too looked sick.  I told him, “You know what…  “The universe ONLY transpires FOR ME! This is in my highest and best! This is what the foundation of a miracle looks like.”

I told him that I needed to run out to my car to get my wallet and that I was just going to take the computer as it was.    The reality of the moment was I was just trying super hard not to burst into tears in front of him!   When I got out of earshot of him, I called my husband and told him I was having a very hard time holding myself together but that I knew things are the way they are supposed to be. “Help me remember that.”

He said. “That computer is getting really old. Maybe this is a sign that we should be spending the money and retire this computer. It could be a “Trojan” (Which is my term for an object that I love that reminds me subliminally of bad times.)

I placed the whole thing into a Full Court of Atonement. When I came back into the shop, the man said. “I can’t explain what just happened. When you were outside, Your computer shut off with no one near it and restarted. It bypassed windows 10 and turned on Windows 7 which is now in your G drive, not Your C drive. It CANT DO THIS!!! It makes no logical sense to me how it did it! I turned it off and restarted it about 5 more times and each time I do it, the computer runs Windows 7! 

I was saved. Glitchy yes, but I could use it.

The decision was already made and now a month later I am waiting for a new computer to arrive. We purchased it from the same man who built the last one, so all of the software I loved will be previously installed and he even had me send him my old hard drives and installed all of my files so that it will feel just like using the old familiar computer except that this computer is lightning fast with all the best of the modern improvements!

Expect to receive what is in our highest and best. Then when it turns out differently from what we first envisioned we can say… So this is what a miracle looks like. Even if it feels like the wrecking ball just hit the building. Abraham once told me. “While you are on this vacation, things at home are going to fall completely apart. Do not judge it. Sometimes a building needs to be demolished so that they can build a new one. Just laugh to yourself when your husband tells you how bad things are and have faith that this is the foundation of the miracle. You are safe.”

I hope this helps you to understand two things.

1. Change even when it feels bad at the time is always a step for improvement.

2.  It is the story we tell ourselves which will decide how quickly we recover from the change.

Think about things that you are trying to accomplish and ask yourself. “What are you expecting?”


© Amy Jo Ellis 2019

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Help for Healers and Empaths

I woke up remembering a lesson that was taught to me by my mentor in Puerto Rico. He had had a very hard day, and he asked me if I could come and sit with him so that he could, and I quote, “Empty my trash can.” 

I must have looked confused by this statement, so he went on and said, “When we get together like this, and I tell you all my problems and my troubles of the day, I intend to get the weight of these problems off of my chest, and I am very literally emptying my trash can, and I am putting this trashy energy into you. When I do this, you will begin to carry some of my burdens for me. 

I do not empty my trash can into you with any wish for you to continue carrying the trash for me. If you do that, you will become angry on my behalf and judge the situation. I am not asking you to do that. I would like you to empty your trash can when we are done. Go home and take a shower. As you wash, see yourself washing it all off of yourself and send it down the drain.” ( I imagine light pouring down through my body, clearing, cleansing, and healing every cell!)

As healers, we become other people’s trash cans!

Clients do not usually come to us to tell us how wonderful their life is. They tell us their stories. They share with us their dirty little secrets that are actually the root cause of their health and relationship problems. When they do this, we take on their stories for them and lift their burden, just as my mentor described. It is our job to relieve them of these burdens that they’ve been carrying. But it is imperative to remember to empty “Your trash can” and not carry their stories home, or worse, allow their story to become your story and carry them around for years.

We can use the Court of Atonement to empty this trash can! You can take their story and put it directly into the Court of Atonement and ask for it to be healed on the astral plane. You can state it as simple as that! I, ________ place myself in a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of emptying the trash that other people have dumped into me. I take all their stories and place these stories into a Full Court of Atonement at their point of origin. I ask for these stories to be corrected on the astral plane, for myself as well as for everyone who is involved in the story!

Doing this would put a stop to all of the ailments of others showing up in our energy after we’ve worked on a client.

I try to do this after every single session with a client. I’m not perfect, and I forget, later in the day, after I have an argument with my husband or a cashier… I will realize that I have taken something on. Is, is an entity? Is it an ET? Maybe! Because I have compromised my energy and not “Washed my hands of it” or “Emptied my trash can!” or “Healed it in the Violet Flame” Or “Placed it in a Court of Atonement to heal it all the way back at its point of origin to be rid of it entirely!!”

I, __________ place myself, __________ into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of searching out and removing any trash energy that anyone anywhere had dumped into my proverbial trash can. I ask to have my energy searched for any and all undesirable stories that have been told to me by others. I ask to place them into their own Courts of Atonement at their points of origin to correct this energy for myself as well as everyone else involved for the highest and best outcome possible!

I chose to post this as a blog so that you could easily share it with like-minded friends as well as any empath groups or healing groups you might belong to.

Amy Jo Ellis
January, 7, 2019

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Safe to Sleep

This is an answer to a post in the Court of Atonement Facebook group about not sleeping.

A great thing to do to help yourself get more sleep is to work on making it feel “Safe” to sleep.
 I, __________ place myself, ____________ and the entirety of my family lineage in a full Court of Atonement for the purpose of evaluating our energy and correcting all events that have taken place that conflicts with feeling safe and secure while sleeping.
 I read this to my husband and he suggested we do it again for just feeling safe!
 I, ___________ place myself, ___________ into a full Court of Atonement with the entirety of my family lineage for the purpose of searching out any and all issues that are in conflict with feeling safe. I ask to correct this energy on the astral plane. I am safe, I am safe, I am safe.
This is one of the safest things you can do for yourself. Because, if you are feeling unsafe ALL the time, you will not “Feel” when real danger approaches. It’s like the old story how to boil a frog. You will simply not notice the heat rising slowly.
 Better to feel safe so that danger rings your doorbell as it approaches, rather than live in a constant state of fear so that real danger can sneak up.
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